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Jessica McHugh

Bio: Jessica McHugh currently resides in Maryland with her husband, Dave, and splits her time between working in a molecular diagnostics firm, writing various lengths of fiction, and trying to redefine what the world considers ?normal.?

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1 A Touch of Scarlet [MultiFormat]
by Jessica McHugh
  A dark tale of ambitions forgotten and, regretfully, remembered. Scout never expected to wake up one day with a power that allowed her to jump into other worlds. She never expected God to tell her that she was special and destined for greatness. But most of all, she never expected to learn that her life as she knew it was fabricated to hide the dark secret of her true identity. Provocative and enthralling, A Touch of Scarlet invites you into a world beyond good and evil where the truth is merely... more info>> (Published: 2009)

Words: 27648 - Reading Time: 78-110 min.
Category: Fantasy/Horror
2 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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2 Maladrid - [Tales Of Dominhydor: Book One] [MultiFormat]
by Jessica McHugh
  He is dreaming tonight... Sometimes, the only way to escape a doomed existence is to dream yourself into a world where salvation is possible. It is such a dream that leads a commoner named Maladrid into the heart of Dominhydor: an uncommon world fraught with war, magick, and a destiny he never expected. "Maladrid" is the first book in "Tales of Dominhydor": an epic series certain to capivate hearts, minds, and inspire anyone who dares to dream. (Published: 2010)

Words: 65834 - Reading Time: 188-263 min.
Category: Fantasy/Dark Fantasy

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3 Palaplia - [The Tales Of Dominhydor: Book Three] [MultiFormat]
by Jessica McHugh
  More than a decade after the defeat of the ancient demon Forla, Dominhydor is at peace. With King Palaplia governing in the east and Queen Yven and Prince Telinhe in the west, Hohmara and Lyraera are united, renegades are coaxed into retirement, and war seems like a distant nightmare. But not everyone is content with peace, and a secret that has haunted Palaplia since childhood threatens to break free. In the third installment of the Tales of Dominhydor, an unlikely foe rises against the sover... more info>> (Published: 2011)

Words: 56440 - Reading Time: 161-225 min.
Category: Fantasy/Dark Fantasy

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4 Yven [Book Two In The Tales Of Dominhydor] [MultiFormat]
by Jessica McHugh
  The dream that brought Maladrid and Yven together also tore them apart, but their tale isn't nearly over. When Yven, Queen of the Hohmara, discovers the truth in the story Maladrid left behind, she sets out with her childhood friend, Dordin, to fight the darkness in Lochydor and accept the fact that the man she feels destined to love will never be hers. The second installment in the "Tales of Dominhydor" series reunites the fellowship formed in "Maladrid" and introduces a few new faces, includin... more info>> (Published: 2011)

Words: 68669 - Reading Time: 196-274 min.
Category: Fantasy/Dark Fantasy

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