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Author List - Check back often, new authors are added on a regular basis.

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  • Styles P (Mainstream)
  • James P. Moore, (History)
  • David Pabian (Technology/Science)
  • Brenda Pace (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Miriam Pace (Romance)
  • Richard Pace (Self Improvement)
  • Christine Pacheco (Romance)
  • Pier Giorgio Pacifici (Fantasy)
  • Jeremy Pack (Gay Fiction)
  • Andrew Packard (Health/Fitness)
  • Frank L. Packard (Mystery/Crime, Suspense/Thriller, Classic Literature)
  • Ann Packer (Mainstream)
  • J. I. Packer (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Vin Packer (Mystery/Crime, Romance, Gay Fiction)
  • Richard Raoul Packwood (Erotica)
  • Victoria Pade (Romance)
  • Maria Padian (Young Adult)
  • Surata Padme (Erotica)
  • Ladyclare Padua (Fantasy)
  • Anthony Pagden (History)
  • Bruce Page (True Crime)
  • Carole Gift Page (Romance)
  • George Page (Technology/Science)
  • Jake Page (General Nonfiction)
  • Jean Reynolds Page (Mainstream, Classic Literature)
  • Rick Page (General Nonfiction)
  • Sharon Page (Romance, Erotica)
  • Tim Page (Health/Fitness)
  • Trevor Paglen (History)
  • Kevin R. Paglia (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Antonio Pagliarulo (Children's Fiction, Young Adult)
  • Ed Pahnke (Mystery/Crime)
  • Alisha Paige (Romance, Erotica)
  • Alison Paige (Erotica)
  • Catherine Paige (Romance, Erotica)
  • Christa Paige (Erotica)
  • Jacqueline Paige (Dark Fantasy, Romance, Erotica)
  • Laurie Paige (Romance)
  • Maryann Paige (Horror, Suspense/Thriller)
  • Harry W. Paige, Ph.D. (General Nonfiction)
  • Rhiannon Paille (Fantasy)
  • J.G. Paine (Romance)
  • Mary Paine (Romance)
  • Mike Paine (History)
  • Thomas Paine (Classic Literature, Politics/Government, History)
  • Charlotte Painter (Mainstream, General Nonfiction)
  • Julie Eberhart Painter (Mystery/Crime, Mainstream, Suspense/Thriller, Self Improvement)
  • Kristen Painter (Romance)
  • Chuck Palahniuk (Horror, Mainstream, Travel, Suspense/Thriller)
  • Sam Palatnik (General Nonfiction)
  • Luis Palau (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Evelyn Palfrey (Romance)
  • Lucy Jo Palladino, Ph.D. (Education)
  • Arnold Palmer (People)
  • Belinda Palmer (Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mainstream, Romance)
  • Catherine Palmer (Mainstream, Romance, Historical Fiction)
  • Dave R. Palmer (History)
  • Diana Palmer (Science Fiction, Mainstream, Romance, Historical Fiction)
  • Elizabeth Palmer (Romance)
  • Jessica Palmer (Fantasy, Young Adult)
  • Joyce Palmer (Romance, Erotica)
  • Kimberly Palmer (Self Improvement)
  • Laura Palmer (People, History)
  • Linda Palmer (Mystery/Crime, Romance, Young Adult)
  • Michael Palmer (Mainstream, Suspense/Thriller)
  • Nikki Palmer (Erotica)
  • Pamela Palmer (Romance)
  • Raymond A. Palmer (Science Fiction)
  • Stephanie Palmer (Business)
  • Stuart Palmer (Mystery/Crime)
  • Wendy Palmer (Fantasy, Sports/Entertainment)
  • Susan Palmquist (Fantasy, Mystery/Crime, Romance)
  • Orhan Pamuk (Mainstream, People, Historical Fiction)
  • Peter S. Pande (Business)
  • Mukul Pandya (Business, Personal Finance)
  • Edgar Pangborn (Science Fiction)
  • Deborah J. Panger (Erotica)
  • Alexei Panshin (Science Fiction, Fantasy)
  • Elizabeth Pantley (Self Improvement, Family/Relationships)
  • Lance Panzer (Erotica)
  • Christopher Paolini (Fantasy, Young Adult)
  • Ariella Papa (Romance)
  • Lisa Papademetriou (Children's Fiction, Young Adult)
  • Robert Pape (Politics/Government)
  • Carol Papenhausen (Mystery/Crime)
  • Lewis J. Paper (People)
  • Janice Papolos (Health/Fitness)
  • Marilyn Pappano (Romance)
  • Kevin Pappas (People)
  • Adrian A. Paradis (Business)
  • Jean Paradis (Erotica)
  • Vicki Paradise (Erotica)
  • Swami Paramananda (Spiritual/Religion)
  • P.K. Paranya (Mystery/Crime, Suspense/Thriller)
  • Pinkie Paranya (Romance)
  • Jason Parent (Suspense/Thriller)
  • Joseph Parent (Sports/Entertainment)
  • Sara Paretsky (Mystery/Crime, Mainstream, Suspense/Thriller)
  • Parhelion (Erotica)
  • Lucien Parhelion (Erotica)
  • Jay Parini (Mainstream, People, Historical Fiction, Classic Literature, Politics/Government)
