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Lois Menzel

Bio: I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. Reading was my first love. When I was thirteen, my older sister gave me a copy of Pride and Prejudice. Some years later she lent me her copy of Heyer's The Unknown Ajax, and I was hooked on Heyer. After college, my husband and I moved to rural Minnesota, south of the Twin Cities, where we bred registered Appaloosa horses for 25 years. After I had read all of Austen and Heyer, I started collecting and reading books on the Regency, primary sources, whenever possible. I sold my first Regency to Fawcett in 1985. In addition to the Regency novels I published with Fawcett, I have been involved in a broad range of writing and editing projects for educational media (ESL, EFL and TOEFL). I wrote video scripts for the Interchange series published by Cambridge University Press. I have also worked as a freelance editor. I spend much of my free time reading, and I am fascinated by all periods of English history. My husband and I live in a 110-year-old Victorian farm house that we have completely renovated ourselves. We have two cats and a large garden. A few Appaloosas still keep the pasture trimmed. We have a lovely daughter, a splendid son-in-law, and two exceptional grandchildren. I welcome questions and comments from readers and can be contacted at: ljfm@means.net

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1 A Reckless Wager [MultiFormat]
by Lois Menzel
  Lord Stanton does not believe that marriage would suit him--so he has avoided it. But when he wagers with his friend--and loses--he must make an offer for Charlotte Sherwood, a young woman his godmother favors. To honor his debt he sets off to ask for the young lady's hand. But who knows? His luck may yet be in--the lady may refuse him! Regency Romance by Lois Menzel; originally published by Fawcett (Published: 1987)

Words: 88763 - Reading Time: 253-355 min.
Category: Romance/Historical Fiction
6 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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2 At Daggers Drawn [MultiFormat]
by Lois Menzel
  Papa's death had left Caroline Hargrave and her family nearly penniless. To make matters worse, their new trustee, Lord Brooke, made his imperious entrance, issued orders and expected them all to jump! Caroline would not let such overbearing arrogance go unchallenged, for she was as proud as a lioness and equally as fierce--qualities that Brooke found more and more unsettling. Regency Romance by Lois Menzel; originally published by Fawcett (Published: 1989)

Words: 60424 - Reading Time: 172-241 min.
Category: Romance/Historical Fiction
3 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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3 Ruled by Passion [MultiFormat]
by Lois Menzel
  Left alone after her father's death, Anne Waverly has come to London and secured a position as governess to Lord Tenbury's niece. Her employer is all that is kind, the child is a delight, and she is content. But Lord Tenbury is keeping a secret from her, a secret that will change her life in a most astonishing and disconcerting way. Regency Romance by Lois Menzel; originally published by Fawcett Crest (Published: 1991)

Words: 67270 - Reading Time: 192-269 min.
Category: Romance/Historical Fiction
3 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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