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Elizabeth August

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1 Logan's Bride [Secure eReader]
by Elizabeth August
  A WOMAN WITH A PASTKatrina Polinari couldn't seem to escape her family ties. Though she'd made good as a police officer, to many people she was still linked with the sins of her father.A MAN WITH A FUTUREBoyd Logan was hot on the trail of an organized crime figure, and he believed Katrina held the key to tracking him down.A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN?Fate threw them together as make-believe lovers. Would passion unite them for real-and for good?
Category: Romance

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2 Marrying O'Malley [Secure eReader]
by Elizabeth August
  THE MARRIAGE DOWRYWhen Wolf O'Malley returned to town after a mysterious six-year absence, he was irresistibly drawn to his childhood sparring partner, Sarita Lopez. He felt especially protective of the enticing innocent when he discovered that her unscrupulous suitor was only after Sarita's dowry-her grandfather's land. Exactly what Wolf coveted himself. But Wolf wasn't about to wed Sarita to get into matter how desperately he wanted her, too.Until Wolf's competition popped the questionNow, for... more info>>
Category: Romance

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3 Paternal Instincts [Secure eReader]
by Elizabeth August
  MEN!MARRY MEFor romance-weary Roxanne Dugan, another loveless marriage seemed out of the question. But desperate to win custody of a special little boy, she proposed a marriage in name only to a virtual stranger with surprisingly paternal instincts.FOREVER.Former secret agent Eric Bishop was a marriage-shy military man, but he'd agreed to walk down the aisle. And though both had agreed there would be no passion, there seemed no stopping the natural instincts between husband and wife.MEN! A good ... more info>>
Category: Romance

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4 The Determined Virgin [Secure eReader]
by Elizabeth August
  FROM VIRGIN BRIDE TO VIRGIN WIFE?Newlyweds Garth and Hesper Lawton had agreed not to consummate their marriage of convenience. But as the groom fought his feelings and desire for his sweet, innocent bride, he grumpily realized she intended to remain a virgin wife forever!With her wedding ring gleaming on her finger, and her love for her husband gleaming in her eyes, Hesper wished she was more than a wife in name only. But how could she tell Garth what could happen if he introduced her to passion... more info>>
Category: Romance

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5 The Husband [Secure eReader]
by Elizabeth August
  WHO WAS JOE WHITEDEER?A commanding military man? A dark, compelling secret agent? Or...someone else altogether? For five years, his young widow, Beatrice Gerard, remained prisoner to unanswered questions...and longings. But all she knew was that her passionate husband had perished in a blaze as mysterious as his identity.Or had he? For whispers reached Beatrice that Joe had merely staged his death-to save her life. And she'd have to brave the deepest peril to untangle the tormenting bonds that w... more info>>
Category: Romance

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6 Truly, Madly, Deeply [Secure eReader]
by Elizabeth August
  A WILLING WIFE?Sweet-natured Minerva Brodwick knew that Judd Graham would stop at nothing to protect his beloved little brood, but never had she imagined the protective father would go so far as to propose a marriage of convenience! Falling for his adorable little angels came naturally to the nanny-turned-newlywed. Unfortunately, so did falling for their irresistible father.When Judd popped the question, he assumed he was immune to his blushing bride's charm. After all, he had vowed never to giv... more info>>
Category: Romance

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