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Time Twisted (Collection) [MultiFormat]
eBook by Treva Harte

eBook Category: Erotica/Paranormal Erotica/Science Fiction
eBook Description: Adrift in time... Marisha loses her job, then it looks like she's about to lose her life to a couple of street thugs. The last thing she expects is to be rescued by a lusty medieval Lord--and an equally lusty--Dragon? And what's her old buddy Tim doing in her bed? Eventually she'll have to choose--one man, one universe, one time--but for now it makes for an interesting foursome. Over two centuries separate Mercy Ward from the man who haunts her dreams. When this century's grief becomes more than she can bear, she slowly begins to remember... another time... another life... another love... Samantha wishes she could lead a life like her good buddy Moira's--a life filled with temptations, and no reason to refuse them. Moira wishes she was in Samantha's shoes--or, better yet, out of Sam's shoes and in bed with Samantha's husband Phil. One wish can change a lifetime... "In every relationship, the partners have to grow and change. We just take the concept to extremes." When Lucy tells C.J., a world famous athlete, he's her mate and he's one of those urban legend mutants who transform... well, she's sexy and he's interested, but he's not that interested. Is he? This collection contains the previously released novellas Out of Time, His Mistress, Intimate Choices, and Turns.

eBook Publisher: Changeling Press LLC, Published: 2009, 2009
Fictionwise Release Date: December 2009

9 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"Treva Harte's Out of Time is a steamy, time-bending romp through the corners of Marisha's mind, exploring her most secret fantasies and desires. Lush and lusty imagery blend with hot sensuality to create a story that will have you flipping the fan on high to cool off. This piece displays some pretty spicy scenes, including some bondage and domination. Out of Time is just right for a short and sexy read!"--Michelle, Fallen Angel Reviews "I enjoyed how the author tied everything together at the end making this a story about love realized. The love scenes between Tim and Marisha, as well as, Lord Stephen and Marisha are well done and steamy."--Marina, Cupid's Library Reviews Praise for His Mistress "You will be intrigued with this romantic love story of a love lost, then found. Emotions will take on a roller coaster ride with touching sex scenes in between."--Suz, Coffee Time Romance "A wonderful short story about the wishes of our hearts and the realities that can come to us when we open ourselves to love. Treva Harte does such an amazing job blending the love of the past into the love of the present..."--Briana, Fallen Angel Reviews Praise for Intimate Choices "Realistic characters, strong plot, smooth writing, this novella has it all. The steamy sex scenes just add to the fun. An all around great read!" 4 Angels!--Hayley, Fallen Angel Reviews "Whether it's in spicing up Sam's love life with Phil or falling in love all over again, this story has something for everyone. Ms. Harte delivers a story full of love and laughter that is not to be missed. Intimate Choices is a must have for any romance lover." 4.5 Blue Ribbons!--Jenn L., Romance Junkies "Treva Harte tells an incredibly steamy tale with best friends wishing for the other's life in her short story. Each woman experiences the life of the other and learns some valuable lessons. Intimate Choices will curl your toes as it is a very good read!"--Alisha, TwoLips Reviews Praise for Turns 4.5 Stars! "This hot, quick read is such an interesting story. Ms. Harte skillfully creates a tale which draws the reader in."--Trang, eCataRomance Sensual Reviews "Treva Harte writes a stimulating read with her futuristic story, Turns. You never know how things are going to turn out."--Sinclair Reid, RRTErotic

"It's time." The voice sounded creaky from age.


The voice was creaky but authoritative. Marisha opened her eyes and turned toward the dark corner where the voice was. "Time for what? It's night. And who are you?"

The wrinkled face smiled. Marisha shivered. Some old women looked grandmotherly when they grinned. This one looked eerie. Shadows flickered across her face. "I'm here to tell your future, my dear. It's time to change."

"Change what?" She didn't want to change. She loved her job and her condo and her friends.

"Everything. Everything except the one person who won't change."

"I didn't wake up to hear a line from a fortune cookie." Marisha reached out. "Why are you here?"

"You shall see." The woman gathered up her dark shawl.

It wasn't until the old woman vanished in front of her that Marisha caught on. "Idiot. She's just a dream!" Marisha snorted. "Maybe I've been working too hard. Stressing a little too much. Sheesh."

* * * *

Chapter One

Marisha tapped the fingers of her right hand on the laminated tabletop in a rapid tattoo. She twisted her left arm to look at her watch for what must have been the twentieth time. Twenty-five minutes past. The waiter was taking forever. Marisha might be a punctuality freak, but no one else ever seemed to care about time.

Marisha realized what she was thinking and snorted. What difference did it make? It wasn't like she had to be on time for anything anymore. The worst had finally happened. They'd been hoping something would change ever since the rumors started a few weeks ago. But the office gossip had been only too right.

"So. They really did it." Cori twisted her bracelet nervously. "I mean, we knew it probably would happen but..."

