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Rex Miller

Bio: Rex Miller has had many different jobs and several obsessions. He has been a radio broadcaster, done voiceovers and announcing for nation-wide radio and television programs. Mr. Miller's obsessions have also proved fruitful, and he is considered one of America's most knowledgeable authorities on popular culture memorabilia and the culture of nostalgia in general. His many novels include Stone Shadow and Slob and other novels in the Jack Eichord Saga, pitting a police detective against one of the sickest killers in all popular literature.

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1 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration [Secure eReader]
by Rex Miller
  BE AN AC AND REFRIGERATION ACE-NO MATTER WHAT YOUR PRESENT LEVEL OF SKILL! Air Conditioning and Refrigeration helps you understand today's cooling and climate control systems-so expertly that you can use it as the foundation for a career! Clear instructions-with over 800 photographs and illustrations-offer step-by-step guidance to learning the trade for students, professionals, and homeowners who want to do their own installations or repairs. LEARN WITH THE PROS Written by experienced teachers ... more info>>
Category: General Nonfiction

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2 Butcher [MultiFormat]
by Rex Miller
  Once again, Daniel "Chaingang" Bunkowski is on the loose. After a seemingly endless term is prison, he is hungrier then ever to get his teeth into some bloody violence. The opportunities for mayhem were pretty limited in the maximum-security prison where he was held for so long. Now that he's out, his keeper, Dr. Norman, is anxious to put him to work. He has given Chaingang an important task: hunt down and destroy the one man who is more savage than himself. Doc Royal has been living quietly in ... more info>> (Published: 1994)

Words: 89316 - Reading Time: 255-357 min.
Category: Horror
26 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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3 Chaingang [MultiFormat]
by Rex Miller
  The man is a hulk of angry, flabby, flesh, housing a genius intelligence that is ever inventing new and twisted ways to inflict pain on others. Torturing and killing innumerable victims with impunity, he still wasn't clever enough to keep himself out of prison forever. They drugged him, beat and muzzled him, then restrained him within the tight walls of a maximum-security solitary confinement cell. All that meant for Bunkowski is time to seethe in his own vile juices, planning revenge, until the... more info>> (Published: 1992)

Words: 87255 - Reading Time: 249-349 min.
Category: Horror/Mystery/Crime
34 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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4 Frenzy [MultiFormat]
by Rex Miller
  If killing could be a profession, Frank Spain would be a master. He knows how to deal out death better than any specialist in the business, but when his daughter Tiff becomes a sex object in a nasty porno flick game, Frank is out to seek revenge like never before. Homicide Detective Jack Eichord has never been dealt such a grisly case, but as he traces evidence cross-country in pursuit of the killer, he learns how pleasurable murder has become for Frank Spain and how horrid it's becoming for his... more info>> (Published: 1988)

Words: 92131 - Reading Time: 263-368 min.
Category: Horror
22 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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5 Iceman [MultiFormat]
by Rex Miller
  In a steamy city, murder has never before been so icy. And as the toll of unsuspecting victims continues to climb, the search is on for the cold-blooded killer. Jack Eichord, serial-murder detective, is out to melt the man with the murder machine, but Jack's following an elusive trail of victims assaulted in the most horrific way ... and time's running out for him.... (Published: 1990)

Words: 70419 - Reading Time: 201-281 min.
Category: Horror
9 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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6 McGraw-Hill's HVAC Licensing Study Guide [Secure eReader]
by Rex Miller
  Get All the Practice Questions and Answers, Calculations, and Troubleshooting Tips You Need to Ace the major HVAC Licensing Exams! HVAC technicians and students alike can turn to the HVAC Licensing Study Guide for everything they need to prepare for and pass the major HVAC licensing exams on the very first try! Designed to boost confidence, skills, and knowledge, this unique career-building resource contains over 800 practice questions and answers, essential calculations, and step-by-step troub... more info>> (Published: 2007)
Category: Technology/Science/General Nonfiction

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7 Profane Men [MultiFormat]
by Rex Miller
  Profane Men brings the dark, creative, visionary energy of Slob, Chaingang and other works by Rex Miller to a story set in Vietnam during the late 1960's. There have been many tales written about that troubled and troubling era and Miller's popular fiction work is clearly informed by personal experience relating to the war. In fact, this novel is filled with apparently autobiographical touches (the central narrator character has a developing career in broadcast radio, among other things.) A root... more info>> (Published: 1989)

Words: 71706 - Reading Time: 204-286 min.
Category: Historical Fiction

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8 Savant [MultiFormat]
by Rex Miller
  Daniel "Chaingang" Bunkowski is five hundred pounds of bone-crushing malice. He walks upright like a man, but that's about his only similarity to a human. He has the brilliant, twisted mind of a genius and the reflexes of a predatory animal with an unquenchable thirst for savagery. The story that began with SLOB continues in this horrific novel, as Bunkowski goes in search of his maker. His insatiable appetite for death leads him back to his roots in Kansas City, Missouri where he searches for a... more info>> (Published: 2004)

Words: 82276 - Reading Time: 235-329 min.
Category: Horror
5 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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9 Slice [MultiFormat]
by Rex Miller
  Everyone thought the killing spree was over; were they wrong! Jack Eichord, a less-than-fearless murder detective, must now come against the most deadly serial killer of his lifetime. How can this detective with fear in his soul free the city from the fear that grips each citizen? He must go beyond the law to stop this heinous criminal and all while he has a bull's-eye right on his heart. (Published: 1990)

Words: 96545 - Reading Time: 275-386 min.
Category: Horror
9 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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10 Slob [MultiFormat]
by Rex Miller
  Stephen King hails Rex Miller as "terrifying and original." Slob is his debut novel, the story of a man who thinks of himself as Death. A man who likes to feast on human hearts, spilling blood wherever he goes. Jack Eichord is the detective who must hunt this human monster and genius killer. Years of working as a homicide detective for the Chicago Police department has hardened Eichord to things that would make most men turn and flee. But even he is not prepared for the labyrinthine search under... more info>> (Published: 1987)

Words: 70576 - Reading Time: 201-282 min.
Category: Horror/Mystery/Crime
72 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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11 Stone Shadow [MultiFormat]
by Rex Miller
  Stone Shadow draws you inevitably against your will into the mind of serial killer Daniel Bunkowski, also known as "Chaingang," a brutal rapist and torturer of women. A captive victim fortunate enough to escape his deadly clutches brings his twisted games to the attention of detective Jack Eichord. Now Eichord must solve a case that forces him to confront the hellish nightmare psyche of a serial killer while struggling with his own, all-too-fallible nature. (Published: 1989)

Words: 72021 - Reading Time: 205-288 min.
Category: Horror
25 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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