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Carolyn McSparren

Bio: Carolyn McSparren is a respected writer and horsewoman. She lives in Memphis, Tennessee with her husband, two horses, four cats and an elderly dog.

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1 Bachelor Cop [Secure eReader]
by Carolyn McSparren
  There's a reason his cold case colleagues call him "Randy" Randy Railsback. And he's never been ashamed of his reputation with the ladies. But he is surprised by his intense reaction to Helena Norcross, one of his defense class students. He usually steers clear of women who aren't sending the get-to-know-you-better vibe. So what is it about Helena? The English professor is clearly bent on revenge against her perpetrator, but Randy's research leads him to believe the guy's crimes are escalatin... more info>>
Category: Romance
3 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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2 Fathers and Sons [Secure eReader]
by Carolyn McSparren
  Her client is her ex-husband's son.When Kate Mulholland divorced David Canfield twenty years ago for an act of betrayal that resulted in the birth of a baby boy, she never expected to see David or his son again. She certainly never expected David to keep track of her successful career as an Atlanta lawyer.But that's exactly what he did. And now he's asking for her help. His son, Jason, has been charged with the murder of his high-school sweetheart, and David needs the best lawyer he can find.Kat... more info>>
Category: Romance

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3 His Only Defense [Secure eReader]
by Carolyn McSparren
  He's no killer.... Or is he? According to Liz Gibson's cold case file, Jud Slaughter's wife disappeared seven years ago without a trace. Despite the lack of concrete evidence, everyone still thinks Jud is guiltier than sin. But Liz's detective instincts aren't so sure. Neither is her woman's intuition. Gentle and charming, Jud might be above Liz's suspicion, but as new, disturbing truths come to light, Liz must wade into a terrifying quagmire of family intrigue where love and death collide ... a... more info>>
Category: Romance

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4 Mr. Miracle [Secure eReader]
by Carolyn McSparren
  Victoria Jamerson's waiting for a miracle. Unfortunately, she doesn't BELIEVE in miracles. But she has to admit that Scotsman Jamey McLachlan's arrival at her Tennessee home couldn't have come at a better time. She needs all the help she can get to keep her riding school and boarding stables in operation. And Jamey certainly knows his way around horses. Fortunately-for Jamey, anyway-Vic doesn't suspect that his appearance at Valley Crest is anything more than a happy coincidence. Now he has to f... more info>>
Category: Romance

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5 Over His Head [Secure eReader]
by Carolyn McSparren
  This was supposed to be paradiseThat's why Tim Wainwright moved his three children to Williamston, Tennessee, population 123. It was to be a refuge from the tragedy that had fractured their lives, a place where Tim could forget his mistakes.That's what the place meant to Nancy Mayfield. The veterinary technician thought she had finally achieved balance and peace in her life, and had put her past behind her.Except no one and no place is perfect-not even Williamston. But maybe two imperfect people... more info>>
Category: Romance
1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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6 The Cart Before the Corpse [MultiFormat]
by Carolyn McSparren
  A jealous woman? A rival trainer? Or one of his deceptively downhome Mossy Creek neighbors? Someone took famed horseman Hiram Lackland for his last carriage ride, and now it's up to his daughter, Merry Abbott, to pin the tail on the right donkey, crime-wise. Hitch your imagination to Book One of THE MERRY ABBOT CARRIAGE-DRIVING SERIES, set in the world of competitive carriage driving--an elegant yet cut-throat realm in which gorgeously costumed drivers and their magnificently harnessed horses vi... more info>> (Published: 2009)

Words: 89203 - Reading Time: 254-356 min.
Category: Mystery/Crime/Suspense/Thriller

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7 The Heart Listens [Secure eReader]
by Carolyn McSparren
  Nobody ever ignores D. John McIntyre ThornIn the operating room he's king. His skill as a veterinary surgeon and his devotion to his four-legged patients are legendary. Unfortunately, his bedside manner with their owners needs a little work.When Kit Lockhart brings her corgi to the clinic for treatment, Mac is scathing in his criticism. Why had she waited so long to get the little dog treated? Only when Kit turns to face him and asks him to repeat his words does he realize she can't hear.For the... more info>>
Category: Romance

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8 The Only Child [Secure eReader]
by Carolyn McSparren
  Family Man"The Only Child is beautifully written, wonderfully rich, totally satisfying."Debra Dixon, award-winning authorA Child Is MissingLogan MacMillan hasn't seen his granddaughter, Dulcy, since the toddler was snatched by her fugitive mother three years ago. Logan never gave up hope of finding her until the moment his private investigator handed him a death certificate for a little girl named Dulcy MacMillan.A Child Is Found!Molly Halliday knows that the death certificate can't be Dulcy's. ... more info>>
Category: Romance

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