"But not to me. They're closing down my whole department." Marisha took the lukewarm coffee she'd forgotten to drink and sipped to ease the ache in her throat. At least she could still drink coffee. She hadn't eaten. All she'd done was push her favorite dessert around the plate and leave chocolate goo everywhere. Damn. She didn't even want chocolate cake. "Where am I ever going to find a job around here?"

"I don't know. The economy sucks."


"Hey, c'mon, you guys. It's just a stinking job. You're young, smart, healthy." Sheila's smile wobbled a little bit before she said, "C'mon. It's Friday. We'll go out, we'll party, and by tomorrow we'll forget we had any problems at all."

"Right." Marisha sounded skeptical. "And, of course, right now I'm in a particularly partying mood. Losing a job makes everyone feel good."

Usually Sheila could make them laugh. They'd always get in a good mood after the weekly lunch they'd started when they first met at work. Today though, Marisha could feel her already sour mood getting worse.

"C'mon, haven't we had some great weekends? Ones that make the rest of the week worthwhile? Hot sex that can rev you through the rest of the week?"

"Well, I don't remember any. If I did, it would just make me feel worse anyhow." Marisha tore pieces from her napkin as she slumped against the back of the booth, a grumpy look on her face.

What would these friends of hers say if she told them she'd never had good sex with anyone, anywhere? Other people seemed to manage just fine, but the idea of opening up to a man--literally and figuratively--was something she just couldn't do. Hell, her fantasies were a million times better than anything she'd ever managed with someone else in real life.

Marisha thought about saying the words out loud.

"Well, I'm going to find some sex. I know things are tough, but nothing is so bad that a good hard cock won't help. You need to find one quick." Sheila was just saying what she always did, but Marisha was tired of hearing it.

"Good friends help too." Cori offered the words, tentatively.

"Sure. Sure they do." Marisha tried to sound cheered up.

"And a hard cock."

"Shut up, Sheila." Cori turned back to Marisha and said, "Okay, she's crude, but she has a point. Go out and find yourself a man for the weekend before you start planning what to do next."

Enough was enough. Maybe Cori and Sheila could pick up cocks with the wink of an eye, but she knew herself--and guys--better than that.

Marisha stood up. "Listen, you guys, thanks but we all know about fairy tales. Hot sex, Prince Charming, whatever... they don't exist when you need them. I'm going home to cry into my pillow until I feel better and then I'll go and do whatever I have to do. Alone."

"I don't have a job. Soon I won't have my condo. And now I get reminded I've never even had any really great sex. Thanks a lot, folks. Some friends you are."

As she mumbled the words, Marisha saw her bus pull away from the stop. She was just a little too far away to flag it down. "There you go. I've missed the bus all the way around. I always have."

She saw a few people passing by give her a curious glance. Yeah. Welcome to her life. Her good friends only made her feel worse while they tried to cheer her up. She was an unemployed, unattached thirty-four-year-old who was about to call her mom and stepfather and ask to come live with them for a while. Now strangers were avoiding her on the street while she muttered to herself. Life couldn't get much worse.

Marisha decided walking home wouldn't be so bad. She might as well get used to living on a very, very tight budget. How much would her unemployment cover anyhow? If she moved fast, it wouldn't be dark before she got to her condo--the one that would soon have the for sale sign in the front.

She'd worked long hours on her supervisory job. She'd been willing to come in and provide support on holidays and weekends and late nights. That had earned her the down payment on her own place. She'd picked out every piece of furniture carefully in her new home, painted the walls herself to get them just right. So much for careful planning and hard work. If she got her asking price for the place, she might break even.

"Mom will say I should've gotten married. When your great-grandmother was your age, back in the Old Country, she had grandchildren. I told you not to be so picky in college," Marisha mimicked, pushing her thick, dark hair back from her face as she strode down the street. Her thick, dark, now sweaty hair. "I was surrounded by computer engineering majors in college, Mom! Then I spent my whole working life around them. There's picky and then there's settling for something sub-human."

Marisha was about three-quarters of the way home when she realized life could--and was--getting worse. It was already more dark than light, and there were two men walking behind her. They sped up when she did. She didn't want to find out what they would do if she slowed down. There was still some traffic on this street but she knew she was coming up to a patch of warehouses and office buildings that was deserted after five.

Gawd. She didn't have anything to hand over if they did rob her. If that's what they had in mind. Marisha kept walking briskly while she pulled out her cell phone. One more month before this got cut off too. But she had it now. That was the important thing.

"Timmy?" He always answered his cell phone. That was the joy of knowing a telephone lineman. They answered phones.

"Hey, gorgeous."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. I don't have time for that right now. Are you at the gym?"

"It's early evening. I'm not on call. So, of course, I'm at the gym."

"Do me a big favor, Timmy?"

"Anything, babe."

"Listen, I'm about four blocks from you on Dulin Street, heading home. I could use a little backup here. There are some guys following me."

