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Author List - Check back often, new authors are added on a regular basis.

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  • Bryan A. Follis (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Bruce A. Ware (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Lani Aames (Romance, Erotica)
  • Roxanne Aaramore (Erotica)
  • Blake Aarens (Erotica)
  • Alyssa Aaron (Erotica)
  • Chester Aaron (Mystery/Crime, Mainstream, Health/Fitness, Young Adult, Family/Relationships)
  • Melodee Aaron (Erotica)
  • Tiffany Aaron (Dark Fantasy, Erotica)
  • Ben Aaronovitch (Mystery/Crime)
  • Carolyn Aarsen (Romance)
  • Carolyne Aarsen (Mainstream, Romance, Spiritual/Religion)
  • Frank W. Abagnale (Business, True Crime)
  • Barrie Abalard (Erotica)
  • Michael Abbate (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Adele Abbot (Fantasy)
  • Laura Abbot (Romance)
  • Charles Abbott (Travel)
  • D.K. Abbott (Romance)
  • David Phelps Abbott (Classic Literature)
  • Edwin A. Abbott (Mainstream, Classic Literature)
  • Geoffrey Abbott (History)
  • J. L. Abbott (Mainstream, Historical Fiction)
  • Jacob Abbott (Classic Literature, History)
  • Jeff Abbott (Mystery/Crime, Suspense/Thriller)
  • John S. C. Abbott (Classic Literature, History)
  • Karen Abbott (People, History)
  • L. A. Abbott (Classic Literature)
  • Patricia Abbott and Steve Weddle (Editors) (Mystery/Crime)
  • Marisa Carroll Abby Gaines (Romance)
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (People, History)
  • Muhammad Saed Abdul-Rahman (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Achmed Abdullah (Fantasy, Historical Fiction)
  • Shana Abe (Dark Fantasy, Romance)
  • Kelly Abell (Mystery/Crime, Romance, Suspense/Thriller)
  • Paul Ableman (Classic Literature)
  • Dan Abnett (Science Fiction, Fantasy)
  • Shana Aborn (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Charbel ABOUNADER (Dark Fantasy)
  • Ken Abraham (People, Self Improvement)
  • Pearl Abraham (Mainstream)
  • Israel Abrahams (Spiritual/Religion, Classic Literature)
  • Peter Abrahams (Mainstream, Suspense/Thriller, Children's Fiction, Young Adult)
  • David Abram (General Nonfiction)
  • Katina Abram (Erotica)
  • Jamie Abrams (Erotica)
  • Robert Abrams (General Nonfiction)
  • Elliot D. Abravanel (Health/Fitness)
  • Darcy Abriel (Romance, Erotica)
  • Mary Abshire (Fantasy, Dark Fantasy)
  • Chinua Achebe (Mainstream)
  • Shawn Achor (Business)
  • Lakshman Achuthan (Business)
  • Marc Acito (Mainstream)
  • Michele Acker (Science Fiction, Dark Fantasy, Mystery/Crime, Suspense/Thriller)
  • Bruce Ackerman (Politics/Government)
  • Forrest J. Ackerman (Horror)
  • Karen Ackerman (Children's Fiction)
  • Laurence Ackerman (Self Improvement)
  • T. S. Ackland (Classic Literature)
  • Danielle Ackley-McPhail (Fantasy)
  • Martha Ackmann (History)
  • Russell L. Ackoff (Business)
  • Peter Ackroyd (Mainstream, People, Historical Fiction, Classic Literature, History)
  • Joan Acocella (People)
  • Angelo Acquista, M.D. (Reference, Health/Fitness)
  • Natalie Acres (Erotica)
  • Desiree Acuna (Erotica)
  • Amir D. Aczel (Technology/Science, History)
  • Cherry Adair (Romance)
  • Dominique Adair (Romance, Erotica)
  • Kate Adair (Romance)
  • Lexi Adair (Erotica)
  • Lissa Adair (Romance)
  • Virginia Adair (Mainstream)
  • Anthony J. Adam (Classic Literature)
  • Jean Adams (Romance)
  • Alexander Adams (Dark Fantasy, Suspense/Thriller)
  • Alexandra Adams (Romance, Erotica)
  • Allie K. Adams (Erotica)
  • Amanda Adams (Romance)
  • Andy Adams (Classic Literature)
  • Anna Adams (Romance)
  • Arliss Adams (Romance, Suspense/Thriller)
  • Barbara Adams (Romance, Suspense/Thriller)
  • Benjamin Adams (Horror)
  • Bonnie Adams (Romance)
  • Brooke Adams (Erotica)
  • Charles Adams (History)
  • Derek Adams (Erotica, Gay Fiction)
  • Don Adams (Suspense/Thriller)
  • Douglas Adams (Science Fiction, Humor)
  • Edward F. Adams (Classic Literature)
  • Elisa Adams (Romance, Erotica)
  • Elizabeth Adams (Erotica)
  • Eve Adams (Erotica)
  • F. Colburn Adams (Classic Literature)
  • Gerry Adams (Politics/Government)
  • Guy Adams (Fantasy)
