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Gail Ranstrom


A short conversation with Gail Ranstrom will convince readers that she should have written a book titled "Jobs I Have Had." Before taking up the pen, her work experience ran the gamut from a seamstress making waitress uniforms for a German beer garden, to inventory clerk at the University of Montana where she was attacked by a chimpanzee, stepped on dead lab rats in dark basements and located missing satellite spy cameras in -- oh, wait, that's classified -- to advertising coordinator and PR writer.

Most recently Gail was a commercial property manager in the Los Angeles area, troubleshooting incidents as wide ranging as having a SWAT team surrounding one of her buildings, a naked men in the ladies' restroom and rattlesnakes coiled in front of tenants' doors. In between, she partnered with a good friend in an antique business. Don't even get her started on her experiences at antique auctions!

She enjoys traveling frequently to see her children in Montana and Florida and to visit friends and a brother in London. As an unabashed Anglophile, she says she could easily spend months in the Cotswolds, an entire summer in Scotland or a year in London. Sometimes that "other Eden" feels more like home to her than her real home.

Gail writes historical romance fiction because she loses herself in the past more completely than she can in the present or future. Combine that with her lifelong love of words and reading, the desire to entertain and the fact that she's too shy to do stand-up comedy, and what was left?

To aid her in writing romance fiction, she credits fabulous friendships with remarkable women, from family and bridge clubs to work mates and writers' groups. They are the models for her heroines: strong, intelligent and beautiful, while still managing to be caring and vulnerable and very human. Gail says that it is their strength of character and grace under fire that have been her inspiration. And every hero must be a man worthy of them.

Readers can contact Gail at GailRanstrom@cs.com.

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1 A Rake by Midnight [Secure eReader]
by Gail Ranstrom
  James Hunter cannot forget the night he rescued Eugenia O'Rourke from a terrifying ordeal how she felt in his arms, warm and vulnerable. Now working in the Home Office by day, ...
Category: Romance
1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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2 Broken Vows, Mended Hearts [Secure eReader]
by Lyn Stone, Gail Ranstrom, Anne O'Brien
  THREE COUPLES. THREE VOWS. THREE WEDDINGS COME TRUE.A Bouquet of Thistles by Lyn StoneSince they were betrothed as children, John, Lord Greycourt, and Alys of Camoy have not set eyes on one another. Alys is overjoyed when John returns home-until she realizes that he has no intention of marriage. This is one battle that she cannot let her warrior win!Paying the Piper by Gail RanstromMiss Chloe Faraday has been engaged to Captain Sir Anthony Chandler for years, yet she doesn't even know what he lo... more info>>
Category: Romance

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3 Indiscretions [Secure eReader]
by Gail Ranstrom
  Tropical heatburning passionDaphne had sacrificed everything to remain unknown in her tropical paradise. But if Lord Lockwood recognized the woman who had fled England with a crime on her conscience, nothing could keep her safe.Even the thought of future punishment could not dampen present desire. Lockwood's lips reawakened the passionate woman she had once been. What harm, Daphne reasoned, could come from one stolen kiss? Still, she could not allow her feelings to overpower her sense-it was too... more info>>
Category: Romance

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4 Lord Libertine [Secure eReader]
by Gail Ranstrom
  The seduction of Lady Lace.... Bored with his dissolute life, Andrew Hunter craved a new diversion. And one presented itself in the form of the mysterious Lady Lace! Her practiced flirtations branded her an experienced woman--but her bewitching kisses spoke of innocence and purity. Lord Libertine set himself to seduce the truth from her. But the notorious rakehell was not prepared for the answers he gained. And in discovering the lady's secrets, he endangered his own heart! (Published: 2007)
Category: Romance/Historical Fiction
24 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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5 The Courtesan's Courtship [Secure eReader]
by Gail Ranstrom
  TO RESTORE HER REPUTATION, SHE MUST FIRST DESTROY ITWhen Dianthe Lovejoy is accused of murdering a courtesan who bears an uncanny resemblance to her, she must go into hiding. And the only man who can protect her is her enemy-notorious rake and gambler Lord Geoffrey Morgan.Owing a debt of honor to her relative, Lord Geoffrey reluctantly takes in the meddlesome miss. But when he learns of her plan to masquerade as a courtesan to unmask the villain, he vows to put a stop to the ridiculous scheme. T... more info>>
Category: Romance

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6 The Missing Heir [Secure eReader]
by Gail Ranstrom
  HE'D RETURNED FROM THE DEAD TO COME FACE-TO-FACE WITH AN ANGELIndeed, to Adam Hawthorne's eyes, Grace Forbush possessed an ethereal beauty, all the more intriguing when draped with the air of mystery she wore like an elegant evening wrap. But were the ton's whispers true? Could this heavenly creature who stirred him like no other have done murder most foul?The buckskin-clad savage in Grace Forbush's library wasn't all he seemed. Shockingly, he was more, for Adam Hawthorne was an English gentlema... more info>>
Category: Romance

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7 Unlacing Lilly [Secure eReader]
by Gail Ranstrom
  The bastard son of a duke, Devlin Farrell is about to exact revenge for his mother's murder. He will even go as far as kidnapping his enemy's bride from the altar! Lilly O'Rourke is merely an innocent pawn in Devlin's plan. Other than ruining her reputation, he means her no harm--though it's hard to play the perfect gentleman when he's struggling to resist her tempting beauty. But Devlin has lived so long for revenge, can he now forfeit this desire--and in rescuing Lilly, save himself?
Category: Romance
15 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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