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Written In Blood [MultiFormat]
eBook by L. M. Prieto

eBook Category: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Dark Fantasy
eBook Description: In Victorian London, people lament over dreadful news in the paper. Give them a scandal, though, and they want blood.

An outspoken reporter, Collin Foster, is used to keeping his desires silent. When he encounters a handsome and mysterious man, he's tempted to step out of his carefully structured life. For one night, he will follow his passions.

And one night is all the man needs to change Collin...forever...

Genres: Gay / Dark Fantasy / Vampire / Historical / Suspense / Thriller

eBook Publisher: Amber Quill Press, Published: 2009
Fictionwise Release Date: December 2009

16 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

5 Nymphs!...Action, suspense and the beginning of a budding love connection are all included in this story. I found Written In Blood riveting and can only hope there will be more to follow on Collin and his new life."--Scandalous Minx, Literary Nymphs Reviews

"5 Angels!...I loved this book...What really impressed me was how Luisa Prieto uses the Victorian mores regarding homosexuality, journalism, faith, and vampire literature to compare and contrast them with the way we view the same subjects today. With some beautiful love scenes fully in keeping with the time period, Written In Blood is a fabulous addition to the M/M vampire genre."--Maija, Fallen Angel Reviews

"4 Stars!...Historical vampires--how is anyone supposed to resist? My advice is--don't! Jump in and enjoy the read...The author has clearly put in a good deal of work into the research for this book, tying journalist Collin's work--and internal landscapes--into some of the key concerns of the Victorian age, and simultaneously creating a sympathetically conflicted hero...Collin is an engaging hero, De Sonnac a seductive vamp, and over all this is a cracking read."--Ephemera, Rainbow Reviews

"4.5 Stars!...I found this story riveting...especially the relationship between De Sonnac and Collin because there was definitely chemistry between them, not only during sex but just communicating with each other...The dialogue...was very funny especially towards the end of the story. Loved the end!!...I think you will like Written In Blood--I certainly did and recommend it to any fan of the paranormal."--Wave, Reviews By Jessewave

"...Almost more of a suspense story than a romance. Luisa Prieto delivers the kind of atmospheric writing I've come to expect from her, by turns sensual and spooky. There's a bit of romance, but it's secondary to the main storyline (which I won't spoil here). The ending is hopeful, but not a glowing HEA by any means. I don't know if Ms. Prieto intends to write a sequel, but I hope she does. Her vampires are interesting enough to warrant another book, and I'm dying to see what happens to Collin and de Sonnac."--Cassie, Joyfully Reviewed

Warmth slid across Collin's hand. A glance showed de Sonnac leaning forward, his hand over Collin's.

De Sonnac's hand was beautiful. He had long pale fingers that ended in clean, even nails. His skin whispered over Collin's. Collin could lose himself in that sound.

Collin looked up at him. This close, he caught de Sonnac's scent. Collin didn't know where the other man had been that night, but he'd been near pipe smoke. Its rich, smoky scent haunted his coat.

"Life has become a little better," de Sonnac said. "I suspect it will continue to do so. It will take time, time that the unfortunates involved won't always have, but it will happen."

"I don't believe it." Collin wanted to, though. God help him, he wanted to believe it.

De Sonnac's fingers inched up Collin's hand.

"It doesn't matter," de Sonnac said, his tone gentle. "Things will change."

"Prove it."

"Four hundred years ago, people thought the world was flat."

Collin laughed. All right, yes, some things did change. He still couldn't imagine--

De Sonnac slid forward, brushing his lips over Collin's.

The touch was feather light but it slammed into Collin. The heat of de Sonnac's body created a faint touch, but this...this was exquisite. De Sonnac's lips were warm. Soft.

The kiss ended.

De Sonnac was still there, so close his breath haunted Collin, but far enough away that Collin felt the distance.

"I'll be in town a few days," de Sonnac whispered. As he talked, his lips brushed over Collin's. "Come back to my hotel with me."

"I don't..." Know you. Dare.

"Go to hotels with men you have just met?"

"No." Though if Collin were honest, none had ever asked him before.

"I've never asked anyone to accompany me before either. I imagine that must be difficult to believe. It's been ages since I had such an interesting debate with anyone, though. I want"--his lips pressed against Collin's--"more."


Collin kissed him.

De Sonnac's lips felt so good against his. The heat of his body bled into Collin, imprinting its touch. This could be deliciously wicked. Dangerous, but sweet. So sweet.

He felt de Sonnac's mouth open beneath his, and then wet warmth teased against his lips.

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