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Laura Bacchi

Bio: Laura Bacchi writes romance, erotica, and everything in between. Her science-fiction erotic romance, The Heart of a Hunter, placed second in Phaze.com?s Phaze One Writing Challenge, and her romantic short stories appear regularly in Sun Magazine. A librarian by day, Laura lives in the Southeast with her daughter and a super-supportive husband who is always willing to read her latest work-in-progress and assist with any ?research.? Readers are always welcome to drop her a line at laura@laurabacchi.com. For more about Laura and her work, please visit her website at http://www.laurabacchi.com.

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1 Any Ordinary Day [MultiFormat]
by Laura Bacchi
  On any ordinary day, a guy like Paul Murray expects more shit from his boss, a new car repair bill, and another lonely night at home. But when his car dies during rush hour, he's rescued by a man who might just make him experience something extraordinary ... in more ways than one. Darrien Avanti has an agenda, and it doesn't include the sexy guy he picks up by a smoking Yugo on his way to Manhattan. Renegade dragons from his homeland have breached the Earth's surface in search of their own terri... more info>> (Published: 2007)

Words: 21191 - Reading Time: 60-84 min.
Category: Erotica/Paranormal Erotica
98 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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2 Butterfly Unpinned [MultiFormat]
by Laura Bacchi, Bonnie Dee
  Slavery was her refuge--now it's time to fly free. Navajo woodworker Bryan Lapahie can't believe his luck. He's been hired to create sculptures for a wealthy photographer's wildly opulent mansion. Once inside, he finds his new boss is a man of many possessions--and an appetite for BDSM so extreme it makes Bryan's own Dominant tendencies look tame. Of the four submissives enslaved at the mansion, it is quiet Butterfly who captures his interest. Her vulnerable beauty stirs his fantasies--and... more info>> (Published: 2009)

Words: 88482 - Reading Time: 252-353 min.
Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
44 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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3 Chella's Quest [MultiFormat]
by Laura Bacchi
  After years of experimentation, Dr. Chella Ter-Berron developed a powerful new drug that will make pain a thing of the past. She'll do anything to find the thief who stole her research--even sleep with the prime suspect. But when the man in question is a hot Cruthian male, her task quickly becomes more about pleasure and less about work. Kain Suvan might be a thief, but Chella's research has since been stolen from him. Kain needs the brilliant scientist he's been lusting after to help him track ... more info>> (Published: 2005)

Words: 10882 - Reading Time: 31-43 min.
Category: Erotica/Erotic Science Fiction/Science Fiction
26 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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4 Chosen: The Chronicles of Winter [The Quantar Trilogy, Book I] [MultiFormat]
by Laura Bacchi
  Sometimes you can't have the man you want ... even if he wants you.... Winter Anderson is about to go where no Hertford County, North Carolina, resident has gone before. Her ex left her in major debt, she hates her job, and a gorgeous piece of man named Brogan wants to escort her across the cosmos to be the mate of his planet's leader. But what should be the experience of a lifetime is quickly turning into something miserable. She's falling hard for Brogan, and although he's starting to have fee... more info>> (Published: 2006)

Words: 26090 - Reading Time: 74-104 min.
Category: Erotica/Erotic Science Fiction/Science Fiction
40 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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5 Claimed: The Story Of Sibeta [The Quantar Trilogy, Book II] [MultiFormat]
by Laura Bacchi
  Sequel to Chosen: The Chronicles Of Winter... New planet. New name. Same old celibate life... Bailey McKenzie, now known as Sibeta, left almost everything she knew to travel across the universe and meet the man who'd invaded her head in the most delicious of ways. But a hasty marriage to the guy she thought was her telepathic lover leaves her with more questions than answers--and her unwanted virginity still intact. Mix in a man who loves her husband and will do anything to keep her away, well, ... more info>> (Published: 2008)

Words: 31149 - Reading Time: 88-124 min.
Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica/Menage Erotica
8 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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6 Lucky In Lust [MultiFormat]
by Laura Bacchi
  Brian "Lucky" Luciano is out of work and out of luck. When he signs up to be a nude model at a local art school, he thinks it'll be the easiest thirty-five bucks an hour he'll ever make. But his new boss plans to get her money's worth, and lucky for him, Brian plans to let her... Art professor Sonya Walker can't believe her good fortune when the object of her high school fantasies walks into her studio butt-naked and looking for a job. He's just what she needs to embark on a new project that wil... more info>> (Published: 2005)

Words: 11064 - Reading Time: 31-44 min.
Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
26 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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7 Relic of the Heart [MultiFormat]
by Laura Bacchi
  Tara Covington's week can't get any worse. Her boyfriend's sleeping with yet another intern, the department chair just pulled her fellowship, and she's forced to work for a wealthy UFO fanatic to make ends meet. But her new assignment has an upside, and his name is Kadir. This hot volunteer claiming to be an alien makes her want to get out into the field--and into his pants. Kadir Takoda's future couldn't be brighter. Selected for the return mission to Earth, the archaeologist vows to bring back... more info>> (Published: 2005)

Words: 15911 - Reading Time: 45-63 min.
Category: Erotica/Erotic Fantasy/Fantasy
31 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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8 The Andumi Effect [MultiFormat]
by Laura Bacchi
  Minot Tvargot thought he knew his place in the universe until his double-crossing government makes him the possession of a Damurian slaver. Now this seasoned spy must figure out why the govs betrayed him--and fight his growing attraction to the man who owns him. Legendary spy Ky Andumi is no slaver, and the disguise he wears can't hide his desire for the young spy on his ship for long. He wants Minot badly, and when the Unias Government takes away his soul mate, he'll do anything to get him back... more info>> (Published: 2006)

Words: 17315 - Reading Time: 49-69 min.
Category: Erotica/Erotic Science Fiction/Science Fiction
90 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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9 The Heart of a Hunter [MultiFormat]
by Laura Bacchi
  Winner--Over the Moon Award of Excellence from May Reviews! He claimed he was an alien. Asher's mission is simple: locate the Earth woman named Raine Thompson and bring her back to his home planet. Raine's lush body and aptitude for passion make her the perfect mate for his older brother, Imari. But Asher can't resist the sensual woman he's sworn to escort across the galaxy. She claimed his heart. Raine has a mission of her own: to sleep with as many men as possible before she turns thirty and f... more info>> (Published: 2006) Over the Moon Award of Excellence Winner

Words: 10523 - Reading Time: 30-42 min.
Category: Erotica/Erotic Science Fiction/Science Fiction
30 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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10 The Heart of a Man [MultiFormat]
by Laura Bacchi
  As High Commander of the inner realms, Imari Ter-Berron knows all about the burden of responsibility. When one of his citizens is falsely accused of a heinous crime, he travels to the outer colonies to personally stop the execution. Imari is prepared for the animosity of the barbaric colonial princes, but not for his reaction to the newest royal--Prince Casvian is everything Imari has ever dreamed of in a man. And the fact that his telepathic powers don't seem to work on the young royal have him... more info>> (Published: 2007)

Words: 17340 - Reading Time: 49-69 min.
Category: Erotica/Erotic Science Fiction/Science Fiction
50 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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