  • Harriet A. Adams (Classic Literature)
  • Henry Adams (General Nonfiction, Classic Literature)
  • Jeff Adams (Erotica)
  • Jennie Adams (Romance)
  • Jenny Adams (Science Fiction)
  • Jocelyn Adams (Erotica)
  • John Joseph Adams (Science Fiction)
  • John Quincy Adams (Classic Literature, Politics/Government)
  • John S. Adams (Classic Literature)
  • Kenn Adams (Reference)
  • Lili B. Adams (Erotica)
  • Lorraine Adams (Suspense/Thriller)
  • Luke Adams (Politics/Government)
  • Mary Jean Adams (Romance)
  • Maureen Adams (People)
  • Nancy Adams (Erotica)
  • Poppy Adams (Mainstream)
  • Richard Adams (Mainstream)
  • Robert Adams (Science Fiction)
  • Ron Adams (Mystery/Crime)
  • Roni Adams (Romance)
  • Samuel Adams (Classic Literature)
  • Samuel Hopkins Adams (Mystery/Crime, Classic Literature)
  • Scott Adams (Humor, Mainstream)
  • Scott Raymond Adams (Science Fiction)
  • Sherred Wilcox Adams (Classic Literature)
  • Stephen Adams (Science Fiction, Horror, Dark Fantasy, Mystery/Crime)
  • Valentine Adams (Erotica)
  • Paige Adams-Geller (Self Improvement)
  • Siobhan Adcock (Humor, Self Improvement)
  • Angela Addams (Romance)
  • Brita Addams (Erotica)
  • Jane Addams (Classic Literature, History)
  • Ellen Addie (Erotica)
  • Bliss Addison (Mystery/Crime, Romance, Suspense/Thriller, Young Adult, Erotica)
  • Herbert J. Addison (Business)
  • Jayne Addison (Romance)
  • Joseph Addison (Classic Literature)
  • David R. Addleman (Fantasy, Mystery/Crime)
  • Sulaiman S.M.Y. Addonia (Mainstream)
  • Ijasan Adelehin (Fantasy)
  • Kim Adelman (Sports/Entertainment)
  • Eric Adelson (Sports/Entertainment)
  • Jake Adelstein (True Crime)
  • Marcia Dechen Adeu, Rinpoche / Wangmo (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (Mainstream)
  • Vinay Aditya (Health/Fitness)
  • Alison Adkins (Romance)
  • Leonard M. Adkins (Travel, Sports/Entertainment)
  • Mari Adkins (Horror)
  • Stephanie Adkins (Erotica)
  • Teri Adkins (Romance, Erotica)
  • Trace Adkins (People)
  • Anida Adler (Erotica)
  • Bill Adler (People, Politics/Government, History)
  • Dick Adler (Mystery/Crime)
  • Elizabeth Adler (Mystery/Crime, Mainstream, Romance, Suspense/Thriller)
  • Jack Adler (Mystery/Crime, Travel, Historical Fiction)
  • Oscar Adler (Business)
  • Warren Adler (Humor, Mystery/Crime, Mainstream, Romance, Suspense/Thriller, Family/Relationships)
  • C. H. Admirand (Romance)
  • C.H. Admirand (Romance)
  • Robin Adolphs (Children's Fiction)
  • Julian Adorney (Mainstream)
  • Barbara Adrian (Sports/Entertainment)
  • Lara Adrian (Dark Fantasy, Romance)
  • Scott Adrian (Erotica)
  • Reuben Advani (Business)
  • adya eBooks (Spiritual/Religion)
  • M. Jules Aedin (Romance, Erotica, Gay Fiction)
  • AEon Authors (Science Fiction)
  • Aesop (Classic Literature)
  • Joan Afman (Romance)
  • Queen Afua (Self Improvement)
  • Shilpa Agarwal (Mainstream)
  • Andre Agassi (People)
  • Eve Agee (Health/Fitness)
  • Jonis Agee (Mainstream)
  • Sabrah Huff Agee (Romance)
  • Rebecca Agiewich (Mainstream)
  • Denise A. Agnew (Romance, Erotica)
  • Kevin J. Aguanno (Business, Technology/Science)
  • Forrest Aguirre (Dark Fantasy)
  • Patrick Ahern (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Allan Ahlberg (Mainstream)
  • Kristi Ahlers (Romance)
  • Marla Rph Ahlgrimm (Health/Fitness)
  • Eqbal Ahmad (Politics/Government)
  • Junghyo Ahn (Mainstream)
  • Elsie Ahr (Mystery/Crime)
  • Tracy Ahrens (Children's Fiction)
  • Lynda Aicher (Romance)
  • Annabelle Aidan (Romance)
  • Nadia Aidan (Erotica)
  • Clay Aiken (People)
  • G.A. Aiken (Romance, Erotica)
  • Ginny Aiken (Romance)
  • Joan Aiken (Fantasy, Children's Fiction, Young Adult)
  • Sean Aiken (Business)
  • David Aikman (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Rhianne Aile (Romance, Erotica, Gay Fiction)
  • Carmen Marie Aimer (Erotica)
  • Brigit Aine (Erotica)
  • Ainsley (Erotica)
  • Gill Ainsworth (Science Fiction)
  • JoAnn Smith Ainsworth (Romance)
  • Paul Ainsworth (Science Fiction, Mainstream)
  • William Harrison Ainsworth (Spiritual/Religion, Classic Literature)
  • Melisse Aires (Romance, Erotica)
  • Carolyn Ann Aish (Romance, Historical Fiction, Young Adult)
