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Faith by James Patrick Kelly
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Dr. Grimshaw's Sanatarium by Fletcher Pratt
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The Cruise Ship Murder by Jean Marie Stine
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David Barr Kirtley Science Fiction

Lest We Forget by David Barr Kirtley
Available Formats: MultiFormat

[Science Fiction] In the future, all a person's memories are perfectly recorded on microchips implanted in the brain. Morgan and Corey had always been friends, but their friendship is put to the test when Morgan starts erasing ... Details Buy Now!

Janet Miller Romance/Science Fiction

Beloved Enemy by Janet Miller
Available Formats: MultiFormat

[Romance/Science Fiction] In the far distant future, during a war that no one really wanted, two starfighter pilots are stranded on a deserted jungle planet. Earthforce's Meagan Flena turns out to be Gaian Kavath Terrell's perfect match ... Details Buy Now!

Anderson Gentry Science Fiction/Technology/Science

The Crider Chronicles by Anderson Gentry Available Formats: MultiFormat

[Science Fiction/Technology/Science] The nations of humanity thought they were alone in the Galaxy. They were wrong, and now humanity faces a threat greater than all the wars in all their history. From the mountains of Idaho to ... Details Buy Now!

Robert Silverberg Science Fiction

After the Myths Went Home by Robert Silverberg
Available Formats: MultiFormat

[Science Fiction] In the distant future of Earth, the heroes of myths of legends are brought to life for amusement ... with disastrous results. Details Buy Now!

Trudy Thompson Romance/Science Fiction

Hostage Hearts by Trudy Thompson
Available Formats: MultiFormat

[Romance/Science Fiction] Kayla Jardane's reached the end of her endurance. Her parents are dead. Her brothers missing. And her planet's facing annihilation. She needs a savior. Badly. But she doesn't expect to find one with long, dark ... Details Buy Now!

Joseph R. Young Young Adult/Romance

Their Love Eternal by Joseph R. Young
Available Formats: MultiFormat

[Young Adult/Romance] From a mortal world suffering decades of terrorism, Sandra and Ben journey to the dimensions of their spiritual beginnings. Upon the celestial World of Heaven, Sandra realizes her love for Ben and begins her search ... Details Buy Now!

M. J. Konevich Horror

The Weaver by M. J. Konevich
Available Formats: MultiFormat

[Horror] The latest release from M. J. Konevich, 2004 EPPIE finalist for The Woods Around Carter's Lake (Best Horror)... Marcus Bradley has a gift ... he can see the future. But, like all great gifts, it ... Details Buy Now!

Georgiann Baldino Mainstream

The Nursing Home Fugitive by Georgiann Baldino
Available Formats: MultiFormat

[Mainstream] A stroke has robbed Clive of his short-term memory. To function he records everything that happens in a journal and paints his long-term memories with vivacity and passion. He runs away from the nursing home, ... Details Buy Now!

David Barr Kirtley Fantasy

Seeds-for-Brains by David Barr Kirtley
Available Formats: MultiFormat

[Fantasy] A pumpkin makes a lousy head. The Horseman just wants his old head back. The schoolmaster has his own ideas. Ever wonder what really happened that night in Sleepy Hollow? Here's your chance to find ... Details Buy Now!

James Patrick Kelly Science Fiction

Faith by James Patrick Kelly
Available Formats: MP3 Audio

[Science Fiction] Their first meeting was at a screening of "Plan 9 From Outer Space." She's a single mom of a science fiction-crazy teenager; he breeds daylilies, writes botanical poetry and just might be telepathic. Here's a ... Details Buy Now!

Bev Haynes Romance/Suspense/Thriller

The Yellow Bordello [Midnight Showcase Special Edition Vol. 05-03 by Bev Haynes Available Formats: MultiFormat

[Romance/Suspense/Thriller] Midnight Showcase Special Edition Vol 05-03--ISSN#1555-5488 ECHO BRENNEN returns to Wyoming to regain her self-confidence following an abusive marriage. She renovates an old house of ill repute that she dubs, The Yellow Bordello and transforms ... Details Buy Now!

