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Eric A. Radulski

Bio: Eric A. Radulski makes his home in Rochester, NY with his fiancée Erin Beatty. The Hands of Aldulan: Kingdom of the Necromancer is his first published novel.

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1 Dawn of Destiny [Revenant Book One] [MultiFormat]
by Eric A. Radulski
  Gods at war... Old prophesies revealed... One hope for the world... Following the cataclysmic Darklands War, the world of Arioc teeters on the edge of destruction. The bitter feud between the two Gods--Zythra and Bazulbax--continues to escalate. As mortal kind faces extinction, one last great hope remains for peace. The ancient prophesies of the Querenthians, a race of beings long believed extinct, foretell the coming of a great warrior whose destiny is to end the War of the Gods forever. Michae... more info>> (Published: 2009)

Words: 62542 - Reading Time: 178-250 min.
Category: Fantasy
4 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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2 The Demon Hunter's Apprentice - [Book One] [MultiFormat]
by Eric A. Radulski
  In the city of Hell's Crown, legendary Demon Hunter Cain Stoddard was infected by an ancient evil. Stumbling from the city, he fled north, seeking the desolation of the Old Kingdoms. There, he hoped to find the means to expel the wickedness roosting just beneath his skin. But this is not Cain Stoddard's story. This is the story of the apprentice he left behind. A first- rate scoundrel, a second-class cheat, a third-rate braggart, and a fourth-rate drunk, Liam Gulban has been called many things,... more info>> (Published: 2010)

Words: 45356 - Reading Time: 129-181 min.
Category: Dark Fantasy/Horror
2 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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3 The Hands of Aldulan [Heart of Malifess Book Three] [MultiFormat]
by Eric A. Radulski
  Beaten and bloodied, the Holders leave the Isle of Dusk behind. On the cusp of defeat, their only hope rests on a daring rescue attempt in the city of Eyeshorn. Meanwhile, Suggradath leads his army closer to victory. Soon, they will come to the capitol city of Tur-Loghan. Once there, the fate of mortal-kind will be decided once and for all. Blood will swell the rivers. Smoke will blacken the skies. Entire nations will burn ... None will be left unscathed in this thrilling conclusion to The Hands... more info>> (Published: 2007)

Words: 68786 - Reading Time: 196-275 min.
Category: Fantasy/Horror
2 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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4 The Hands of Aldulan [Kingdom of the Necromancer Book 1] [MultiFormat]
by Eric A. Radulski
  Nearly one-thousand years after his death, the dire mistakes of the great wizard Aldulan have borne their hideous fruit. Demons from the depths of the world of Termeydiun have clawed their way to the surface, vowing to invade the land of Tur-Loghan. Suggradath, King of Demons, with a voracious appetite for human suffering, musters an army of hellspawned soldiers to smite mortal-kind from the face of the planet once and for all. Termeydiun's only hope, a motley band of wizards, warriors, thieves,... more info>> (Published: 2006)

Words: 63000 - Reading Time: 180-252 min.
Category: Fantasy/Suspense/Thriller
5 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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5 The Hands of Aldulan [The Isle of Dusk Book 2] [MultiFormat]
by Eric A. Radulski
  Fearful of the future and haunted by the past, the Holders set sail for the Isle of Dusk. As they leave the capital of Tur-Loghan behind, an ancient enemy is reborn in the city of Eyeshorn. Fed the blood of innocent children, Count Dilgreshar rises from the grave. His only desire? To exact revenge upon his niece, Ang Saroth? Meanwhile, an army of demons launches its campaign to obliterate mortal-kind. Families, cities, and entire nations will be slaughtered unless the brave Holders succeed in th... more info>> (Published: 2007)

Words: 70655 - Reading Time: 201-282 min.
Category: Fantasy/Suspense/Thriller
3 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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6 Tombs Of Bahbala [The Demon Hunter's Apprentice Book Two] [MultiFormat]
by Eric A. Radulski
  Leaving Chapel's Rest and the port of Albora behind, Liam Gulban sets sail for the ice-choked city of Bahbala in hopes of finding his missing mentor, Cain Stoddard. On board the imperial warship Vindicator, the demon hunter wrestles with his own demons as the ship sails the black waters of the Sounding Sea. In Bahbala, Liam will encounter terrible old friends, brainwashed villagers, bloodthirsty druids, and at least one grisly horror, the likes of which the world has never seen. Perceptions wil... more info>> (Published: 2010)

Words: 53143 - Reading Time: 151-212 min.
Category: Dark Fantasy/Fantasy
2 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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