  • Joanna Aislinn (Romance)
  • Jonathan Aitken (People, Spiritual/Religion)
  • Robert Aitken (Education, Spiritual/Religion)
  • Fouad Ajami (Politics/Government, History)
  • Aytul Akal (Children's Fiction)
  • Alan Burt Akers (Science Fiction)
  • Boris Akunin (Mystery/Crime, Historical Fiction)
  • Sheikh Muhammad Salih al-Monajjid (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Hanan Al-Shaykh (Mainstream, People)
  • Saher Alam (Mainstream)
  • Pauline Alama (Fantasy)
  • Rabih Alameddine (Mainstream)
  • Kage Alan (Humor)
  • R. Alan (Mystery/Crime)
  • Summer Alan (Erotica)
  • Peter Albano (Mainstream, Historical Fiction)
  • Valerian Albanov (General Nonfiction)
  • Jason K. Albee (Fantasy)
  • Sarah Albee (Children's Fiction)
  • Alexa Albert (Health/Fitness)
  • Bill Albert (Mainstream)
  • Daisy Alberto (Young Adult)
  • Edward F. Albin, Ph.D. (Education)
  • Mitch Albom (Mystery/Crime, Mainstream, Self Improvement)
  • C. M. Albrecht (Mystery/Crime, Romance, Suspense/Thriller)
  • J. Raymond Albrektson (Family/Relationships)
  • Addison Albright (Erotica)
  • Kathryn Albright (Romance)
  • Shannan Albright (Erotica)
  • Lev Alburt (General Nonfiction)
  • Lourdes Alcaniz (Health/Fitness)
  • . Alcazar (Erotica)
  • Aleesandro Alciato (Sports/Entertainment)
  • Alfred Alcorn (Mystery/Crime)
  • Randy Alcorn (Mainstream, Suspense/Thriller, Spiritual/Religion)
  • Steve Alcorn (Young Adult)
  • Louisa May Alcott (Horror, Humor, Suspense/Thriller, Children's Fiction, Classic Literature, Young Adult)
  • Alan Alda (People)
  • Alex Alder (Romance, Erotica)
  • Ellen Alderman (General Nonfiction)
  • P.J. Alderman (Mystery/Crime)
  • Mark Alders (Erotica)
  • D. Mark Alderton (Erotica)
  • Brian W. Aldiss (Science Fiction)
  • Caroline Aldred (Self Improvement)
  • Joe Dr Aldrich (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Nelson W. Aldrich Jr. (People)
  • Sandra P. Aldrich (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Thomas Bailey Aldrich (Young Adult)
  • Ray Aldridge (Science Fiction)
  • Victoria Aldridge (Romance)
  • Don Brennus Alera (Erotica)
  • Rochelle Alers (Mainstream, Romance, Erotica)
  • Alex J. Alex (Horror, Erotica)
  • Demi Alex (Romance, Erotica)
  • Agnes Alexander (Romance)
  • Al Alexander (Mystery/Crime)
  • Bevin Alexander (History)
  • Brian Alexander (General Nonfiction)
  • Carrie Alexander (Romance)
  • Colin Alexander (Business, Personal Finance, Politics/Government)
  • Devin Alexander (General Nonfiction)
  • Fyn Alexander (Erotica)
  • Greg Alexander (Business, Spiritual/Religion)
  • Hannah Alexander (Mainstream, Romance, Suspense/Thriller)
  • Kathryn Alexander (Romance)
  • Kianna Alexander (Erotica)
  • Lacey Alexander (Mainstream, Erotica)
  • Linda Alexander (General Nonfiction)
  • Maria Alexander (Dark Fantasy)
  • Meg Alexander (Romance)
  • Patrick Alexander (Classic Literature)
  • Paul Alexander (People)
  • R. C. Alexander (Young Adult)
  • R. G. Alexander (Erotica)
  • Randi Alexander (Erotica)
  • Richard Alexander (Erotica)
  • Rose Alexander (Erotica)
  • Shaun Alexander (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Trisha Alexander (Romance)
  • Lisa Alexander-Griffin (Erotica)
  • Vincent Alexandria (Mystery/Crime)
  • Alexandros (Erotica)
  • Evie Alexis (Romance)
  • Renee Alexis (Erotica)
  • Christian Alfonsi (History)
  • Henry Alford (Humor, People)
  • Horatio Alger (Historical Fiction)
  • Jo Ann Algermissen (Romance)
  • Mumtaz Ali (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Nujood Ali (People)
  • Rubina Ali (People)
  • Thalassa Ali (Historical Fiction)
  • Denise Alicea (Romance)
  • Saul Alinsky (Politics/Government)
  • Mark All (Dark Fantasy)
  • Marcel Allain (Mystery/Crime)
  • Suzanne Allain (Romance)
  • Jeanne Allan (Romance)
  • Kate Allan (Romance)
  • Pauline Allan (Erotica)
  • James Allder (Historical Fiction)
  • Cheryl Alldredge (Romance, Historical Fiction)
  • Tiffany Allee (Romance)
  • Debby Allen (Romance)
  • Ford Allen (Erotica)
  • GREG / Allen Greg ALLEN (Travel)
  • Harper Allen (Romance, Suspense/Thriller)
  • Jeanne Allen (Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance)