  • Jennifer Paris (Erotica)
  • Linda J. Parisi (Romance)
  • Barbara Park (Children's Fiction, Young Adult)
  • Cassandra Park (Erotica)
  • Darin Park (Self Improvement)
  • Ed Park (Mainstream)
  • Paul Park (Science Fiction)
  • Virginia Parker Guidry (Reference)
  • Allen Parker (Humor)
  • Barbara Parker (Mystery/Crime)
  • Charlotte Parker (Romance)
  • D. H. Parker (Mainstream, Romance, Young Adult)
  • D.G. Parker (Erotica, Gay Fiction)
  • David J. Parker (Technology/Science)
  • Donna H. Parker (Mystery/Crime)
  • Elle Parker (Romance, Erotica)
  • Garda Parker (Romance)
  • Heather Parker (Fantasy, Mystery/Crime)
  • Judith R. Parker (Mystery/Crime, Romance, Suspense/Thriller, Historical Fiction)
  • Julie Parker (Romance)
  • Kathleen Parker (Family/Relationships)
  • Matthew Parker (History)
  • P. L. Parker (Romance)
  • Percy Spurlark Parker (Mystery/Crime)
  • Robert B. Parker (Mystery/Crime, Mainstream, Suspense/Thriller, Historical Fiction, Young Adult)
  • Sloan Parker (Erotica, Gay Fiction)
  • Tiffany Parker (Romance, Erotica)
  • Clara Parkes (General Nonfiction)
  • Carolyn Parkhurst (Mainstream)
  • Judy Parkinson (History)
  • Patricia Parkinson (Romance)
  • Francis Parkman (General Nonfiction, Classic Literature, History)
  • Cherokee Parks (Historical Fiction)
  • Lewis Parks (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Lydia Parks (Dark Fantasy, Romance, Erotica)
  • Neal Parks (Mainstream)
  • Richard Parks (Fantasy)
  • Sheri Parks (People)
  • Suzan Lori Parks (Mainstream)
  • Carl Parlagreco (Science Fiction)
  • David Parmerlee (Business)
  • Debra Parmley (Romance)
  • Crystal Parney (Science Fiction)
  • Delia Parr (Mainstream, Romance)
  • Larry Parr (Young Adult)
  • Rajat Parr (General Nonfiction)
  • Nancy J. Parra (Romance)
  • Nando Parrado (People)
  • S.j. Parris (Suspense/Thriller)
  • Janice Ward Parrish (Mainstream)
  • Marilyn Parrish (Romance)
  • R.M. Parrish (Romance, Young Adult)
  • Rhonda Parrish (Fantasy)
  • Scarlett Parrish (Erotica)
  • Les Parrott III (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Cathryn Parry (Romance)
  • Richard Parry (History)
  • Rosanne Parry (Children's Fiction)
  • Alexander Parsons (Mainstream)
  • Carl Parsons (Young Adult)
  • Carol Parsons (Young Adult)
  • Peggy Parsons (Romance)
  • Peggy P. Parsons (Romance)
  • Thornton Parsons (Mainstream)
  • Donna Partow (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Valerie Parv (Romance)
  • Edith Parzefall (Science Fiction)
  • Benjamin Parzybok (Fantasy)
  • Cybele Pascal (Reference)
  • Richard Pascale (Business)
  • Irene Pascoe (Romance)
  • Adam Pash (Technology/Science)
  • Stephen Paske
  • John Dos Passos (Classic Literature)
  • Harley Pasternak M.Sc. (Health/Fitness)
  • Boris Pasternak (Mainstream)
  • Leo Father Patalinghug (General Nonfiction)
  • Maharishi Patanjali (Health/Fitness)
  • Anthony T. Pate (Horror)
  • Anil M. Patel (Reference, Health/Fitness)
  • Eboo Patel (People)
  • Keyur Patel (Business)
  • Raj Patel (Politics/Government)
  • Simit Patel (Business)
  • Yashesh Patel (Education)
  • Mallory Path (Erotica)
  • Ernesto Patino (Mystery/Crime)
  • Pradyot Patnaik (Reference)
  • David Patneaude (Young Adult)
  • Ann Patrick (Romance)
  • Anne Patrick (Romance)
  • Denise Patrick (Mainstream, Romance)
  • Lynn Patrick (Romance)
  • Marie Patrick (Romance)
  • Mark Patrick (Fantasy, Dark Fantasy)
  • Maxine Patrick (Romance)
  • Natalie Patrick (Romance)
  • Daniel Patte (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Dorothy Kelly Patterson (Spiritual/Religion)
  • James Patterson (Mystery/Crime, Mainstream, Romance, People, Suspense/Thriller, Children's Fiction, Historical Fiction, Young Adult, History)
  • Kerry Patterson (Business)
  • Kevin Patterson (Mainstream, Travel)
  • Richard North Patterson (Mystery/Crime, Mainstream, Suspense/Thriller)
  • Robert Patterson (Politics/Government)
  • Scott Patterson (Business)
  • Thomas E. Patterson (Politics/Government)
  • Valerie J. Patterson (Humor, Mystery/Crime, Romance, Suspense/Thriller)
  • Beth Pattillo (Mystery/Crime, Mainstream)
  • S. William Pattis (Business)
  • Eliot Pattison (Mystery/Crime)
  • D.V. Patton (Erotica)
  • Leonardo Patton (Sports/Entertainment)
  • Richard Patton (Historical Fiction)
