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Bruce Thorstad

Bio: Bruce H. Thorstad was born in Minneapolis just a mile west of the Mississippi River, making him, at least by one common yardstick, a native-born Westerner. Growing up in the northern Wisconsin towns in the 1950’s and ‘60’s his imagination was fueled by the dozens of TV westerns of that era. “Northern Wisconsin is big-woods country…it’s not the West, but it’s relatively unpopulated. I couldn’t look at a hill or a hayfield without mentally populating it with stampeding buffalo or attacking cavalry.” Thorstad concedes he “played cowboys long after it became uncomfortable to admit it, after most neighboring kids had switched to baseball and football. “In a way,” he says, “I’m still at it.” Thorstad lives with his wife and children in Orange County, California, where he is the editor of OFF DUTY America, a nationwide general-interest military magazine. As “Paydirt,” his nineteenth-century alter ego, he’s a two-time winner of End of Trail, the largest of the annual Old West shooting competition…giving him an insider’s knowledge that makes this and his other "Gents" novels so thrillingly authentic.

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1 Ace of Diamonds [MultiFormat]
by Bruce Thorstad
  The fourth installment of Bruce H. Thorstad's boisterous "Gents" series finds incorrigible scoundrels Cass McCasland and Riley Stokes in another lawless town and another heady situation. This time it's the mining village of Buckshot, Colorado, where the boys hope to find fortune in the underground caves belonging to Riley's Uncle Rufus. But once they arrive, they realize that their get-rich-quick scheme has turned into a get-suited-up challenge for their wits and their baseball skills. When Uncl... more info>> (Published: 1994)

Words: 85065 - Reading Time: 243-340 min.
Category: Historical Fiction

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2 Deadwood Dick And The Code Of The West [MultiFormat]
by Bruce Thorstad
  Fourteen year-old Mortimer Ridley Chalmers III had cracked the Code of the West back in Philadelphia--in his treasured pulp novels. But in the Black Hills, Coffee Arbuckle is only aware of one code--protecting your own life with the best gun you can get. This Civil War Veteran is set spinning by the violent Gold Rush. He's in for about as much trouble as the teenage dreamer Mortimer, who's caught up in his books. But a partnership may be just the solution for these two desperados in a land where... more info>> (Published: 2004)

Words: 96558 - Reading Time: 275-386 min.
Category: Historical Fiction
1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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3 Sharp-Shooters [MultiFormat]
by Bruce Thorstad
  The latest from Bruce H. Thorstad's "Gents" series find the boys in another sticky situation of their own concoction. Cass McCasland really knew how to get Riley Stokes into trouble. He had cooked up a hustle that combined the boys' twin fort�s. With Cass' talent for betting and Riley's skills as a sharpshooter, Cass hoped to win them both a whole heap of cash? But even rich men--especially rich men--don't like getting swindled by two raggedy con artists from everywhere and nowhere. Now the pa... more info>> (Published: 1993)

Words: 88199 - Reading Time: 251-352 min.
Category: Historical Fiction
1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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4 The Gents [Book 1 of The Gents Series] [MultiFormat]
by Bruce Thorstad
  When Kentuckian Riley Stokes and Texan Cass McCasland join together and head to the frontier they are bound to encounter the best and the worst, and enlist in some of the greatest adventures known to the west. The two misfits agree to guard an Army paywagon that's headed for Fort Dodge, but when a half-Chinese, half-Kiowa squaw needs help rescuing her sister from whiskey runners who have destroyed her tribe, their loyalties change. The adventure continues for them but with trouble on their tail ... more info>> (Published: 1993)

Words: 88800 - Reading Time: 253-355 min.
Category: Historical Fiction
11 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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