  • Jenna Allen (Erotica)
  • Jenny Allen (Mainstream, People)
  • John L. Jr Allen (Spiritual/Religion)
  • John L. Allen, Jr. (Spiritual/Religion, Politics/Government, History)
  • Joseph Allen (Family/Relationships)
  • Kayelle Allen (Erotica)
  • L. David Allen (General Nonfiction, Education)
  • Lisette Allen (Erotica)
  • Louise Allen (Romance)
  • Moira Allen (Reference)
  • Robert G. Allen (Business, Personal Finance)
  • Roger MacBride Allen (Science Fiction)
  • Sarah Addison Allen (Alternate History, Mainstream)
  • Tamara Allen (Erotica)
  • Thomas B. Allen (History)
  • Woody Allen (Humor, Suspense/Thriller)
  • Dan B. Allender (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Lynn Alley (Reference)
  • Michael Allin (General Nonfiction, Young Adult)
  • Heather Allison (Romance)
  • Liz Allison (Romance, Sports/Entertainment, Family/Relationships)
  • Margaret Allison (Romance)
  • Meg Allison (Romance)
  • Robert James Allison (Romance, Spiritual/Religion)
  • Shane Allison (Erotica)
  • Wick Allison (Spiritual/Religion)
  • J. Rose Allister (Erotica)
  • Z. Allora (Erotica)
  • Aaron Allston (Science Fiction)
  • Liberty Allure (Erotica)
  • Rue Allyn (Erotica)
  • Stephen Almekinder (Science Fiction, Young Adult)
  • David Almond (Mainstream, Romance, Children's Fiction, Young Adult)
  • Steve Almond (Humor, People)
  • Gar Alperovitz (History)
  • Elaine Marie Alphin (Children's Fiction)
  • Maeve Alpin (Romance)
  • Lewis Alsamari (People)
  • Doreen Alsen (Romance)
  • Ted Alstead (Politics/Government)
  • Carol Alt (Mainstream, Health/Fitness)
  • J.V. Altharas (Erotica)
  • Neil Altman (Family/Relationships)
  • Frank Altobelli (Mystery/Crime)
  • Laura Marie Altom (Romance)
  • Amanda E. Alvarez (Romance)
  • Annie Alvarez (Erotica)
  • Julia Alvarez (Children's Fiction, Historical Fiction, Young Adult, Family/Relationships)
  • Keiko Alvarez (Science Fiction, Mystery/Crime, Romance, Erotica)
  • Donna Alward (Romance)
  • Gotz Aly (History)
  • Xavier Amador Ph.D. (Self Improvement, Health/Fitness)
  • Cathrine Amadoro (Erotica)
  • Astrid Amara (Erotica, Gay Fiction)
  • Susan Amarillas (Romance)
  • Rekha Ambardar (Mystery/Crime, Romance)
  • Violet Amberg (Romance)
  • Eric Ambler (Suspense/Thriller)
  • Delorese Ambrose (Business)
  • Elissa Ambrose (Romance)
  • Stephen E. Ambrose (General Nonfiction, Sports/Entertainment, Politics/Government, Family/Relationships, History)
  • Kim Amburn (Romance)
  • Daniel G. Amen (Health/Fitness, Family/Relationships)
  • Daniel G. Md Amen (Health/Fitness, Family/Relationships)
  • Daniel G. Amen, M.D. (Health/Fitness)
  • American Bar Association (General Nonfiction, Reference)
  • Elle Amery (Erotica)
  • Delano Ames (Mystery/Crime)
  • Elizabeth Ames (Business)
  • Heather Ames (Romance)
  • Jonathan Ames (Humor, Mainstream, General Nonfiction)
  • Laurel Ames (Romance)
  • Roger T. Ames (Mainstream, General Nonfiction)
  • Tam Ames (Erotica)
  • W. G. Ames (Erotica)
  • Steve Amick (Mainstream)
  • Amicus (Erotica)
  • Stephen Amidon (Mainstream)
  • FRCP AMINOFF, MICHAEL J., MD, DSc (Health/Fitness)
  • Cornelia Amiri (Fantasy, Romance, Young Adult, Erotica)
  • Martin Amis (Mainstream, Suspense/Thriller, Classic Literature, Politics/Government)
  • Amnesty International (Politics/Government, True Crime)
  • John Amodeo (Self Improvement, Family/Relationships)
  • Anastasia Amor (Romance, Suspense/Thriller, Erotica)
  • Ayn Amorelli (Romance)
  • Diane Amos (Romance)
  • Michael Amos (Fantasy, Mainstream, Erotica)
  • Robyn Amos (Romance)
  • Tori Amos (People)
  • Cerise Amour (Erotica)
  • Cherie Amour (Erotica)
  • Jonathan Amsbary (Horror, Erotica)
  • Christine Amsden (Mystery/Crime)
  • Steven Amsterdam (Science Fiction)
  • Roald Amundsen (History)
  • Alec Anaconda (Erotica)
  • Valerie Anand (Historical Fiction)
  • Benjamin Anastas (Mainstream)
  • Mary Carchio Anconetani (Romance)
  • Sam Andebonn (Science Fiction)
  • Lisa Andel (Erotica)
  • Serena Anderlini-d'onofrio (Health/Fitness)
  • Karen Anders (Romance)
  • Robyn Anders (Romance)
  • Hans Christian Andersen (Fantasy, Classic Literature)
  • Jenny Andersen (Romance)