  • Robert H. Patton (Mainstream, History)
  • H.B. Pattskyn (Erotica)
  • Mirella Patzer (Historical Fiction)
  • Bette Paul (Young Adult)
  • Donita K. Paul (Fantasy, Spiritual/Religion)
  • Emma Paul (Erotica)
  • Graham Sharp Paul (Science Fiction)
  • Greg Paul (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Harry Paul (Business, Self Improvement)
  • Kathleen Paul (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Master Paul (Erotica)
  • Mira Paul (Erotica)
  • Regina Paul (Romance, Erotica)
  • Sandra Paul (Romance)
  • Stephen Paul (Historical Fiction)
  • Susan Paul (Romance)
  • Warren Paul (General Nonfiction, Education)
  • Jane Pauley (General Nonfiction)
  • Kimberly Pauley (Young Adult)
  • Frances Pauli (Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Erotica)
  • Brynn Paulin (Erotica, Paranormal Erotica)
  • Joel Paulino (Health/Fitness)
  • John Paulits (Science Fiction, Humor, Mystery/Crime, Children's Fiction, Young Adult)
  • Jennifer Paull (Travel)
  • Gary Paulsen (Mainstream, Children's Fiction, Young Adult)
  • Heather Arnel Paulsen (Spiritual/Religion)
  • B.R. Paulson (Romance)
  • Daryl S. Paulson (Business)
  • Michael Paulson (Mystery/Crime)
  • Suzanne Pavlos (Education)
  • Rebecca Pawel (Mystery/Crime)
  • Tom Pawlik (Suspense/Thriller)
  • Dana William Paxson (Science Fiction)
  • Diana L. Paxson (Science Fiction, Fantasy)
  • Kanoa Paxton (Erotica)
  • Angel Payne (Erotica)
  • C.D. Payne (Mainstream)
  • Elizabeth K. Payne (Erotica)
  • Emily Payne (Romance)
  • Jodi Payne (Erotica)
  • Larry Payne (Health/Fitness)
  • Lillith Payne (Romance, Erotica)
  • Maria-Claire Payne (Erotica)
  • Michael H. Payne (Science Fiction, Fantasy)
  • Paul L. Payne (Science Fiction)
  • Walter Payton (People)
  • William Payton (Suspense/Thriller)
  • David Peace (Mystery/Crime, Suspense/Thriller)
  • David Neil Peace (Mystery/Crime)
  • Justin Peacock (Suspense/Thriller)
  • Roxe Anne Peacock (Mystery/Crime)
  • Lilian Peake (Romance)
  • Marilyn Peake (Suspense/Thriller, Sports/Entertainment, Self Improvement, Young Adult)
  • Cynthia Peale (Mystery/Crime)
  • Antonia Pearce (Erotica)
  • Fred Pearce (General Nonfiction, Technology/Science)
  • Jeff Pearce (Erotica)
  • Lee Pearce (Erotica)
  • Margaret Pearce (Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Children's Fiction, Young Adult)
  • Michael Pearce (Mystery/Crime)
  • Nancy Pearcey (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Stephen B. Pearl (Dark Fantasy, Erotica)
  • Matthew Pearl (Mainstream, Travel, Historical Fiction)
  • Paul P. Pearsall (Health/Fitness)
  • Shelley Pearsall (Children's Fiction, Young Adult)
  • Allison Pearson (Mainstream)
  • Angela Pearson (Erotica)
  • Barbara Zurer Pearson (Family/Relationships)
  • Chris Pearson (Fantasy)
  • T. R. Pearson (Mainstream, General Nonfiction, History)
  • Laurance Pearsongreer (Science Fiction, Horror)
  • Jane Peart (Romance)
  • Allan Pease (Family/Relationships)
  • Barbara Pease (Self Improvement, Family/Relationships)
  • M. Scott Peck (Mainstream, Spiritual/Religion, Self Improvement)
  • Robert Newton Peck (People, Children's Fiction, Young Adult)
  • Gloria Pedersen (Romance)
  • K. J. Pedersen (Gay Fiction)
  • Laura Pedersen (Mainstream)
  • American Academy Of Pediatrics (Health/Fitness, Family/Relationships)
  • JD Stanton Peele (Health/Fitness)
  • Martin Pegler (History)
  • Hayford Peirce (Science Fiction, Mystery/Crime)
  • Jose Luis Peixoto (Mainstream)
  • John Pelan (Horror)
  • Jennifer Pelland (Science Fiction)
  • Bertrand Pellegrin (Business)
  • Patricia Pellicane (Romance, Erotica)
  • Nancy Pelosi (Self Improvement)
  • Melissa Jo Peltier (Romance, Self Improvement)
  • Robert Young Pelton (People, Politics/Government, History)
  • Gwen Pemberton (Romance)
  • Sophie Pembroke (Reference)
  • Dark Pen (Erotica)
  • Rodolfo Pena (Mystery/Crime)
  • Dale Pendell (Science Fiction)
  • Casey Pendelton (Erotica)
  • Laura Pender (Romance)
  • Mackey Pendergrast (Education)
  • George Pendle (Humor, People)
  • Don Pendleton's (Romance)
  • Don Pendleton (Mystery/Crime, Romance, Suspense/Thriller)
  • J.d. Pendry (History)
  • Jon Peniel (Fantasy, General Nonfiction, Self Improvement)
  • Andi Penn (Erotica)
  • Ash Penn (Erotica, Gay Fiction)
  • Jenny Penn (Erotica)
