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Bruce Cooke

Bio: I am a retired Technical and Further Education teacher and have been writing for seventeen years. After completing several creative writing courses, I have had three short stories published and two read over community radio in Queensland. I wrote the initial script for the C.S. Lewis stage musical ?The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe? that ran successfully in all the Australian capital cities three years ago. I have written over fifteen novels and am under contract to have three published. I also won a poetry competition. I submitted a poem to the Australian War Memorial and the local branch of the Returned Soldiers League, dedicating the efforts of veterans during the New Guinea campaign of the Second World War, which was accepted by both. The poem was printed and framed and holds a place in the display cabinet of the RSL club in my hometown. I will be listed in the next newsletter of the ?Knowledge Tree? the official newsletter of Lifestyle Learning, a writing college in Australia. This and my other accomplishments are seen as a success for the courses they run Australia wide.

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1 The Pursuit of Mary McBride [MultiFormat]
by Bruce Cooke
  Rebecca McBride hates her husband Michael. She hates him because he rapes her and beats her. She hates him because he married her, not for love, but because he needed someone to keep his house and warm his bed. Most of all she hates him because he sold her daughter in marriage to a brute of a man, taking her away from her home and the man she loves. Now Mary and her new husband have disappeared into the Australian Outback, and Rebecca has no idea where they are. The only thing she knows is that ... more info>> (Published: 2008)

Words: 81793 - Reading Time: 233-327 min.
Category: Historical Fiction
4 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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2 Angela's Child [MultiFormat]
by Bruce Cooke
  Dad's in Queensland-somewhere? Alone in the world, fifteen year old Michael Kelly sets out to find a father who doesn't know he exists. Along the way he discovers life is far from sanitized and it takes him into a world of drugs, prostitution and theft. He faces up to the fact he might never find his father but thanks to Sam, his father's wife, Michael learns that life is not as hard as he imagined. Can he live with the fact he now has a new family but can't bring himself to tell them the truth?... more info>> (Published: 2011)

Words: 50436 - Reading Time: 144-201 min.
Category: Young Adult/Romance

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3 Appleton's Run [MultiFormat]
by Bruce Cooke
  A sweet revenge for murder and theft. When Nicholas Appleton escapes a murder plot he is determined to get his father's run back. Now he has to evade an assassin and make a fortune in gold. How can he reach the deadline, find the girl he loves and extract revenge on the men who want to kill him? This is a roaring tale of the gold fields, murder and romance. (Published: 2010)

Words: 63391 - Reading Time: 181-253 min.
Category: Romance

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4 Eva [MultiFormat]
by Bruce Cooke
  Female prisoners of a German concentration camp have no bright future. Eva Starsky is sixteen and made the sex slave of a sadistic Gestapo Officer but the Russians are close. She escapes death by smuggling herself to Belsen concentration camp where she suffers more horrors. She is rescued by Scott Morris, a British officer who now works at a displaced persons camp. They fall in love and marry. Scott takes a job in Australia looking after migrants who are about to work on the huge Snowy Mountain ... more info>> (Published: 2011)

Words: 53660 - Reading Time: 153-214 min.
Category: Suspense/Thriller/Historical Fiction

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5 Friendly Enemies [MultiFormat]
by Bruce Cooke
  When Australian Peter Stevens falls in love with Jennifer Stewart in Darwin at the outbreak of war, neither suspects the traumas ahead. Jennifer's heart is broken when Peter is captured in the desert and believed dead. After another relationship ends in disaster, she believes she is a jinx to every man who loves her. Peter's life is saved by Hans Schneider, a German soldier who has suffered the horrors of Auschwitz and becomes a prisoner of war. Hans is released but falls foul of a sadistic Gest... more info>> (Published: 2008)