  • Jessica Andersen (Mystery/Crime, Romance, Suspense/Thriller)
  • Kai Andersen (Romance, Erotica)
  • Kurt Andersen (Mainstream, Business)
  • Maggi Andersen (Romance, Young Adult)
  • Susan Andersen (Romance)
  • Toni Anderson (Romance)
  • Andi Anderson (Erotica)
  • Annelise Anderson (People, Politics/Government)
  • Barth Anderson (Science Fiction)
  • Beth Anderson (Mainstream, Suspense/Thriller, Historical Fiction)
  • C.L. Anderson (Science Fiction)
  • Carl Anderson (Spiritual/Religion, Politics/Government)
  • Caroline Anderson (Romance)
  • Christi Anderson (Romance)
  • Christopher Robert Anderson (Suspense/Thriller)
  • D.M. Anderson (Young Adult)
  • David F. Anderson (Technology/Science)
  • David Lynn Anderson (Fantasy, Suspense/Thriller)
  • Douglas A. Anderson (Fantasy)
  • Evangeline Anderson (Erotica)
  • Fil Anderson (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Fred Anderson (History)
  • James A. Anderson (Science Fiction)
  • Jenny Anderson (Family/Relationships)
  • Jerol Anderson (Mystery/Crime)
  • Joan Anderson (General Nonfiction, People, Self Improvement, Family/Relationships)
  • Kathy Anderson (Horror)
  • Sam Anderson, Kevin David / Stall (Science Fiction)
  • Kevin J. Anderson (Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy, Alternate History, Mainstream, Suspense/Thriller, Young Adult)
  • Kristen Jane Anderson (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Lars Anderson (Sports/Entertainment)
  • Leith Anderson (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Louise Anderson (Mystery/Crime, People)
  • M. M. Anderson (Horror)
  • Maree Anderson (Erotica)
  • Marilyn D. Anderson (Children's Fiction)
  • Mark Anderson (People)
  • Martin Anderson (People, Politics/Government)
  • Maura Anderson (Erotica, Gay Fiction)
  • Melinda Anderson (Humor)
  • N. C. Anderson (Mystery/Crime, Romance, Suspense/Thriller)
  • Natalie Anderson (Romance)
  • Patrick Anderson (Suspense/Thriller)
  • Poul Anderson (Science Fiction, Fantasy, Historical Fiction)
  • Raymond T. Anderson (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Rebecca Anderson (Romance)
  • Roslynn Anderson (Romance)
  • Sarah M. Anderson (Romance)
  • Scott Anderson (Mainstream)
  • Sheila E. Anderson (Sports/Entertainment)
  • Sherry Ruth Anderson (Self Improvement)
  • Sherwood Anderson (Mainstream, Classic Literature)
  • Simone Anderson (Erotica, Gay Fiction)
  • Susan Anderson (Self Improvement)
  • Walter Anderson (People, Self Improvement)
  • Sharon Anderson-Alter (Health/Fitness)
  • Gail Anderson-Dargatz (Mainstream)
  • Lia Anderssen (Erotica)
  • Bella Andre (Romance, Erotica)
  • Cass Andre (Horror, Romance)
  • Christopher Andrew (Politics/Government)
  • Sylvia Andrew (Romance)
  • Amy Andrews (Romance)
  • Beth Andrews (Romance)
  • Carolyn Andrews (Romance)
  • David Andrews (Science Fiction, Romance)
  • Denison Andrews (Mainstream)
  • Ilona Andrews (Fantasy, Romance)
  • Kara Andrews (Fantasy, Erotica)
  • Keira Andrews (Erotica)
  • Lewis M. Andrews (Health/Fitness)
  • Linda Andrews (Science Fiction, Romance)
  • Liz Andrews (Romance, Erotica)
  • Lynn Andrews (Mystery/Crime, Reference, Self Improvement)
  • Sam Andrews, M.D. (Health/Fitness)
  • Mary Andrews (Science Fiction)
  • Nikki Andrews (Mystery/Crime)
  • P. Andrews (Erotica)
  • Pam Andrews (Romance)
  • Rebecca Andrews (Romance)
  • Regina Andrews (Romance)
  • Renee Andrews (Romance)
  • Tilly Andrews (Erotica)
  • Toni Andrews (Fantasy, Romance)
  • Vivi Andrews (Romance, Erotica, Paranormal Erotica)
  • Georgia Andrianopoulos (Health/Fitness)
  • Jennie Andrus (Romance, Erotica)
  • Mark Anestis (Education, Reference)
  • Elayne Angel (Health/Fitness)
  • Karen Angel (Business)
  • Pierre Angelique (Erotica)
  • Marcia Angell (Politics/Government)
  • Maya Angelou (Mainstream, General Nonfiction, People)
  • Renee Angers (Romance)
  • Sophie Angmering (Erotica)
  • Cheryl Angst (Science Fiction)
  • Anguine (Erotica)
  • Colin Angus (General Nonfiction, Travel)
  • Julia Angwin (Business)
  • Angelique Anjou (Romance, Erotica)
  • Barbara Ankrum (Romance)
  • Vivi Anna (Dark Fantasy, Mainstream, Romance, Erotica)
  • Hal Annas (Science Fiction)
