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Peggy Gaddis

Bio: Erolie Pearl Gaddis was born in Gaddistown, Georgia on March 5, 1895. She married John Sherman Dern in 1931. She wrote as both Peggy Gaddis and Peggy Dern indiscriminately, sometimes swapping the bylines on different editions of the same book. Peggy was probably a family nickname dating from her childhood; since it is not a recognized nickname for either of her given names. I consider it a pseudonym, even though it was probably the name she was known by in everyday life. According to Contemporary Authors her early career revolved around the entertainment business. She claimed to have appeared on stage and in movies as an actress but I have not found any details of such work. She edited trade journals and fan magazines, presumably in the 1920's; at a later time she edited at least one romance pulp magazine. She is known to have written prolifically for the romance pulps but these magazines are poorly documented and the handful of stories currently known are a drop in the bucket. As a novelist her work was confined entirely to two closely related genres, virtually all of it written for lending library publishers. For thirty years she wrote traditional romances, almost entirely for one publisher, Arcadia House. For the last ten of those years she wrote principally nurse novels. She also wrote "love novels," a somewhat sleazier form of romance that was invented by the lending library publishers. In the 1930's she wrote them for William Godwin, Inc. and in the 1940's for Phoenix Press. By 1951 this genre had been abandoned by the hardcover publishers and found a new home in the proliferating digest-size paperbacks. These publishers faded away by 1955, those that survived shifting to soft core porn. Most of the older authors, like Peggy Gaddis, chose not to follow this direction and fell back on writing traditional romances. In the early 1960's Arcadia House found that there was a mass-market audience for their romances, especially the nurse novels. A flood of Gaddis's novels were reprinted, some of them several times, under a bewildering array of titles and bylines. Peggy Gaddis passed away on June 14, 1966.

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1 Backwoods Girl [MultiFormat]
by Peggy Gaddis
  Innocent as she was, Cindy knew men .... Just a country girl, lovely and wild as the hills she was born and raised in, that was Cindy. But Enoch, the boy who loved her with the pure, fierce love of a rushing mountain stream. Lorna, the woman who hated her as only one woman can hate another, when one has purity and beauty, and the other has lost both. And Jim, the man who found her when he thought there was nothing left in the world worth finding .... These three did not understand Cindy. Not un... more info>> (Published: 2011)

Words: 50982 - Reading Time: 145-203 min.
Category: Romance

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2 Woman of Fire [MultiFormat]
by Peggy Gaddis
  It was after ten when she and Clem left the party ... He said, a trifle thickly, "Where to? I haven't any idea where you live. " Viola slid close to him and lifted her face until her lips were against his ear. She spoke straight from her wildly beating heart, "Take me home with you. Please--please take me home with you". His arms encircled her ... "Sure, why not? Why the devil not? " He leaned forward, gave the taxi-driver his address and turned to pull Viola's trembling body hard against him. H... more info>>

Words: 47775 - Reading Time: 136-191 min.
Category: Romance

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3 Young Nurse [MultiFormat]
by Peggy Gaddis
  A Vintage Romance from Peggy Gaddis, the queen of the Nurse novel. A young girl in doctor's office soon learns the naked truth men, women ? and passion! "We can't go on like this ... wanting each other so damnably..." His arms enfolded her as she burst into tears. His face was gray and haggard. "Christie, listen to me. Don't you see we can't go on like this, being together, wanting each other so damnably, without taking each other? There's not much future in that. " "It's the only future I w... more info>>

Words: 49352 - Reading Time: 141-197 min.
Category: Romance/Mystery/Crime

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