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D.L. Narrol

Bio: D.L. Narrol (Dianne) was born in Toronto, Canada. She grew up reading such classics as Joseph Conrad?s Heart of Darkness and Shogun by James Clavell. As an adult, she admired and loved The Wars by Timothy Finley, a renowned Canadian author who put a face to those who fought in World War One. More up to date, she has enjoyed Diana Gabaldon?s Outlander series. She has a B.A. and M.A. in Geography, and her writing displays this with vivid descriptions of cityscapes, terrain, and the cultural essence of people. She currently works as a secondary Geography teacher in an inner city Toronto school. Most of her clientele are from India. She spent four summers in Ireland, hiking the Wicklow Mountains south of Dublin. She researched the life of Irish fishermen of a hundred years ago when there was actually fish in the waters. She learned from the Irish that they are proud of their Great Irish Elk -- Megaloceros giganteus. It came to its demise from being sexually selected against where its antlers became a hindrance to its survival. When communism fell in the former Soviet Union, she spent some time teaching physicists English as a Second Language. Her experiences in Russia taught her a great deal about the life of a scholar under much political change. Her short story, Kate?s Choice about the Gangs of Ottawa in the mid nineteenth century will be released in the fall of 2009 with Giant Beaver Publications. Visit her website: www.dlnarrol.com, which displays an array of her artwork for Prehistoric Journey: The First Expeditions.

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1 Celtic Odyssey - This sequel to Prehistoric Journey: The First Expeditions [MultiFormat]
by D.L. Narrol
  This sequel to Prehistoric Journey: The First Expeditions picks up where the first expedition left off. Something tore apart the lifeboat of The Atlantic Mermaid and the crew panicked. Captain Colin Limmerick, a steam-punk version of Indiana Jones, knows that the creature that did this was from a prehistoric time. He is convinced that Dr. Sasha Dimitrikov's time-travel device widened the passage they journeyed through, allowing prehistoric mammals to slip into their time of 1910. Rosa, Limmerick... more info>> (Published: 2012)

Words: 76572 - Reading Time: 218-306 min.
Category: Fantasy/Science Fiction

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2 Prehistoric Journey--The First Expeditions [MultiFormat]
by D.L. Narrol
  While trying to play God ~ All else fails! Captain Limmerick lives a double life, from working class fisherman to prehistoric explorer. He stumbles onto Dr. Dimitrikov's faulty time-travel device and travels 10,000 years into the past to find how Megaloceros giganteus came to its demise. When the time travel expedition goes bust, he then time-travels again to try and fix the mess he made, but ends up 40,000 years into the past instead where he is faced with the unthinkable. Captain Limmerick pro... more info>> (Published: 2009)

Words: 104411 - Reading Time: 298-417 min.
Category: Science Fiction/Fantasy
6 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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3 When Beowulf Meets Kyla [MultiFormat]
by D.L. Narrol
  This is where Beauty and the Beast meets Cinderella. Beowulf is the handsome warrior of legend from sixth century Daneland. Kyla is a twenty-first-century university student studying the tale of Beowulf in London, England. In a classic case of "be careful what you wish for" Kyla opens her dormitory door to the Viking hero, who has been misplaced in her century by a quirky witch. The flames of passion begin from here, where the love between them is unstoppable. Beowulf immerses himself in the mo... more info>> (Published: 2011)

Words: 69709 - Reading Time: 199-278 min.
Category: Fantasy/Science Fiction

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