  • Tori Anne (Romance)
  • Xssa Annella (Erotica)
  • Anonymous (Humor, Mystery/Crime, Mainstream, General Nonfiction, People, Business, Spiritual/Religion, Reference, Children's Fiction, Sports/Entertainment, Self Improvement, Health/Fitness, Classic Literature, Young Adult, Erotica, History)
  • Tina McElroy Ansa (Mainstream)
  • Elizabeth Ansett (Erotica)
  • Jane Anstey (Romance)
  • D. V. Ant (Erotica)
  • John Antal (Mainstream, History)
  • Camille Anthony (Erotica)
  • Ellen Anthony (Science Fiction, Children's Fiction, Young Adult)
  • Laura Anthony (Romance)
  • Mark Anthony (Fantasy, Suspense/Thriller)
  • Mav Anthony (Erotica)
  • Piers Anthony (Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy, People, Erotica)
  • Shira Anthony (Erotica, Gay Fiction)
  • Susan Anthony (Fantasy)
  • Tom Antion (Business, Reference, Self Improvement, History)
  • Shari Anton (Romance, History)
  • Amilya Antonetti (Health/Fitness)
  • Laura Antoniou (Erotica)
  • Ana Claudia Antunes (General Nonfiction)
  • Celeste Anwar (Romance, Erotica)
  • Thabiti M. Anyabwile (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Karen Anzalone (Young Adult)
  • Guillaume Apollinaire (Erotica)
  • Apollo (Mainstream)
  • Michael J. Apostolakas (Health/Fitness)
  • Cindy Appel (General Nonfiction, Children's Fiction)
  • Cynthianna Appel (Romance)
  • Gerald Appel (Business)
  • Marty Appel (Sports/Entertainment)
  • Susannah Appelbaum (Children's Fiction, Young Adult)
  • Aharon Appelfeld (Mainstream, People, Historical Fiction)
  • Anthony Appiah (Classic Literature)
  • Sam Apple (Travel, People)
  • Ben Applebaum (Humor)
  • Jacqueline Applebee (Erotica)
  • Mike Applegarth (Business)
  • Debby Applegate (People)
  • Liz Applegate, Ph.D. (Health/Fitness)
  • Alicia Appleman (History)
  • Dina Appleton (Sports/Entertainment)
  • Kate Appleton (Romance)
  • Robert Appleton (Science Fiction, Romance, Erotica)
  • Robert B. Appleton (Science Fiction, Mystery/Crime, Historical Fiction)
  • Victor Appleton (Children's Fiction, Historical Fiction, Classic Literature, Young Adult)
  • Claire Applewhite (Mystery/Crime, Mainstream)
  • Mike Aquilina (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Didi Aquino (Erotica)
  • Ana Aragon (Romance, Erotica)
  • Marie Arana (Mainstream)
  • Michael J. Arata (Reference)
  • Tom Arbino (Horror)
  • Arlene Arch (Education)
  • Alex Archer (Science Fiction, Dark Fantasy, Mystery/Crime, Mainstream, Romance, Suspense/Thriller)
  • Catherine Archer (Romance)
  • Devon Vaughn Archer (Romance)
  • Fletchina Archer (Erotica)
  • Gillian Archer (Erotica)
  • Jade Archer (Erotica)
  • Jennifer Archer (Mainstream, Romance)
  • Nage Archer (Romance, Erotica)
  • Nikki Archer (Romance)
  • Sharon Archer (Romance)
  • T. C. Archer (Erotica)
  • Zoe Archer (Romance)
  • Alastair J. Archibald (Fantasy, Mystery/Crime)
  • William Ard (Mystery/Crime)
  • Gina Ardito (Romance)
  • Vivian Arend (Romance, Erotica)
  • Hannah Arendt (General Nonfiction, Spiritual/Religion)
  • Carol Arens (Romance)
  • Ferne Arfin (Travel)
  • Mae Argilan (Romance, Suspense/Thriller)
  • John Argo (Science Fiction, Suspense/Thriller)
  • Jos Arguelles (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Anne Argula (Mystery/Crime)
  • Ron Arias (Education)
  • Chris Aridas (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Aristophanes (Classic Literature)
  • Marianne Arkins (Romance)
  • Angelique Armae (Dark Fantasy)
  • Jennifer Armintrout (Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Mainstream, Romance, Suspense/Thriller)
  • Joyce Ellen Armond (Erotica)
  • Joseph Armstead (Horror, Suspense/Thriller)
  • Alan Armstrong (Young Adult)
  • Cassi Armstrong (Erotica)
  • Delson Armstrong (Science Fiction)
  • Franny Armstrong (Romance)
  • Jennifer Armstrong (Young Adult)
  • Karen Armstrong (People, Spiritual/Religion, History)
  • Katherine Armstrong (Romance)
  • Kelley Armstrong (Horror, Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Suspense/Thriller, Young Adult)
  • Lance Armstrong (People, Sports/Entertainment)
  • Lindsay Armstrong (Romance)
  • Lyn Armstrong (Romance, Erotica)
  • Mechele Armstrong (Erotica)