  • Roy W. Penn (Science Fiction)
  • Paula Penn-Nabrit (Education)
  • Lucille Rech Penner (Young Adult)
  • Lucille Recht Penner (Children's Fiction, Young Adult)
  • Alexandra Penney (Self Improvement)
  • Barry Penney (Travel)
  • Julia Penney (Romance)
  • Zara Penney (Romance)
  • Basil Pennington (Spiritual/Religion)
  • E. Anne Pennington (Young Adult)
  • Laura Penny (Politics/Government)
  • Jessica Penot (Horror, Fantasy)
  • Meira Pentermann (Suspense/Thriller)
  • Otto Penzler (Mystery/Crime, Mainstream, Suspense/Thriller, Sports/Entertainment, True Crime)
  • John Pepper (Business)
  • David R. Pepper, M.D. (Mainstream)
  • Sarah Pepper (Romance)
  • Don Peppers (Business)
  • Suzanne Perazzini (Romance, Suspense/Thriller)
  • David Pereda (Mainstream, Suspense/Thriller, Politics/Government)
  • Johnny Peregrine (Erotica)
  • Cheryl Pereira (Horror, Romance)
  • Marian Perera (Romance)
  • Arturo Perez-Reverte (Mainstream, Suspense/Thriller, Historical Fiction)
  • Adam Perkes (Erotica)
  • Norah-Jean Perkin (Romance)
  • John Perkins (Business)
  • Lori Perkins (Erotica)
  • Mike Perkins (Erotica)
  • Mitali Perkins (Children's Fiction, Young Adult)
  • Sue Perkins (Fantasy, Romance)
  • Todd Perkins (Technology/Science)
  • Ute Perkins (Science Fiction)
  • Jack Perkowski (Business)
  • Erica S. Perl (Young Adult)
  • Jed Perl (General Nonfiction, History)
  • Melissa Perlman (Health/Fitness)
  • David Perlmutter (Mystery/Crime, Young Adult)
  • David Perlmutter, M.D. (Family/Relationships)
  • Leslie A. Perlow (Self Improvement)
  • Paris Permenter (Travel)
  • Martin L. Pernoll (Health/Fitness)
  • Geoffrey Perret (People)
  • Nicholas Perricone, M.D. (Health/Fitness)
  • Anna Perrin (Romance)
  • Kayla Perrin (Mystery/Crime, Mainstream, Romance, Erotica)
  • Jane Myers Perrine (Romance)
  • Bryan Perro (Young Adult)
  • Caterina Perrone (Travel)
  • Tony Perrottet (History)
  • Ann Perry (Personal Finance)
  • Anne Perry (Mystery/Crime, Mainstream, Romance, Suspense/Thriller, Historical Fiction)
  • Gail Perry (Education)
  • John Perry (People, History)
  • Lisa Perry (Romance, Erotica)
  • Luddene Perry (Health/Fitness)
  • Mark Perry (History)
  • Marta Perry (Mystery/Crime, Romance)
  • Martha Perry (General Nonfiction, Education)
  • Megan Perry (Sports/Entertainment)
  • Natasha Perry (Erotica)
  • Regina Perry (Erotica)
  • Steve Perry (Science Fiction, Suspense/Thriller, Young Adult)
  • Theresa Perry (Education)
  • Thomas Perry (Mainstream, Suspense/Thriller)
  • Diane Pershing (Romance)
  • Joseph Persico (People, History)
  • Joseph E. Persico (People)
  • Terri Persons (Suspense/Thriller)
  • Leif G.w. Persson (Mystery/Crime)
  • Terry Persun (Mainstream)
  • Nick Perumov (Fantasy)
  • Mike Peskar (Fantasy)
  • Emil Petaja (Science Fiction)
  • Diana Peterfreund (Mainstream, Romance, Sports/Entertainment, Young Adult)
  • Anne Peters (Romance)
  • Christoph Peters (Mainstream)
  • Heather Peters (Romance, Erotica)
  • Julie Anne Peters (Mainstream, Children's Fiction, Young Adult)
  • Mal Peters (Gay Fiction)
  • Matthew Peters (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Shannon Peters (Erotica)
  • Soliman Peters (Erotica)
  • Sue Peters (Romance)
  • Thomas L. Peters (Mainstream)
  • Tom Peters (Business)
  • P.J. Petersen (Children's Fiction, Young Adult)
  • Randy Petersen (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Richard Petersen (Technology/Science)
  • Andrew Peterson (Fantasy, Young Adult)
  • Ann Voss Peterson (Romance)
  • Anne Voss Peterson (Romance)
  • Brian Peterson (Mainstream)
  • Bryan Peterson (General Nonfiction, Reference)
  • Debbie Peterson (Romance)
  • Eric Peterson (Travel, Politics/Government)
  • Gary Peterson (Fantasy, Mystery/Crime, Children's Fiction)
  • Gray Peterson (Erotica)
  • Holly Peterson (Mainstream)
  • Leif Peterson (Mainstream)
  • Lenka Peterson (Children's Fiction)
  • Nora Peterson (Mystery/Crime)
  • Pete Peterson (Mystery/Crime, Historical Fiction)
  • Renee Peterson (Erotica)
  • Richard O. Peterson (Education)
  • SJD Peterson (Romance, Erotica, Gay Fiction)
  • Susan Peterson (Romance)
  • Wendy Maree Peterson (Young Adult)
  • Caroline Petit (Mainstream)
  • Gary Petras (Dark Fantasy)
  • Kathryn Petras (Humor, Mainstream)
  • E. A. Petrick (Mystery/Crime)
