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Pottery Peter [MultiFormat]
eBook by Rick R. Reed

eBook Category: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Romance
eBook Description: Josh, between his freshman and sophomore years of college, gets a job at the pottery, a place where sweaty men dressed in sleeveless T-shirts, with biceps glistening and bulging, hoist heavy molds and liquid clay.

For Josh, it's an eye-opening summer, building his own muscles and falling in love for the very first time. But falling in love is never uncomplicated, especially when two hot men have caught Josh's eye. Which one of them will claim Josh's virgin territory? Will it be Dale, the heavy-metal blond God with the tattoos and rough demeanor? Or will Kevin, Josh's beefy, red-haired Irish boss, steal his heart, along with a few other parts further south?

Come along for a ride during one long, hot summer where the job benefits for an aroused young man are way more than what Human Resources promised!

Genres: Gay / Literary Erotica / Contemporary / BDSM (Light) / Menage (M/M/M) / Group Sex / Voyeurism / Exhibitionism / Public Places

eBook Publisher: Amber Quill Press, Published: 2009
Fictionwise Release Date: December 2009

19 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"...[Rick Reed's] characters are always deep, with a background and a future, even if their story lasts only 30 pages...Even if short, there is almost a 'scary' twist right at the end of the story...that actually makes it something more than a simple piece of erotica..."--Elisa Rolle, Elisa Rolle Live Journal

"...This story is the sexual awakening of a young man in his prime...It's a down and dirty sexual romp...Sinfully erotic...If you're looking for a steamy erotic tale that goes straight to the sex and doesn't require wading through an overabundance of plot, then definitely grab this tale."--Emily, Rainbow Reviews

"4 Stars!...Not a love story in the traditional sense. It's a story of three lustful men who find gratification in the pleasures of the flesh...A tale that should be saved for those nights when you feel like a really hot read because it will raise more than your temperature. Rick Reed invariably creates interesting characters and this book is no exception. All of the guys were three dimensional; this author always manages to come up with great 'men' that you will never mistake for 'chicks with dicks'--his protagonists are definitely male...If you want a book that will heighten your libido, and you're not offended by cheating, spend some time with three of the hottest guys in Western Pennsylvania."--Wave, Reviews By Jessewave

"Can't you knock? Get the fuck outta here!" Kevin shouted. He almost tipped over in his desk chair, desperately trying to right himself. He knocked a stack of orders on to the floor.

I turned and saw Dale's retreating figure. I scrambled, like Kevin, to pull up my pants and get myself to a standing position. I watched Dale walking briskly away from the office, his blond hair swinging behind him. I thought how remarkable it was to go from the heights of ecstasy to the pits of despair in a matter of seconds, all prompted by bad timing and the opening of a closed door.

After that day, Dale avoided me, making sure he was never in the basement when I was. If he saw me in the break room, he would leave. If our eyes met, he smirked. And in spite of myself, I felt a blush rise to my cheeks. I wished he would just call me a fag and get it over with.

But as I said, I was wrong about Dale. It took until the end of the summer to find out. I was almost ready for my last day of work and the beginning of the fall semester when I caught Dale.

Caught him beating off.

It was one of the few times, I guess, when it was unavoidable for us both to be in the basement at the same time. But I had no idea what a scene I would run across! For a while, I watched silently from behind a stack of molds. I knew his cock was big, but I never imagined how big. Erect, it almost seemed to be touching his chest. Rising from a mass of pale pubic curls, the rosy plum of its tip oozed pre-cum. Dale had slicked his hand with spit and was running it up and down the shaft, then quickly over the knob of its head.

Quietly, I took out my own cock and began pumping it. I closed my eyes, imagining the taste of Dale's pre-cum, the slight gagging sensation as the head of his dick nudged the back of my throat. I guess I got a little dizzy, because the next thing I knew the stack of molds I was standing behind toppled over. There was a crash, a lot of white dust and several of the molds broke.

I was left staring at Dale with my dick throbbing in my hand. For sure, I thought, this is it for me, imminent death. I grinned anyway, sure I was in for a good left hook to my face.

But he grinned back at me. "College boy, I never had you figured right. I thought you were Kevin's boy. We missed a helluva lot of fuckin' this summer." His voice was raspy, already scarred by too many cigarettes.

"You serious?" My voice cracked; he could have been teasing me.

"No." He stood, his long, fat pole jutting out like a club. "This is serious. And it needs some serious suckin'."

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