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Stephen Gresham

Bio: Stephen Gresham is the author of 15 published novels in the genres of supernatural horror, suspense and young adult fiction. While most of his published works were written under his own name, he also writes under the pseudonyms of "J. V. Lewton" and "John Newland." The author lives with his wife, Linda, in Auburn, Alabama where he teaches creative writing at Auburn University.He enjoys hearing from readers via letters or e-mail. His email address is greshsl@mail.auburn.edu.

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1 Blood Wings [MultiFormat]
by Stephen Gresham
  Starting over seemed simple enough to Anita Martin. She moved with her young sons Wade and Timmy to a pristine new home near the Everglades. Sadly, it won't be that simple. When Wade begins having nightmares of a terrible dark creature with razor talons and pitch-black wings, they are dismissed as a young boy's fantasies--until people start disappearing with screams in the night. With the death toll steadily rising, who will come to fight the mysterious and evil Blood Wings? (Published: 1990)

Words: 96424 - Reading Time: 275-385 min.
Category: Horror
6 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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2 Dark Magic [MultiFormat]
by Stephen Gresham
  Unspoiled by the hand of civilization, the raw, savage swamplands of east Alabama radiate life forces both natural and supernatural. On the edge of this murky landscape reside the Fossor sisters-Tina, Gretta, and Artie--the "witches" of Night Horse Creek. Practitioners of the Old Ways, the Fossors embrace nature, revering the spirit of the Goddess through harmless rituals and incantations. They also understand how the power of dreams connects them to unseen energies-and the shadows that dwell wi... more info>> (Published: 2004)

Words: 87771 - Reading Time: 250-351 min.
Category: Horror
9 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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3 Demon's Eye [MultiFormat]
by Stephen Gresham
  Young Kevin Holmes had been having trouble getting his parents to believe his stories after the electrical accident. His parents wouldn't believe a thirteen year-old boy when he told them wild tales, although they sensed something eerie at Blackwinter's Inn. When the three families decided to pool their money and buy the old broken-down Blackwinter's Inn, they could not have known that their children would soon become terrified of everything, even their own shadows. The ancient evil whispers wer... more info>> (Published: 1989)

Words: 85930 - Reading Time: 245-343 min.
Category: Horror
32 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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4 In The Blood [MultiFormat]
by Stephen Gresham
  As the Tracker family prepares to tear down their ancestral family home in order to escape the curse that has shadowed them for generations, the destruction of the old mansion unleashes an evil that feeds on the blood of innocent family members. (Published: 2004)

Words: 104040 - Reading Time: 297-416 min.
Category: Horror
13 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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5 Night Shapes [MultiFormat]
by Stephen Gresham
  Earning his father's respect seems like an impossible task, especially when Josh gets fired from his job at his father's company. Mysterious forces have been vandalizing Josh's father's current development, and Josh tries to make up for his failures with his dad by mounting a foolhardy investigation on his own of the night shapes seen around the development and nearby woods. (Published: 2001)

Words: 54223 - Reading Time: 154-216 min.
Category: Young Adult/Horror
5 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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6 The Living Dark [MultiFormat]
by Stephen Gresham
  Ever feel like the shadows are growing longer? Ever feel like the darkness is creeping up on you? Is that lack of light really nothing or is it something? Something out to get you! Mance had none of these questions in his head. He knew the truth about the Dark: It was alive! He had witnessed the shapeless and the intangible take form. The Dark had eyes, crazy, vengeful, angry eyes. He had seen the dark show its hungry, bright, shiny fangs. He had seen it grow and tower over him. Mance had seen t... more info>> (Published: 1991)

Words: 102038 - Reading Time: 291-408 min.
Category: Horror
4 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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