  • Edita Petrick (Romance)
  • Nerine Petros (Erotica)
  • Henry Petroski (General Nonfiction, People, Technology/Science, Classic Literature)
  • Sophia Petrou (Suspense/Thriller)
  • Em Petrova (Romance, Erotica)
  • Jenny Petrow (Reference)
  • Thomas Petruzzellis (Technology/Science)
  • Dave Pettit (Business)
  • Edward Petty (Horror, Mainstream, People, Gay Fiction)
  • J. L. Petty (Horror)
  • Ryan T Petty (Historical Fiction)
  • Corbie Petulengro (Erotica)
  • Steve Petusevsky (General Nonfiction)
  • Thomas Jr Petzinger (Business)
  • Wend Petzler (Romance, Erotica)
  • Ralph Pezzullo (Mystery/Crime, Suspense/Thriller, History)
  • Jean Pfaelzer (History)
  • Chuck Pfarrer (Mainstream, People)
  • Donald Pfarrer (Mainstream, Classic Literature)
  • Annee Pfau (Fantasy)
  • Joseph Pfeffer (Fantasy)
  • Eric Pfeffinger (Humor)
  • Andrew X. Pham (Travel, People)
  • Sapphire Phelan (Erotica)
  • Liz Phelps (Romance)
  • Tom Philbin (General Nonfiction, Reference)
  • Diana Philbrick (Erotica)
  • Olivier Philipponnat (People)
  • Debbie Philips (Children's Fiction)
  • Sabrina Philips (Romance)
  • Adam Phillips (Health/Fitness)
  • Alexander M. Phillips (Fantasy)
  • Arthur Phillips (Mainstream, Suspense/Thriller)
  • Bill Phillips (General Nonfiction, Technology/Science)
  • Carly Phillips (Mainstream, Romance, Classic Literature)
  • Jill Shalvis and Carly Phillips and Donna Hill (Mainstream)
  • Caryl Phillips (Mainstream, Travel, Sports/Entertainment, History)
  • Charlotte Phillips (Mainstream)
  • Christina Phillips (Erotica)
  • David Graham Phillips (Historical Fiction, Classic Literature)
  • Delores Phillips (Mainstream)
  • Dixie Phillips (Children's Fiction, Children's Nonfiction)
  • Ellen Phillips (Reference)
  • Fiona Phillips (Romance)
  • Gary Phillips (Mystery/Crime, Historical Fiction)
  • Holly Phillips (Fantasy)
  • Jack Phillips (Business)
  • Jamie Phillips (Erotica)
  • Jayne Anne Phillips (Mainstream)
  • Jennifer Phillips (General Nonfiction, Business)
  • Joan Phillips (Children's Fiction)
  • Jonathan Phillips (History)
  • Judi Phillips (Romance)
  • Merry Phillips (Erotica)
  • Michael Phillips (People, Suspense/Thriller, Spiritual/Religion)
  • Paige Phillips (Romance)
  • Patricia Phillips (Romance)
  • R. Michael Phillips (Mystery/Crime)
  • Richard D. Phillips (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Rog Phillips (Science Fiction)
  • Scott Phillips (Mainstream)
  • Shawn Phillips (Health/Fitness)
  • Steven J. Phillips (General Nonfiction)
  • Timothy C. Phillips (Mystery/Crime)
  • Tori Phillips (Romance)
  • Anita Philmar (Erotica)
  • John Philpin (Mystery/Crime, Suspense/Thriller, True Crime)
  • William Philpott (History)
  • Barbara Phinney (Romance)
  • Ella J. Phoenix (Romance)
  • Leighann Phoenix (Erotica)
  • Lois Phoenix (Erotica)
  • Sriama Qala Phoenix (Self Improvement)
  • Wolf Phoenix (Erotica)
  • James G. Piatt (Science Fiction)
  • Gail Picado (Young Adult)
  • L. Picaro (Erotica)
  • John Piccarreto (Suspense/Thriller)
  • Tom Piccirilli (Horror, Mainstream, Suspense/Thriller)
  • Nancy Pickard (Mystery/Crime, Mainstream, Suspense/Thriller, Reference)
  • Joan Elliott Pickart (Romance)
  • Andrea Pickens (Romance)
  • T. Boone Pickens (Business)
  • Craig Pickering (Science Fiction)
  • Kathleen Pickering (Romance)
  • Roy L. Pickering (Mainstream)
  • Alfred Pickup (General Nonfiction)
  • Stobie Piel (Mystery/Crime, Romance)
  • Cassandra Pierce (Erotica)
  • Barbara Pierce (Romance)
  • David Pierce (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Heather Pierce (General Nonfiction)
  • Jodie Pierce (Fantasy, Erotica)
  • Kirra Pierce (Erotica)
  • Lee Pierce (Historical Fiction)
  • Nicole L Pierce (Romance, Erotica)
  • Nicole L. Pierce (Erotica)
  • Nina Pierce (Erotica)
  • Racheal Pierce (Erotica)
  • Tamora Pierce (Fantasy, Children's Fiction, Young Adult)
  • Vristen Pierce (Romance)
  • Marge Piercy (Mainstream, Romance, People, Spiritual/Religion)
  • Claudia Roth Pierpont (People)
  • Cheryl Pierson (Romance)
  • DC Pierson (Young Adult)
  • Stephanie Pierson (Reference)
  • Annie Pietri (Children's Fiction)
  • Linda Piette (Family/Relationships)
  • Burton Pike (Classic Literature)
  • Doug Pike (Humor)
  • Erica Pike (Erotica)
