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Barry Reese

Bio: Barry Reese is regarded as one of the leaders in the Modern Pulp Revival. His first novel, Conquerors of Shadow: The Adventures of Eobard Grace, introduced readers to the World of Shadows and was hailed as a return to classic pulp adventure. The best-selling Rook series has spanned three installments so far, with more on the way. He also served as editor and contributor to Thrilling Adventures, an anthology of pulp-inspired tales by modern writers. When he?s not writing novels, he?s done work for Marvel Comics, Khepera Publishing and West End Games. He lives in Georgia with his wife, artist Cari Reese, and their son, Julian.

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1 Guan-Yin and the Horros of Skull Island [MultiFormat]
by Barry Reese
  When beautiful pirate captain Guan-Yin leads her crew on a quest for a fabulous treasure the trail leads to the legendary Skull Island... a land said to be inhabited by unimaginable monsters and ruled by an awful God. Heedless of the whisperings portending terrible death, the daring Guan-Yin sets off on a fantastic adventure that pits her against hostile natives, treacherous allies, dread monsters, and the most fantastic creature imaginable--all in the name of the greatest treasure of all... fin... more info>>

Words: 22221 - Reading Time: 63-88 min.
Category: Horror/Suspense/Thriller
5 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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2 Legends of the Golden Age: The Black Terror and Daredevil [MultiFormat]
by Wayne Skiver, Barry Reese
  THE BLACK TERROR & DAREDEVIL... LEGENDS OF THE GOLDEN AGE... IT'S EXCITING! It dares to be different! It's two of the greatest heroes of the Golden Age in some of their most thrilling adventures! Torn from the pages of Exciting Comics comes America's Fighting Nemesis of Crime, the Black Terror! With steel hard skin and super strength, he wades through crime like a one-man army! Then, blasting out of the classic 1940's Daredevil Comics is the original hero of that name! With unbeatable fighting p... more info>> (Published: 2008)

Words: 42937 - Reading Time: 122-171 min.
Category: Science Fiction/Suspense/Thriller
8 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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3 Tales of the Norse Gods [MultiFormat]
by Everette Bell, Robert Morganbesser, Barry Reese
  Christians believed their arrival heralded the end of the world (Jeremiah 1:14). Known for murder, rape, pillaging, and desecration, they were feared by noble, by monk, and by peasant. The harshness and sparse living of their northern homelands bred an awesome spirit of survival within these savage warriors. For 273 years they spilled the blood of anyone who stood between them and their plunder. The Viking had come to take? and Europe was helpless. A single cryptic sentence on the weathered pag... more info>>

Words: 39569 - Reading Time: 113-158 min.
Category: Dark Fantasy/Classic Literature
7 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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4 The Best Startling Stories [MultiFormat]
by K.G. McAbee, Barry Reese, Wayne Skiver
  THE BEST STARTLING STORIES contains some of the finest Science Fiction & Fantasy available! Wild Cat Books has revived this long out-of-print pulp magazine, and this Omnibus features some of the best stories of the year! With Award-winning authors such as K.G. McAbee, Barry Reese, Wayne Skiver, and Don Lee, this is a great eBook for all fans of the weird and wonderful worlds beyond our imagination! (Published: 2008)

Words: 48813 - Reading Time: 139-195 min.
Category: Science Fiction/Fantasy
6 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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5 The Bleeding Hells [MultiFormat]
by Barry Reese
  THE BLEEDING HELLS by Barry Reese continues the amazing adventures of Max Davies aka The Rook, a hero in the grand pulp fiction tradition such as The Spider, The Shadow, and others who came to life in the early part of the 20th Century. This special stand-alone tale also features heroes and villains from two pulp magazines: Ascott Keane and Doctor Satan from "Weird Tales", and The Black Bat from "Black Book Detective". This is a two-fisted thrilling tale that will please all fans of Heroic Actio... more info>> (Published: 2008)

Words: 20276 - Reading Time: 57-81 min.
Category: Suspense/Thriller/Horror
8 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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6 The Rook: Volume One [MultiFormat]
by Barry Reese
  Only one man dares to stand against the Forces of Darkness... Max Davies aka THE ROOK is driven by visions of Death and Destruction as he travels the globe on one death-defying adventure after another! In the grand Pulp-era Tradition of The Shadow and The Spider, THE ROOK is the newest Hero in an a time where the world needs all the Heroes it can get... Features a Guest Appearance by THE MOON MAN! This amazing book collects 2 Novellas and 3 Brand-New Short Stories... (Published: 2008)

Words: 84780 - Reading Time: 242-339 min.
Category: Suspense/Thriller/Horror
9 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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7 The Rook: Volume Three [MultiFormat]
by Barry Reese
  A veil of darkness is descending on the world. Evil forces are rising across the globe. Supernatural madmen vie for control of vast mystical energies, their goal to enslave the world and bend reality to their will. The conflict between light and darkness is raging--with only a handful of brave adventurers risking their lives and very souls to stem the rising tide of evil! The Rook wages relentless war against diabolical foes to save the innocent from obliteration! Aided by his beautiful wife Eve... more info>>

Words: 94545 - Reading Time: 270-378 min.
Category: Horror/Suspense/Thriller
3 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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8 The Rook: Volume Two [MultiFormat]
by Barry Reese
  Max Davies returns as THE ROOK in this critically-acclaimed second collection of stories featuring this original pulp hero, created and written by Barry Reese. Thrills and Chills, Excitement and Adventure, plus a dash of Mystery and Horror, and you have a winning recipe for good old Classic Pulp Fiction in the tradition of The Shadow, Doc Savage, and many others! (Published: 2008)

Words: 78723 - Reading Time: 224-314 min.
Category: Horror/Suspense/Thriller
5 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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