Tim's tone shifted from flirtatious to fierce. "I'm there. Be careful, huh?"

Timmy was one of the good guys. She'd known him ever since she babysat him in junior high. Marisha grinned, remembering how pissed he'd been back then that someone just four years older than he got to be in charge. However, he'd grown up quite a bit since then--quite a bit--and she was sure his presence would take care of the current situation.

"Hey, bitch!" The voice was much too close to her shoulder.

Oh, no! She whirled, cell phone in hand, and didn't think twice about her next move. She slammed him hard on the nose. The phone made a strange, evil hiss as it cracked into the man's face. So did the man.

"Shit!" he yelled, his face contorting.

Then everything went black.

"What ails her?"

"She has a bump on her head. Mayhap she fell."

The voices sounded odd. The words weren't quite right. More importantly, she had a headache. Marisha touched her head and winced. She had a sore spot, all right. She could feel dried blood in her hair. "Aspirin," she grunted.

"Did she call me an ass?" one voice asked, affronted. "Fine words for a serf!"

"Why are you all standing here?" another voice imperiously cut through the chatter. "Have you nothing better to do? I can find more tasks for you all."

"Pardon --" "My Lord, we --" The obsequious voices tripped over each other in haste.

"Go!" Imperious snapped. They went.

Marisha opened her eyes. Oh, damn. Double vision. She could see two pairs of strong legs, enclosed in tight green chausses that left little to the imagination. She saw two sets of muscular-looking thighs. And she could damn near see what the twin cocks on those studly males were made of. Their brown tunics just cut off what her blurred eyesight strained to see.

"You're not --" Her head warned her to whisper. Marisha whispered. "You're not identical twins, are you?"

"You may address me as Lord Stephan, serf."

"You can address me as Marisha."

"An odd name. It has a foreign ring. Are you from here?"

"I don't know where here is exactly, but I know I'm not from it. I was named after my great-grandmother, by the way." Marisha shut her eyes again. "Could you talk more quietly? My head really hurts."

"I am Lord of this castle and I am your master. I do as I wish." The voice softened. "And I believe you look white enough to swoon. Where are the women when you need them?"

Marisha felt herself being lifted, held securely in the air. God, he was strong. She forced herself not to sigh. It must be the concussion she had to have, but she was weak enough to suddenly realize she'd always wanted to be picked up and carried off by a --by a Lord of a castle and her master?

"Are you all right? Damn it, Marisha, you are all right, aren't you?"

"Timmy boy." Marisha kept her eyes shut but the voice was familiar. Thank God. Her hallucination was over. Not that Lord Stephan wasn't gorgeous. But so was Tim, and Tim appeared to be carrying her too. "It's you."


"What happened after I smashed that one guy in the face?"

"Well, it looks like you broke his nose. Don't worry, sweetie. I finished up the job as well as I could before the police came."

"Idiot. They could've had guns." She should have thought about that before she called him. But Tim seemed indestructible. After all, he stood six-foot-three in his bare feet and still looked like the football player he'd been.

"Naw. Just knives. Don't worry. There was no problem." There was a certain satisfaction in Tim's voice.

"My head still hurts." Marisha decided to open one eye. Things were a little blurry but she could see Tim looked as big and powerful as ever. There might be a bruise or two, but that could be her eyesight. He looked good. He always did. Too bad they were just pals. Too bad he was just a baby. A big, gorgeous, powerful baby, mind you, but too young for her.

"That's why I'm taking you to the emergency room."

"No. No money for the deductible. I just want to go home."

"Bad idea, Marisha."

"I wanna go home!" Marisha felt her stomach threaten to empty after that shout. She shut her one eye tightly. "Please, Tim."

"Aw, damn, Marisha. I always give in when women do that."

"I know. Please."

"You'll tell me if you start to feel worse, won't you? I can trust you to do that?" She could see how hard he was trying to make the question seem casual.

"Sure." She wasn't sure if she could feel worse. Then again, the last time she'd thought that she'd been badly wrong. "I'll call. If not you, then my mom."

"Right. You're not calling anyone."

Marisha realized she'd probably gone too far with that last statement. Tim knew exactly how she felt about asking her mom for anything, especially now that Mother had remarried. All the old mother-daughter closeness had evaporated once Marisha and her new "dad" had started to clash. God, she didn't want to have to move back home.

Damn it, why did she think she could lie to someone who had known her forever?

"I'm going to stay at your place with you tonight, babe. I'll give you that much time, but if things don't look good soon I'm taking you to a doctor." He placed her head, very gently, on the car seat's headrest.

Marisha felt a little bit like crying. Tim was almost like Mom used to be, tucking her in at night when she was a kid with a cold. "Aren't you going out with someone tonight?"



Tim always had someone to go out with at night. Especially on a Friday night. She felt him smooth her hair off her head. "I'm staying in with someone tonight, babe. You."

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