  • M. Jean Pike (Romance)
  • Rajendra Pillai (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Michelle M. Pillow (Romance, Erotica)
  • William Pillow (Mystery/Crime)
  • Helen Pilz (Romance)
  • Gabrielle Pina (Mainstream)
  • Daniel Pinchbeck (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Chapman Pincher (Politics/Government)
  • Jena Pincott (Business, Self Improvement, Family/Relationships)
  • Marilyn Pincus (Business)
  • Caridad Pineiro (Fantasy, Mainstream, Romance)
  • Mitzi Pinkerton (Humor)
  • Ann Pino (Mainstream)
  • Jason Pinter (Suspense/Thriller)
  • K.T. Pinto (Fantasy)
  • Autumn Piper (Romance, Erotica)
  • H. Beam Piper (Science Fiction, Fantasy, Alternate History)
  • John Piper (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Robert J. Piper (Business)
  • Terry Piper (Mainstream, Young Adult)
  • Richard Pipes (General Nonfiction, History)
  • John Pipkin (Mainstream)
  • Catherine Louisa Pirkis (Mystery/Crime)
  • Nancy Pirri (Romance, Erotica)
  • Sharon Pisacreta (Romance)
  • Ralph Pisani (Business)
  • Robert Pisani (Business)
  • Maria Piscopo (Reference)
  • Clifford Pistolese (Business)
  • Maria Isabel Pita (Dark Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Erotica)
  • George Pitagorsky (Business)
  • Rick Pitino (Business)
  • K. D. Pitner (Romance)
  • Brant Pitre (Spiritual/Religion)
  • James Pittaro (Science Fiction, Fantasy)
  • Allison K. Pittman (Mainstream, General Nonfiction, Spiritual/Religion, Historical Fiction)
  • Derrick Pittman (Humor)
  • Rebecca Pittman (General Nonfiction)
  • Kurt Pitzer (Travel)
  • William H. Pivar (Business)
  • Hanoch Piven (Children's Fiction)
  • Joshua Piven (Humor, Self Improvement)
  • Steven Piziks (Science Fiction, Fantasy, Suspense/Thriller, Sports/Entertainment)
  • Stephen Pizzo (General Nonfiction)
  • Vanessa Place (True Crime)
  • Jean Plaidy (Alternate History, Historical Fiction, History)
  • Belva Plain (Mainstream, Historical Fiction)
  • Neil Plakcy (Mystery/Crime, Mainstream, Romance, Erotica, Gay Fiction)
  • Sapphic Planet (Erotica)
  • Robert Plank (Technology/Science)
  • Anne Plantagenet (Historical Fiction)
  • Carol Plantamura (Travel)
  • David Plante (Mainstream)
  • Peter Plate (Mystery/Crime)
  • Plato (Mainstream, General Nonfiction, Classic Literature)
  • CT Platt (Erotica)
  • David Platt (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Melissa Plaut (People)
  • Allie Pleiter (Mainstream, Romance)
  • Chris Plekenpol (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Justyna Plichta-Jendzio (Fantasy)
  • Taylor Plimpton (People)
  • David Plotkin (Technology/Science)
  • Arthur Plotnik (General Nonfiction, Reference)
  • David Plotz (Technology/Science)
  • Angela Plowman (Erotica)
  • Scott David Plumlee (Reference)
  • Lisa Plumley (Romance)
  • Christopher Plummer (People)
  • Louise Plummer (Young Adult)
  • Rhonda Plummer (Romance)
  • Plutarch (Classic Literature, History)
  • Candice Poarch (Romance)
  • Dan Poblocki (Young Adult)
  • Kirk J. Pocan (Science Fiction)
  • John Podesta (Politics/Government)
  • Norman Podhoretz (People, Politics/Government)
  • Ann Poe (Business)
  • Edgar Allan Poe (Horror, Mainstream, Children's Fiction, Historical Fiction, Classic Literature)
  • Christy Poff (Romance, Erotica)
  • Armen C. Pogharian (Young Adult)
  • Abigail Pogrebin (General Nonfiction)
  • David Pogue (Business, Technology/Science)
  • Frederik Pohl (Science Fiction, Horror)
  • Linda Poitevin (Romance)
  • Sasha Polakow-suransky (History)
  • Cynthia Polansky (Mainstream)
  • Karl Polanyi (History)
  • Polecat (Erotica)
  • Bonnie Sanders Polin, Ph.D. (General Nonfiction)
  • Anna Politkovskaya (Politics/Government)
  • John D. Pollack (People)
  • Kenneth M. Pollack (Politics/Government)
  • Neal Pollack (Mainstream, People, Family/Relationships)
  • William Pollack (Family/Relationships)
  • Michael Pollan (Mainstream, General Nonfiction, People, Health/Fitness, Young Adult)
  • Odette Pollar (Self Improvement)
  • Michael Sol Pollens (Mystery/Crime)
  • Katha Pollitt (Mainstream, People, Politics/Government)
  • Donald Ray Pollock (Mainstream)
  • Nick Pollotta (Science Fiction, Humor, Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Suspense/Thriller)
  • Amber Polo (Romance)
  • Richard Polsky (General Nonfiction)