  • Tibby Armstrong (Erotica)
  • Eleanor Arnason (Science Fiction)
  • Peter Arnell (Business)
  • Robert Arnette (Science Fiction)
  • Amelia Arnold (Erotica)
  • Bryant Arnold (Science Fiction, Mainstream)
  • Elizabeth Arnold (Mainstream)
  • Gaynor Arnold (Historical Fiction)
  • Jennifer Arnold (General Nonfiction)
  • Judith Arnold (Romance)
  • Larry Arnold (Mainstream)
  • Liz Arnold (Romance)
  • Nan D. Arnold (Mainstream)
  • A. J. Arnost (Erotica)
  • Stephen Arnott (Family/Relationships)
  • Michael Arnzen (Horror, Humor, Dark Fantasy, Mystery/Crime)
  • B. C. Aronson (Spiritual/Religion, Reference)
  • Marguerite Arotin (Romance, Historical Fiction, Erotica)
  • David Arrayet (Science Fiction)
  • Lani Arredondo (Business)
  • Lael F. Arrington (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Raymond Arroyo (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Michael Arruda (Horror)
  • Emily Arsenault (Mainstream)
  • Antonia Arslan (Mainstream)
  • Stephen Arterburn (Mainstream, Spiritual/Religion, Family/Relationships)
  • STEPHEN / Fred Stoeker ARTERBURN (Spiritual/Religion, Family/Relationships)
  • Arthur (Business)
  • A.C. Arthur (Romance, Erotica)
  • A.M. Arthur (Erotica)
  • Anthony Arthur (People, Politics/Government, History)
  • Artist Arthur (Dark Fantasy, Romance, Children's Fiction)
  • Eden Arthur (Romance, Erotica)
  • Kay Arthur (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Keri Arthur (Horror, Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Mainstream, Romance, Erotica)
  • Randall Arthur (Mainstream)
  • Sarah Arthur (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Bradley Shavit Artson (Spiritual/Religion)
  • David Artuso (Fantasy)
  • Eric Arvin (Mystery/Crime, Romance, Erotica, Gay Fiction)
  • Nick Arvin (Historical Fiction)
  • Sarah Arvio (Mainstream)
  • Megan Emily Asad (Young Adult)
  • Catherine Asaro (Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance)
  • Eve Asbury (Romance)
  • Jenesi Ash (Romance, Erotica)
  • Mikala Ash (Erotica)
  • Nicole Ash (Romance, Erotica)
  • Penny Ash (Erotica)
  • Rosalie Ash (Romance)
  • Sarah Ash (Fantasy)
  • Timothy Ash (Business)
  • Timothy Garton Ash (General Nonfiction, People, Politics/Government, History)
  • Janine Ashbless (Romance, Erotica)
  • John Ashbrook (Sports/Entertainment)
  • Morgan Ashbury (Romance, Erotica)
  • Anne Ashby (Romance)
  • Kendal Ashby (Romance)
  • Aran Ashe (Erotica)
  • Ellen Ashe (Erotica)
  • Roxi Ashe (Romance)
  • Bridget Asher (Mainstream)
  • Donald Asher (Business)
  • Deanna Ashford (Erotica)
  • Jenny Ashford (Horror)
  • Lily Ashford (Erotica)
  • Lindsay Ashford (Mystery/Crime)
  • Lucy Ashford (Romance)
  • Riley Ashford (Erotica)
  • Claire Ashgrove (Romance)
  • Amanda Ashley (Mainstream, Romance)
  • Anne Ashley (Romance)
  • Ardythe Ashley (Mainstream, Romance)
  • Celia Ashley (Romance, Erotica)
  • Christina Lynne Ashley (Romance)
  • Maurice Ashley (Sports/Entertainment, Family/Relationships)
  • Patricia M. Ashley (Romance)
  • Phillipa Ashley (Romance)
  • Thom Ashley-Farrand (Self Improvement)
  • Mickie B. Ashling (Erotica, Gay Fiction)
  • Angela Ashton (Romance, Historical Fiction)
  • Avril Ashton (Erotica)
  • Kris Ashton (Suspense/Thriller)
  • Elizabeth Ashtree (Romance)
  • Phyll Ashworth (Mystery/Crime)
  • Jabari Asim (Mainstream, General Nonfiction, Young Adult)
  • Isaac Asimov (Science Fiction, Mystery/Crime, General Nonfiction, People)
  • Renee Askins (Mainstream)
  • Nadeem Aslam (Mainstream)
  • Reza Aslan (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Don Aslett (General Nonfiction)
  • Erin Aslin (Romance)
  • Jules Asner (Mainstream)
  • Jessica Aspen (Erotica)
  • Shaun Assael (Sports/Entertainment)
  • American Heart Association (Reference, Health/Fitness)
  • Erik D. Astor (Erotica)
  • Gerald Astor (History)
  • Jane Atchley (Romance)
  • Josh Aterovis (Mystery/Crime)
  • Philip Athans (Fantasy)
  • Daphne Athas (Mainstream)
  • Adrian Athens (Erotica)
  • Sophie Athens (Erotica)
  • Mari Atherton (Science Fiction)
  • Steve Atinsky (Young Adult)
  • D. M. Atkins (Erotica)
  • Dale Vicky Atkins (Reference, Self Improvement)
