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Desire and Depravity [MultiFormat]
eBook by Iona Blair

eBook Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
eBook Description: Kink and taboo are taken to new heights in this riveting story of unbridled lust and its shocking consequences. Come visit the brothel, where uninhibited sex with a shocking difference is offered in a specially constructed scarlet room. Muriel McBain is the picture of respectability. She is a deacon of the church and an affluent member of the community. No one guesses that beneath her cool, strictly controlled exterior; there rages a repressed passion, which she attempts to satisfy with unusual masturbation methods. When this frustrated, middle-aged spinster falls in love with a much younger man, the consequences threaten to destroy her.

eBook Publisher: Total-e-bound, Published: 2009
Fictionwise Release Date: December 2009

5 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"Fuck me baby, fuck me..." The wiry little hooker with the knee-high boots was bent over a station wagon hood, taking it in the ass from a burly looking trick with a topknot.

Drunken voices, the rattle of garbage cans and the wail of a police siren screamed in the background.

"I'm almost there...almost there," the man groaned. His guttural cry of release coincided with a drunken brawl that spilled out into the alleyway from a nearby tavern.

Chuck Cleghorn snapped off the video, his craggy features dark with anger. He opened the drapes. The flaming embers of the setting sun blazed into the room like dragon's breath.

"I shot that disgusting little episode myself," he explained. "In the alley across the street, on a Sunday afternoon."

There were several shocked gasps and tut-tutting noises.

He fixed the assembled company with a furious glare. "I tell you we have to do something about it. The situation is intolerable."

"I second that," said several voices at once.

"The Pierpont residents have had enough," added another.

"I had my reservations about moving in here," Chuck admitted. "A classy new townhouse complex located in a seedy downtown area near the harbour is risky."

"I was willing to take the chance," said someone at the back of the room. "But I didn't count on the increase in the number of prostitutes soliciting outside my expensive home."

"It has to stop." Chuck looked peevish. "I cannot sleep at night for the noise they make. What with car doors slamming and their use of profane language..." He threw his hands up in a gesture of disgust.

"I know just what you mean." Muriel McBain's aristocratic nose twitched in distaste. She patted her gingery hair. "What about the smell of urine and the used condoms littering the sidewalks?"

Chuck nodded. "It's an absolute disgrace."

After her outburst, Muriel rolled up her sleeves and leaned back in her chair. She accepted the cup of tea offered by Chuck's timid little wife Doris. "I think we should complain to City Hall without further delay. When you think how much we paid for this place, it's...insufferable that we have to put up with this sort of disgusting behaviour."

"Good plan," Chuck agreed. "That's exactly what I was going to suggest. Now let's get everyone to take a vote on it."

* * * *

Chuck lay on his back, hands clasped behind his head and listened as Doris made preparations for bed. She was being as quiet as possible and didn't switch on a light, believing him to be asleep.

He recalled with some satisfaction his visit to City hall that afternoon.

"The entire complex is unanimous about this," he'd stated. "Here's our petition."

But it was the events of the evening, and he could feel desire stir in his loins at the memory, that were uppermost in his mind.

"Marjorie," he whispered softly. "Oh Marjorie, Marjorie..."

Chuck felt no guilt about this, because to his way of thinking he was not betraying his wife. He was not having intercourse with, or even touching in a sexual way, this woman who so filled his thoughts.

For as long as he could remember, he'd found the idea of being spanked by a woman tremendously exciting. He'd never even considered telling his wife about this fantasy. Not only was he quite profoundly ashamed of it, but the thought of bending over Doris' lap appalled him. The husband should always be the dominant partner, he believed. How could he exercise this type of control and dignity if his wife had just spanked his bare bottom the night before?

For years, he'd dealt with his fetish by fantasising and masturbating. When he was away from home he would rent adult movies. The sight of others being spanked had always aroused him big time. But recently, probably because of his age, it had become a now or never sort of a thing, and fantasising alone was no longer enough. END EXCERPT

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