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Stevi Mittman

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1 Summer Dreams [Secure eReader]
by Stevi Mittman, Jennifer Greene, Kate Austin
  Who's That in the Itsy-Bitsy, Anyway?: Stevi Mittman--In this lighthearted mystery, a decorator remodeling her family's beach house discovers her mother's lost love letters--to a Mafia don! Kokomo: Jennifer Greene--Crazy for the Beach Boys' "Kokomo" ever since she was a carefree teen, a successful attorney decides to visit the song's namesake Caribbean island. Too bad her assistant books her a ticket to Kokomo, Indiana, instead--where there's no beach, but a former flame is about to make waves. ... more info>>
Category: Romance/Romance
1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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2 Who Creamed Peaches, Anyway? [Secure eReader]
by Stevi Mittman
  Teddi usually ignored Drew Scoones's warnings to stay out of his cases.... After all, who in her right mind would give up steamy post-arrest debriefing sessions with Detective "Swoons"? But when Drew's partner is accused of murdering Peaches Lipschitz--aka the "Hooker Housewife"--the department promptly takes Drew off the case. Now he's looking at a major lifestyle change and finally doing the one thing that really rattles Teddi ... proposing marriage! So "Long Island's Most Dangerous Decorator"... more info>>
Category: Romance/Romance

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3 Who Makes Up These Rules, Anyway? [Secure eReader]
by Stevi Mittman
  Let ME tell you a story about a girl on Long Island, who always tried to play life by "the rules"--as outlined in the Secret Handbook of Long Island Rules... That girl, uh, woman, is me, Teddi Gallo. I'm the mother of three kids under the age of eleven, best friend to Bobbie (who denies there's any such thing as a secret handbook, but who knows all the moves by heart) and the daughter of June (who has inside info on the rules, but has a reserved room at South Winds Psychiatric Hospital, as well)... more info>>
Category: Mainstream
3 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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4 Whose Number Is Up, Anyway? [Secure eReader]
by Stevi Mittman
  Literally, he's had it for every hour of the day for as long as Teddi's known him. So it's no coincidence that minutes after Teddi stumbles accidentally on a corpse in the deep freeze at King Kullen, Detective Dreamboat is back on the scene. Her supermarket snob (among other things) of a mother will never let her hear the end of it. Nor will Drew, who has told Teddi time and again she's got to stop messing with murder scenes. Until Teddi goes from material witness to potential next victim... But... more info>>
Category: Romance
1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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