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Paul Park


Paul offers the following biographical information: "I was born in 1954, the son of two professors. My father and mother taught physics and literature (respectively) at Williams College until their recent retirement. I am the third of four children, and my youngest sister suffers from autism--a theme that comes into my writing quite frequently. I worked at a lot of stupid jobs after college, and taught squash for many years in Manhattan. I quit in 1983 to write a novel. With a notebook and a couple of shirts, I flew to New Delhi, telling myself I couldn't come back until I had completed a manuscript. Soldiers of Paradise was written during my travels in Asia, largely in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Rajasthan, Burma, Thailand, and Indonesia, over the course of two years.

"I was married in 1994 to Deborah Brothers, a costume designer at Williams, whom I met in a bar while visiting my parents. I unexpectedly moved back to my home town, and have two young children: Miranda, born in 1995, and Lucius Lionel, born in 1998. I am currently at work on a big, fat fantasy novel, called A Princess of Romania. My short fiction has been published in the usual places."

Paul's short story "Get a Grip," published in Omni Online, was a finalist for the 1998 World Fantasy Award.

Soldiers of Paradise (1987), nominated for the Arthur C. Clarke Award
Sugar Rain (1989), nominated for the Locus Award
The Cult of Loving Kindness (1992), a New York Times Notable Book
Celestis (1996), nominated for the Nebula Award
The Gospel of Corax (1996)

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1 Soldiers of Paradise [Starbridge Chronicles 1] [MultiFormat]
by Paul Park
  Where the seasons last for generations, hard winter makes for hard religion. The worlds of the solar system are the hells through which all souls must incarnate on their journey to Paradise; all, that is, but the Starbridges, nobles who serve to enforce the "divine will." In the lowest slums of the city-state of Charn, a Starbridge doctor and a drunken prince defy the law to bring medicine to the poor and hear the story-music of the refugee Antinomials, a wild people who shun words, infidels pre... more info>> (Published: 1987) Locus Poll Award Nominee, Arthur C. Clarke Award Nominee

Words: 115539 - Reading Time: 330-462 min.
Category: Science Fiction
14 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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2 Sugar Rain [Starbridge Chronicles 2] [MultiFormat]
by Paul Park
  The second book in the Starbridge Chronicles, Sugar Rain relates the stories of Thanakar and Charity Starbridge during the revolution that ended the first book in the series, Soldiers of Paradise. The generations-long winter has drawn to a close, and with it the power of the tyrannical Starbridge theocracy that maintained order during the years of hunger. But a cruelly pragmatic priest has set the stage for a new faith, and even those who defy him seem fated to play out roles that will inevitabl... more info>> (Published: 1989) Locus Poll Award Nominee

Words: 125637 - Reading Time: 358-502 min.
Category: Science Fiction
6 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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3 The Cult of Loving Kindness [Starbridge Chronicles 3] [MultiFormat]
by Paul Park
  In the third and final book of the Starbridge Chronicles, more than two generations have passed since the events of Sugar Rain, and barren tundra has given way to fecund, steamy jungle at the height of summer. Deep in the forest, a twin boy and girl grow up among a strange race of philosophers, oblivious to the outside world, where the secular regime is now as fanatical and orthodox as the old religious one. When their home is invaded, the pair take flight. Among the new faith called The Cult of... more info>> (Published: 1991)

Words: 99538 - Reading Time: 284-398 min.
Category: Science Fiction/Fantasy
4 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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