  • Gary Pomerantz (Politics/Government)
  • Gary M. Pomerantz (People, History)
  • Kat Pomfret (Mainstream)
  • Douglas Ponton (Suspense/Thriller)
  • Beth Pontorno (Romance)
  • Jennifer Jane Pope (Erotica)
  • Mary A. Pope (Erotica)
  • S. Joan Popek (Science Fiction)
  • Steven Popkes (Science Fiction)
  • Mary Ellen Popkin (Health/Fitness)
  • Paul Popp, PhD (Suspense/Thriller)
  • Sharon Poppin (Romance)
  • Beth Porter (Technology/Science, Spiritual/Religion)
  • Brian L. Porter (Science Fiction, Horror, Dark Fantasy, Mystery/Crime, Mainstream, Business, Suspense/Thriller)
  • Cassyashton Porter (Children's Fiction, Young Adult)
  • Cheryl Anne Porter (Romance)
  • Eleanor Porter (Children's Fiction, Classic Literature)
  • Emma Wayne Porter (Romance)
  • Jane Porter (Mainstream, Romance)
  • Karen Porter (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Katie Porter (Erotica)
  • Gayle K. Porter, M.D. (Health/Fitness)
  • R.G. Porter (Dark Fantasy, Romance)
  • Canice Porter-Brown (Erotica)
  • Frank Portman (Children's Fiction, Young Adult)
  • Christopher Portway (Travel)
  • Carmen Posadas (Mystery/Crime, Mainstream)
  • Aaron Posey (Mystery/Crime)
  • Gerald Posner (Sports/Entertainment, Politics/Government, True Crime)
  • Richard A. Posner (Politics/Government)
  • Melville Davisson Post (Mystery/Crime)
  • Stephen Post (Spiritual/Religion, Reference, Self Improvement)
  • Neil Postman (General Nonfiction, Education)
  • Andrew Potok (People, Self Improvement)
  • Chaim Potok (Mainstream)
  • Alexandra Potter (Mainstream)
  • Ken Potter (Romance, Erotica)
  • P. Aaron Potter (Science Fiction)
  • Patricia Potter (Mainstream, Romance, Suspense/Thriller)
  • Steven Potter (Technology/Science)
  • William Potter (Mystery/Crime, Suspense/Thriller)
  • Anne Pottger (History)
  • CB Potts (Erotica)
  • Joanne Potts (Children's Fiction)
  • Rolf Potts (Travel)
  • Kevin Poulsen (Technology/Science)
  • Scott Poulson-Bryant (General Nonfiction)
  • Maggie Pouncey (Mainstream)
  • Hortense Powdermaker (Erotica)
  • Joan C. Powell (Fantasy)
  • Gareth L Powell (Science Fiction)
  • Goran Powell (Sports/Entertainment)
  • Jim Powell (Mainstream, History)
  • Megan Powell (Horror, Fantasy, Romance)
  • Michael Powell (General Nonfiction, Health/Fitness)
  • Thomas Powell (Technology/Science)
  • Elizabeth Power (Romance)
  • Powerone (Erotica)
  • Lena Powers (Erotica)
  • Alice Leccese Powers (Travel)
  • B. J. Powers (Erotica)
  • Bob Powers (Humor, Dark Fantasy)
  • Eve Powers (Romance, Erotica)
  • Fallon Powers (Erotica)
  • Jessica Powers (Young Adult)
  • LORELEI POWERS (Erotica)
  • Mae Powers (Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Romance, Erotica)
  • Maggie Powers (Fantasy, Health/Fitness)
  • Michael Powers (Gay Fiction)
  • Ron Powers (People, True Crime, History)
  • Thomas Powers (History)
  • Tom Powers (Business, Classic Literature)
  • Annmarie Powers-Vance (Mainstream)
  • Dan Poynter (General Nonfiction, Business, Reference, Self Improvement)
  • Carlos Pozo (Horror, Fantasy)
  • Heather Pozzessere (Romance)
  • Manjiri Prabhu (Mystery/Crime)
  • T. Pradeep (Reference)
  • Monica Pradhan (Mainstream)
  • Joshua Prager (Sports/Entertainment)
  • C.K. Prahalad (Business)
  • Jay Prasad (History)
  • Hugh Prather (Self Improvement, Family/Relationships)
  • Richard Prather (Mystery/Crime)
  • Marie Prato (Horror, Romance, General Nonfiction, Suspense/Thriller, Young Adult, Family/Relationships, Children's Nonfiction)
  • Cynthia Bailey Pratt (Romance)
  • Gaby Pratt (Romance)
  • George Pratt (Self Improvement)
  • Kathy Pratt (Romance)
  • T.A. Pratt (Fantasy)
  • Tim Pratt (Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy)
  • Andy Pray (Romance)
  • Terri Pray (Science Fiction, Romance, Erotica)
  • Christine Prebler (Erotica)
  • Rob Preece (Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Suspense/Thriller)
  • Carol Preflatish (Romance)
  • Chad Pregracke (General Nonfiction)
  • Helen Prejean (General Nonfiction, True Crime)
  • Sister Helen Prejean (Politics/Government)
  • Peter W. Prellwitz (Science Fiction, Young Adult)
  • Jack Prelutsky (Children's Fiction)
  • John Prendergast (Politics/Government)
  • Alex Prentiss (Mainstream, Erotica)
  • Francesca Prescott (Romance)