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Ted Bell Suspense/Thriller

Pirate by Ted Bell
Available Formats: Secure Microsoft Reader/Palm Reader

[Suspense/Thriller] In Ted Bell's scorching follow-up to his New York Times bestseller Assassin, intrepid intelligence operative Alex Hawke must thwart a secret, deadly alliance between China and France before they annihilate everything and everyone in their ... Details Buy Now!

Geoffrey Abbott History

Lipstick on the Noose: Martyrs, Murderesses, and Madwomen by Geoffrey Abbott
Available Formats: Secure Adobe Reader 7

[History] The ultimate collection of grisly tales from the gallows, guillotine and gas chamber in which the fairer sex gets it in the neck--From the tragic fate of Queen Marie Antoinette, who bravely faced the guillotine ... Details Buy Now!

Robert Shemin Business

40 Days to Success in Real Estate Investing by Robert Shemin
Available Formats: Secure Adobe Reader 7

[Business] A step-by-step blueprint for successful real estate investing. With the combination of low mortgage rates, capital gains laws that benefit property owners, and a dicey stock market, real estate remains one of the most popular ... Details Buy Now!

James Cordier & Michael Gross Business

The Complete Guide to Options Selling: How Selling Options Can Lead to Stellar Returns in Bull and Bear Markets by James Cordier & Michael Gross
Available Formats: Secure Microsoft Reader/Adobe Reader 7

[Business] Selling naked options, long considered profitable for professional traders but too risky for most investors, has been surging in popularity. The Complete Guide to Options Selling avoids dry, complex theory and jargon in favor of ... Details Buy Now!

Les Parrott III & Neil Clark Warren Spiritual/Religion

Love the Life You Live: 3 Secrets to Feeling Good Deep Down in Your Soul by Les Parrott III & Neil Clark Warren
Available Formats: Secure Microsoft Reader/Palm Reader

[Spiritual/Religion] Everyone longs for healthy relationships, inner contentment, and peace. The journey toward emotional wholeness is hard work. But it's the most significant thing anyone can do for his or her relationships. Details Buy Now!

Tom Antion Self Improvement

Instant Eulogy Speeches by Tom Antion
Available Formats: Secure Microsoft Reader/Palm Reader

[Self Improvement] Advice from Tom Antion. Details Buy Now!

Rebecca St St. James & Lynda Hunter-Bjorklund Spiritual/Religion

She: Safe Healthy Empowered by Rebecca St St. James & Lynda Hunter-Bjorklund
Available Formats: Secure Microsoft Reader/Palm Reader

[Spiritual/Religion] SHE provides women with a fresh and unique perspective on many of the hot issues women face today. Twenty-something single recording artist Rebecca St. James teams up with forty-something radio talk show host and mother ... Details Buy Now!

Richard Tuttle Fantasy

Winged Warrior [Forgotten Legacy Book 7] by Richard Tuttle
Available Formats: Secure Mobipocket/Microsoft Reader/Adobe Reader 7

[Fantasy] In ancient days, the mightiest of dragons were fearless in battle against the foes of Kaltara. Those special dragons were called Winged Warriors, and they were revered by the elves. In Winged Warrior, the Torak ... Details Buy Now!

Timothy Zapawa Technology/Science

Excel Advanced Report Development by Timothy Zapawa
Available Formats: Secure Adobe Reader 7

[Technology/Science] If you're a SQL programmer or an experienced Excel user, here at last is the ultimate resource on developing reporting solutions with Excel. Focused on report development using OLTP databases, this book is packed with ... Details Buy Now!

Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff Mystery/Crime

The Art of Surfacing by Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff
Available Formats: Secure Microsoft Reader/Palm Reader

[Mystery/Crime] The year is 1986. Ex-KGB agent Figen Dimyarian has come to Boston with British spies on his tail, a hundred million in stolen Russian funds, and enough insider information to turn a fortune on the ... Details Buy Now!

Herb Brown Sports/Entertainment

Let's Talk Defense! Tips, Skills & Drills for Better defensive Basketball by Herb Brown
Available Formats: Secure Adobe Reader 7

[Sports/Entertainment] Endorsed by top NBA players, this is the essential guide for coaching defense. Loaded with drills, tips, and step-by-step diagrams as well as official NBA photos, Let's Talk Defense! includes: Making the transition from offense ... Details Buy Now!