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Tia Fielding

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1 Tiglon by the Tail [MultiFormat]
by Tia Fielding
  Finnshifters: Book Two Before coming to the Jarvela Farm, a sanctuary located in Finland, jaguar shifter Noah Moore did something that terrified him: he fell in love. But he was brave and took the chance? and ended up fleeing the States to nurse a broken heart. Though he's happy enough living among others of his kind, being surrounded primarily by happy couples reminds him of what he's missing. When Dallas, the biracial tiglon shifter responsible for Noah's heartache, turns up at the farm, Noa... more info>> (Published: 2012)

Words: 35697 - Reading Time: 101-142 min.
Category: Gay Fiction/Romance
2 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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2 Chuffed [MultiFormat]
by Tia Fielding
  Finnshifters: Book One Mikael Jarvela may only be a half shifter, but that doesn't mean he can't be alpha of the eastern Finland farm-turned-sanctuary his father founded. Six wolves, a red fox, a black jaguar, and a lynx all think of him as the head of the family. But Mikael doesn't have anyone to call his own until he comes across an injured Siberian tiger in the woods. From the moment the animal recovers and Mikael and Maxim meet face to human face, the attraction between them is undeniabl... more info>> (Published: 2012)

Words: 32187 - Reading Time: 91-128 min.
Category: Gay Fiction/Romance
8 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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3 By Any Other Name [MultiFormat]
by Tia Fielding
  Dru and Thom have been together for three years, and despite Thom's occasional bouts of insecurity and Dru's fear of rejection, their relationship is rock solid. Then Dru's long-lost friend, Skye, suddenly reappears, shocking them both. Skye suffered years of inconceivable abuse before escaping it, and while he's back on track, he has nowhere else to go as he begins to rebuild his life. Dru, Thom, and Skye each want to belong somewhere, to belong with someone--or someones--with no fear of bein... more info>> (Published: 2011)

Words: 62080 - Reading Time: 177-248 min.
Category: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Romance
14 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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4 Auld Lang Syne [MultiFormat]
by Tia Fielding
  After leaving trouble behind, Jackson Way has found a home on the Triple-R, but he hasn't found that one perfect horse--and men are pretty thin on the ground as well. Jack's got a once-a-year hookup with a carnival worker, but it's been quite some time since the carnival's been by. When the ranch owner's nephew comes to the Triple-R to work, Jackson has to admit, Blair McRae can tempt a man. But Jackson's not the only one with a past to make a man skittish, and Blair's not willing to risk hi... more info>> (Published: 2011)

Words: 17211 - Reading Time: 49-68 min.
Category: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Romance
8 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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5 Something New [MultiFormat]
by Tia Fielding
  For thirty-five-year-old writer Frank Hudson and his partner of fourteen years, the spark is dead, and it's time to move on. Frank sets his sights on a sleepy town in Vermont, where he plans to start over in peace and quiet--plans that are destroyed when fireman Conner O'Malley literally blazes onto the scene. To Frank, the tattooed, redheaded twenty-three-year-old and his bright smile are a flash of light in an otherwise dreary life. But it's a tricky situation right from the beginning. Frank'... more info>> (Published: 2012)

Words: 31723 - Reading Time: 90-126 min.
Category: Gay Fiction/Romance
7 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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6 Technically Dead [MultiFormat]
by Tia Fielding
  When Brandon Roland's parents kicked him out for being gay, he turned to prostitution to get by--something that almost cost him his life when he was attacked by strangers. Bran was saved by a vampire named Heath, and during their year together, Bran's life was good--but then Heath sent him packing for reasons unknown. That was twelve years ago, and Bran's come a long way since then. He has an education, a job as a social worker at a vampire/human youth shelter, friends, and a tattoo he adds to ... more info>> (Published: 2012)

Words: 62970 - Reading Time: 179-251 min.
Category: Gay Fiction/Romance
5 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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7 Thank My Lucky Scars [MultiFormat]
by Tia Fielding
  When London bicycle messenger Matt Rooney has a run-in with a rich guy's Mercedes, he ends up housebound with his leg in a cast. Bored, Matt uses his suddenly limitless free time to web-stalk American porn star Brian Enola. What he doesn't expect is for his witty Tweets to develop into an actual correspondence. A UK promotion brings Brian to London, where the online chemistry explodes into real-life attraction--but a potential romance is foiled by the forces of distance, misunderstanding, and ... more info>> (Published: 2012)

Words: 23211 - Reading Time: 66-92 min.
Category: Gay Fiction/Romance
6 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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