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Eve of the Dragon [MultiFormat]
eBook by Kerri Nelson

eBook Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
eBook Description: When college student Chloe Griffith elects to spend her Christmas break backpacking through the Fuji mountains of Japan, she has no clue that she's about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

During Chloe's first day of hiking near the village of Ginowan, she watches as a fierce Asian warrior slays a dragon to save his village. Fascinated by the extreme turn of events, she stays in the village to learn more about this dark, sexy warrior.

She soon learns that the village is caught in a time warp and that the warrior is doomed to repeat the same battle every single night.

Chloe must find a way to help the village and save her lover. Will the magic of Christmas be enough to break this ancient curse?

eBook Publisher: Whispers Publishing, Published: 2009
Fictionwise Release Date: December 2009

8 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Masaru had never felt anything quite like her lips. Kissing her was like ingesting sweet nectar. He drank from her lips, and when she finally broke the kiss, he found himself aching for another taste.

The woman sat back and looked around as if unsure of her actions. Masaru studied her lovely face and deep, green eyes. Her full lips pouted outward.

"Migoto," he whispered. Her eyes blinked down at him. He wondered if she realized that he'd just told her that she was beautiful?

He didn't have to wonder for long. She pushed back the blanket that was wrapped around her shoulders and leaned forward into his arms. Soon, she was straddling his body on the floor as she sat in his lap and began kissing his lips once again.

Though surprised at her brazen actions, he did not refuse her affections. He didn't know this woman, but there was an unmistakable connection between them.

He'd felt it from the moment they met. Maybe it had been the way she drank him in with her eyes. He wasn't sure, but he had been so long without the touch of a woman that he found his strength to resist was no match for the feelings of passion she was bringing forth in him.

He cradled her half-naked body in his arms as her mouth devoured his with a passion that seemed way more intense and mature than her age. Her arms wound around his shoulders as she pressed herself into his chest.

He could feel her smooth thighs against his hands as he held her steady in his lap. He had to see more...to feel more of her. He began to unfasten her coat and then she pushed back from him.

He looked up with a small measure of embarrassment as he assumed his action had been unwanted. Instead, she pulled her jacket off in one swift motion and it was swiftly followed by the removal of a fleece pullover...leaving her in only a t-shirt and panties.

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