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L. M. Prieto

Bio: L.M. Prieto graduated from the Odyssey Fantasy Writer's Workshop in 2002. A long-time lover of horror, she spends most of her time writing. She currently lives in Sunnyvale, CA.

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1 After Dark [MultiFormat]
by L. M. Prieto
  Andrew Sutter buried a few secrets alongside his brother Tyler that day; the disappearance of his first love, the possibility that he almost lost his current lover, Devon Forsythe. Like his secrets, Tyler won't stay buried. After fighting off Tyler, Andrew inadvertently wakens his own magical abilities. Now able to see magic in the world around him, he discovers that his lover has a few secrets of his own. This was previously released but the story has been re-edited and expanded an additiona... more info>>

Words: 78691 - Reading Time: 224-314 min.
Category: Dark Fantasy/Gay Fiction

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2 Cooking with Ergot [MultiFormat]
by L. M. Prieto
  When kitchen witch Dominic Abernathy learned that a hunter would be on his cooking show, he decided to take a page out of his enemy's cookbook and hunt him. His plan: learn more about Carter Brooks. The result: protecting Carter against the man who'd followed and killed in his stead. Filled with a dark humor only a witch could love, Carter was nothing like Dominic had imagined. He also didn't believe in magic. Dominic must now balance his growing feelings for Carter as well as protect him fro... more info>>

Words: 29066 - Reading Time: 83-116 min.
Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
2 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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3 Dark Designs [MultiFormat]
by L. M. Prieto
  When an enigmatic tattooed woman approaches freelance journalist Kyler Withers, he begins remembering a past life as a mage. Once known as Etherwolf, he served a sentient evil known as the Darkness. Horrified, Kyler fights to keep his humanity. Against him are growing memories of the monster he previously was. Aiding him is the love he rediscovers he had for a powerful mage artist named Sorin. If Kyler cannot overcome his past, he's afraid he'll help the Darkness destroy everything, starting wi... more info>>

Words: 107590 - Reading Time: 307-430 min.
Category: Gay Fiction/Erotica
1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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4 Shadow Hunt [MultiFormat]
by L. M. Prieto, Jayson Taylor
  Eventually, the demon hunting Peregrine would succeed. Until then, he would fight. He would learn who summoned the dangerous and seductive creature, face his rival ... and unknowingly bewitch his hunter. [Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: male/male sexual practices.] (Published: 2007)

Words: 41456 - Reading Time: 118-165 min.
Category: Erotica
44 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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5 Written In Blood [MultiFormat]
by L. M. Prieto
  In Victorian London, people lament over dreadful news in the paper. Give them a scandal, though, and they want blood.An outspoken reporter, Collin Foster, is used to keeping his desires silent. When he encounters a handsome and mysterious man, he's tempted to step out of his carefully structured life. For one night, he will follow his passions.And one night is all the man needs to change Collin...forever...Genres: Gay / Dark Fantasy / Vampire / Historical / Suspense / Thriller (Published: 2009)

Words: 31133 - Reading Time: 88-124 min.
Category: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Dark Fantasy
16 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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