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Brad Strickland

Bio: Brad Strickland has written and co-written 41 novels, many of them for younger readers. He is the author of the fantasy trilogy Moon Dreams, Nul's Quest and Wizard's Mole and of the popular horror novel Shadowshow. With his wife Barbara, he has written for the Star Trek Young Adult book series, for Nickelodeon's Are You Afraid of the Dark? book series, and for Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (Pocket Books). Both solo and with Thomas E. Fuller, he has written several books about Wishbone, Public TV's literature-loving dog. When he's not writing, he teaches English at Gainesville College in Gainesville, Georgia. He and Barbara have two children, Amy and Jonathan, and a daughter-in-law, Rebecca. They live and work in Oakwood, Georgia.

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1 Moon Dreams (Jeremy Moon Trilogy) [MultiFormat]
by Brad Strickland
  Jeremy Sebastian Moon is transported far from Earth where his dreams and job in advertising provide comfort but not much happiness, a world where fantasy is reality. This new magical world presents to Jeremy his double, a dangerous wizard who wants him to take his place and stand before the Council of Mages. Jeremy's mission before he returns home is to help the Mages battle the Evil in Thaumia. He encounters a beautiful thief, an enchantress and Nul, along his journey, but will his newfound pow... more info>> (Published: 1988)

Words: 105760 - Reading Time: 302-423 min.
Category: Fantasy
22 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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2 ShadowShow [MultiFormat]
by Brad Strickland
  The horrifying tales at the ShadowShow Theater are unique. Under new ownership, the theater delivers terrifying scenes of violent sex and gore that pack the theater in the small town of Gaither, Georgia each night. New owner Athanial Badon never tells the people who push into these midnight movies that it will be themselves acting out these horrors on the screen. But when the lights come on, the nightmare continues. (Published: 2004)

Words: 134094 - Reading Time: 383-536 min.
Category: Horror
8 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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3 The Bell, the Book and the Spellbinder [MultiFormat]
by John Bellairs, Brad Strickland
  One dark, drippy day, when Byron "Fergie" Ferguson gets bored, he wonders what the last book in the library is. What he finds past the last set of shelves is a battered black cover with the Dewey decimal number 99.99S and a title as red as blood--The Book of True Wishes by Jarmyn Thanatos. Even though Fergie is a good kid, he steals the book, setting off a chain of sinister events that threaten not only his life but the lives of his friends Johnny Dixon and Professor Childermass as well. Soon,... more info>> (Published: 1997)

Words: 35412 - Reading Time: 101-141 min.
Category: Children's Fiction/Horror
1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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4 The Drum, the Doll, and the Zombie [MultiFormat]
by John Bellairs, Brad Strickland
  When Dr. Charles Coote--a noted folklorist and old friend of Professor Childermass--returns from a conference in New Orleans, he brings home a small, sinister drum. It's made entirely of black wood with red leather straps and small, white bones. Nobody takes Dr. Coote's worries about the drum very seriously, until Fergie taps it a few times and releases an unspeakable evil. Suddenly, Johnny and Fergie and the professor find themselves battling the imposing Madame Sinestra, a voodoo priestess wh... more info>> (Published: 1994)

Words: 35518 - Reading Time: 101-142 min.
Category: Children's Fiction/Horror
1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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5 The Wrath of the Grinning Ghost [MultiFormat]
by John Bellairs, Brad Strickland
  On a trip to Florida with his father, Johnny Dixon visits a fortuneteller, and receives an eerie premonition. Inside the crystal ball Johnny sees a ghost-white face with long white hair and black eyes like puddles of oil, which screams, "The universe shall be mine!" Back home, Johnny's father falls unconscious, gravely ill in a way the doctors can't understand. Johnny and his friend Professor Childermass investigate and soon realize that the spirit of Nyarlat-Hotep wants to use Major Dixon's bo... more info>> (Published: 1999)

Words: 38412 - Reading Time: 109-153 min.
Category: Young Adult
1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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