  • Dawn Atkins (Romance, Erotica)
  • Melanie Atkins (Romance, Erotica)
  • Eleanor Atkinson (Classic Literature)
  • Jay Atkinson (People, True Crime)
  • Jo Atkinson (Erotica)
  • Neil Atkinson (Business)
  • Nick Atkinson (Education)
  • William Ilsey Atkinson (Technology/Science)
  • Gavin Atlas (Erotica)
  • Nava Atlas (General Nonfiction, Health/Fitness)
  • Gwyneth Atlee (Romance)
  • Kat Attalla (Romance)
  • Kathryn Attalla (Romance, Erotica)
  • Jami Attenberg (Mainstream)
  • Amelia Atwater-Rhodes (Children's Fiction, Young Adult)
  • Ali Atwood (Erotica)
  • Margaret Atwood (Science Fiction, Mystery/Crime, Mainstream, General Nonfiction, Suspense/Thriller, Historical Fiction)
  • Peter Atwood (Science Fiction)
  • Henry T. Aubin (Mainstream)
  • Caroline Aubrey (Erotica)
  • AuburnImp (Erotica)
  • Alice Audrey (Romance)
  • Jean M. Auel (Mainstream, Historical Fiction)
  • Steve Augarde (Children's Fiction, Young Adult)
  • Loreen Augeri (Romance)
  • DAN AUGUST (Erotica)
  • Elizabeth August (Romance)
  • Jennifer August (Erotica)
  • Michaela August (Fantasy, Romance)
  • Sandra August (Romance)
  • K. S. Augustin (Science Fiction, Romance, Erotica)
  • KS Augustin (Erotica)
  • Augustine of Hippo (Spiritual/Religion, Classic Literature)
  • Envy Augustine (Erotica)
  • Saint Augustine (General Nonfiction, Spiritual/Religion, Historical Fiction)
  • St. Augustine (Spiritual/Religion, Classic Literature)
  • Kerri Augusto (Mainstream, Romance)
  • Ken Auletta (Business, Sports/Entertainment)
  • James M. Jr Ault (General Nonfiction)
  • Marcus Aurelius (Spiritual/Religion, Classic Literature, History)
  • Dominique Aury (Erotica)
  • Jane Austen (Horror, Mainstream, Romance, Historical Fiction, Classic Literature)
  • Seth Austen, Jane / Grahame-Smith (Horror)
  • Kaylie Austen (Erotica)
  • Rayne Auster (Erotica)
  • Amber Austin (Erotica)
  • Angela Kay Austin (Mainstream, Romance, Erotica)
  • Cassandra Austin (Romance)
  • Clare Austin (Romance)
  • John Austin (Humor)
  • Kate Austin (Romance, Erotica)
  • Alison Austin, Kate / D'Otare, Grace / James, Letty / Dale, Jennifer / Cassel, Eva / Richardson (Romance)
  • Lena Austin (Historical Fiction, Erotica)
  • Mary Austin (General Nonfiction, Travel)
  • Miriam Austin (Health/Fitness)
  • Nicole Austin (Romance, Erotica)
  • Stephen Austin (Humor)
  • Apex Authors (Science Fiction)
  • Aspen Mountain Press Authors (Erotica)
  • Elastic Press Authors (Mainstream)
  • Freya's Bower Authors (Romance)
  • The Wild Rose Press Authors (Romance, Young Adult, Erotica)
  • Whiskey Creek Press Authors (Horror, Mystery/Crime, Mainstream, Romance, Erotica)
  • Amelia Autin (Romance)
  • Clover Autrey (Romance)
  • James A. Autry (Business)
  • Lee Avalone (Erotica)
  • John Avant (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Michele Avantario (Family/Relationships)
  • Jophrael L. Avario (Erotica)
  • Swati Avasthi (Young Adult)
  • Jean Aveline (Erotica)
  • Addison Avery (Erotica)
  • Anne Avery (Romance)
  • Dagmar Avery (Erotica)
  • Jan Alyce Avery (Romance)
  • Jeanne Avery (Self Improvement)
  • Sarah Avery (Fantasy)
  • Bunty Avieson (Travel)
  • Rhiannon Aviron (Erotica)
  • A A Avlicino (Health/Fitness)
  • John Avlon (Mainstream, Politics/Government)
  • Lori Avocato (Mystery/Crime, Romance)
  • Jerry Avorn, M.D. (Health/Fitness)
  • Tash Aw (Mainstream)
  • W. Rev Awdry (Children's Fiction)
  • Alan Axelrod (General Nonfiction, Politics/Government, True Crime, History)
  • Axiom (Erotica)
  • Sapnabella Axis (General Nonfiction)
  • James Axler (Science Fiction, Dark Fantasy, Mystery/Crime, Alternate History, Mainstream, Romance, Suspense/Thriller)
  • Jordan Ayan (Self Improvement)
  • Elle Aycart (Erotica)
  • Carol Ayer (Romance)
  • William Ayers (Education)
  • Steve Aylett (Science Fiction)
  • Susan Aylworth (Romance)
  • Frank Ayres (Education, Technology/Science)
  • Ian Ayres (Business)
  • Katherine Ayres (Children's Fiction, Young Adult)
  • Thomas Ayres (History)
  • Shara Azod (Romance, Erotica)
  • Allan W. Azouz (Horror)
  • Mariano Azuela (Historical Fiction, Classic Literature)

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