Words: 84994 - Reading Time: 242-339 min.
Category: Historical Fiction/Romance

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6 Love In The Afternoon [MultiFormat]
by Bruce Cooke
  Fighting depression, loneliness and self-loathing after her abusive womanizing husband dies, fifty-year old Joanne Montgomery meets fifty-three year old Richard Collins who re-ignites her life. They fall in love but Joanne's daughter, Becky, who thought of her father as a saint, is aghast that Joanne would even consider dating another man, especially a larrikin like Ritchie. Just as they overcome the resentment, Ritchie's gold digging ex-wife arrives on the scene after being thrown out by her lo... more info>> (Published: 2007)

Words: 51516 - Reading Time: 147-206 min.
Category: Romance

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7 Meeting At Princes Bridge [MultiFormat]
by Bruce Cooke
  Friends for life and born on the same day, Meg, Iris, and Val meet every St Patrick's Day on Princes Bridge Melbourne to throw in a coin to remember their dead fathers. When the Second World War breaks out, one of them makes a terrible mistake that results not only in estrangement but in a love that no one ever imagined. This story is filled with undying love, friendship, betrayal, retribution, tragedy and reunion. (Published: 2008)

Words: 100598 - Reading Time: 287-402 min.
Category: Historical Fiction

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8 Reluctant Betrayal [MultiFormat]
by Bruce Cooke
  How far will a woman go to save the lives of her husband and children? Abbey Wilcox is forced into writing a Dear John letter to her husband and participates in an armed holdup under the threat of death for the people she loves. But when she learns she is expendable, then the chase is on to shut her up and recover the money she stole. The hair-raising pursuit takes her where she never thought she would go. (Published: 2009)

Words: 66089 - Reading Time: 188-264 min.
Category: Romance/Suspense/Thriller
2 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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9 The Irish Retribution [MultiFormat]
by Bruce Cooke
  Tully Sanderson can report events around the globe with no problem. He can ferret out stories in the most secretive of places and emerge unscathed from the most dangerous of worlds. He can lure almost any woman to his bed and hold his liquor till everyone else is under the table. The one thing he doesn't seem to be able to do, however, is to overcome the estrangement between him and his daughter, Carrie. Maybe it's time he told her the truth about how her mother died, but he might just lose her ... more info>> (Published: 2008)

Words: 109953 - Reading Time: 314-439 min.
Category: Suspense/Thriller

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10 Trace Elements [MultiFormat]
by Bruce Cooke
  Marine Biologist Trace Patterson has found a way to eliminate the crown of thorns starfish in order to save the Great Barrier Reef. So why would someone want him dead? Charles Edgely, a multi-millionaire, needs the coral to make a formula for Alzheimer's that will earn billions for him. When Trace learns that his arch-enemy could in fact posses the treatment to cure his ailing father of Alzheimer's, he is faced with a terrible choice. Murder, deceit and betrayal erupt as Trace faces the greatest... more info>> (Published: 2008)

Words: 41902 - Reading Time: 119-167 min.
Category: Suspense/Thriller
4 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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11 Twisted Sanction [MultiFormat]
by Bruce Cooke
  Here's the plan. If he can assassinate the upper hierarchy of ASIO--Australian Security Intelligence Organization--fill the gaps with his own men, then convince the Australian Government to open trade talks with Budi Darmadi, the Dictator and butcher of West Cordania, then Walter Lucas and his men will earn millions. All he needs is a fall guy. Someone he can fabricate evidence against then kill him. Agent Blake Kent is selected and when the attempt to kill him fails, Blake finds himself hunted ... more info>> (Published: 2010)

Words: 55197 - Reading Time: 157-220 min.
Category: Suspense/Thriller/Romance
2 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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12 Vietnam Holiday [MultiFormat]
by Bruce Cooke
  Whispers of war were riding the wind when Captain Zoe Middleton met Nick Harper in Vietnam. How was she to know he was a Major the day she asked him to dump her trash outside the hospital? In the heat of jungle, secrets were revealed and longings for unbridled passion took flight. Soon Zoe would have to choose between keeping a secret or finding the one and only man who had ignited a flame in her soul ... one that burned as brightly as the North Star. (Published: 2007)

Words: 15847 - Reading Time: 45-63 min.
Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance
1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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