  • Michael Prescott (Mainstream, Suspense/Thriller)
  • William H. Prescott (General Nonfiction, History)
  • Presidents of the United States (History)
  • Victoria Presley (Romance)
  • Bill Press (Politics/Government)
  • ArLynn Leiber Presser (Romance)
  • Rose Pressey (Romance)
  • Steven Pressfield (Mainstream, Historical Fiction)
  • Barbara Pressman (Education)
  • Thomas Preskett Prest (Horror, Mystery/Crime)
  • Brian Preston (Sports/Entertainment)
  • Cara Preston (Romance, Erotica)
  • Fayrene Preston (Romance)
  • Marcia Preston (Mainstream, Historical Fiction)
  • Richard Preston (Mainstream, General Nonfiction, Suspense/Thriller, Technology/Science)
  • Harry Md Preuss (Self Improvement)
  • Arlene Prewitt (Self Improvement)
  • Christine Price (Erotica)
  • David A. Price (Business, History)
  • E. Hoffmann Price (Fantasy, Erotica)
  • Eugenia Price (Spiritual/Religion)
  • Jan Price (Self Improvement)
  • Jason Price (Technology/Science)
  • John Randolph Price (Self Improvement)
  • Jordan Castillo Price (Romance, Erotica)
  • Kalayna Price (Dark Fantasy)
  • Maggie Price (Romance, Suspense/Thriller)
  • Nick Price (Sports/Entertainment)
  • Richard Price (Mystery/Crime, Mainstream)
  • Robert M. Price (Horror, Mainstream)
  • Stella and Audra Price (Dark Fantasy, Erotica)
  • Trevor Price (Mainstream)
  • Tracy Price-Thompson (Mainstream, History)
  • K. and Hesketh Prichard (Historical Fiction)
  • Felicia Pride (Young Adult)
  • Cherie Priest (Science Fiction, Fantasy, Dark Fantasy)
  • Zathyn Priest (Erotica)
  • L. M. Prieto (Dark Fantasy, Erotica, Gay Fiction)
  • Elise Primavera (Children's Fiction)
  • Dennis Prince (Business)
  • Eleanor F. Prince (General Nonfiction)
  • Russ Alan Prince (Business)
  • T.B. Prince (Science Fiction)
  • Valarie Prince (Erotica)
  • Dawn Prince-Hughes (People)
  • Lloyd Princeton (Reference)
  • Linda Prine (Historical Fiction)
  • Martin Pring (Business)
  • Rhonda L. Print (Romance, Erotica)
  • Evan T. Pritchard (General Nonfiction)
  • Mary Alice Pritchard (Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Mystery/Crime, Romance)
  • V. S. Pritchett (Mainstream)
  • Jennifer Probost (Erotica)
  • Barbara Probst (Family/Relationships)
  • George Prochnik (General Nonfiction)
  • Dave Prochnow (Technology/Science)
  • Cindy Procter-King (Romance)
  • Candice Proctor (Romance)
  • Kate Proctor (Romance)
  • M. Frank Proctor (Mainstream)
  • William Proctor (Self Improvement, Health/Fitness)
  • Lena Prodan (Erotica)
  • V.I. Profferi (Erotica)
  • Sergei Prokofiev (Children's Fiction)
  • Gerald Prokopowicz (History)
  • Dorothy Peer Promiscuo (Romance)
  • Nick Pron (True Crime)
  • Bill Pronzini (Horror, Mystery/Crime)
  • Milam McGraw Propst (Mainstream, Children's Fiction, Young Adult)
  • Francine Prose (Mainstream, People, Self Improvement, Young Adult)
  • Joanne Proulx (Mainstream)
  • Marcel Proust (Mainstream, Classic Literature)
  • Richard & Esther Provencher (Fantasy, Mainstream, Young Adult)
  • Charles Province (Business)
  • David L. Prowse (Technology/Science)
  • Joseph F. Prussing (Fantasy)
  • Victor K. Pryles (Technology/Science, Reference)
  • Editors and Authors at Knopf Doubleday Publishing (General Nonfiction)
  • Wolfgang Puck (Reference)
  • Nigel Puerasch (Erotica)
  • Jason Pugatch (Sports/Entertainment)
  • Manuel Puig (Mainstream)
  • Lee Pulaski (Erotica)
  • Stephen Puleo (History)
  • Coco Pulliam (Erotica)
  • Philip Pullman (Children's Fiction, Young Adult)
  • K.L. Punches (Suspense/Thriller)
  • Tom Purdom (Science Fiction)
  • Dennis Purdy (Sports/Entertainment)
  • Jedediah Purdy (General Nonfiction, Politics/Government)
  • Mike Purfield (Horror)
  • Sky Purington (Romance)
  • Mara Purnhagen (Dark Fantasy, Romance, Young Adult)
  • Karyn B. Purvis (Family/Relationships)
  • Edgar Puryear (Self Improvement)
  • Herbert Puryear (Self Improvement)
  • Cara Putman (Romance, Business)
  • Mary Jo Putney (Fantasy, Romance)
  • John Putzier (Business)
  • Mario Puzo (Mainstream)
  • Nina Coombs Pykare (Mystery/Crime, Romance)
  • Howard Pyle (Children's Fiction, Classic Literature, Young Adult)
  • Katherine Pym (Historical Fiction, History)
  • Irene Pynn (Young Adult)
  • Thomas Pyzdek (Business)

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