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Woodbyrne: The Fallen Forest [Secure eReader]
eBook by James D'Arienzo, Jr.

eBook Category: Fantasy
eBook Description: The Fallen Forest is James D'Arienzo's first of three books retelling the adventures and lessons learned in the dark forest of Woodbyrne. In The Fallen Forest, young Prince Aaron defies his father's wishes and enters the forbidden forest on an adventure of his own. He soon learns why the forest is forbidden and that his actions and choices have serious consequences. While in the forest, Prince Aaron rescues a young lady named Quinn who is being held captive by Isidore, an evil demon. The rescue and escape lead to a friendship with the peaceful native elves. As the tale unfolds, readers learn with Aaron and Quinn the value of friendship, honor, truth, and family. Author James D'Arienzo mixes fantasy with horror and modern concepts with great battle scenes, engaging dialogue and well developed characters. A thrilling adventure sure to please anyone who enjoyed The Lord of the Rings or the Dark Elf Trilogy.

eBook Publisher: Moo Press, Inc., Published: 2003
Fictionwise Release Date: May 2003

1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"What makes Woodbyrne: The Fallen Forest such a rewarding story is that it is filled with a great cast of characters, excellent dialog, humor, heartache, drama, and amazing battle scenes. If the next two installments live up to the quality found in this first story, the Woodbyrne series will be a must-have collection."--(Reader Review)

Sample Text--Prologue ?You're late, Salomon!? Wynn clenched his sweaty fists so that his green knuckles turned white. "Time is not our ally this evening! We have to get things started right away!? ?Sorry, but it took me longer than I expected to grab one of these and not hurt it." Salomon opened up a box that he had safely tucked under one arm and pulled out a rooster by its feet. ?It doesn't matter,? Wynn sighed. "We have what we need so let's get ready before the moon hits its climax.? Salomon gingerly placed the squawking rooster back into the box and grabbed a piece of chalk. Together, the two novice wizards drew an intricate pattern on the floor: a circle filled with runes and other magical symbols. In order for the spell to work, the circle must be perfect. ?Be sure not to mess up the pattern!? Salomon scolded. "One mistake could be devastating.? ?This is going to be great!? Wynn responded. "All of Woodbyrne will speak of us until the ends of time!? ?If this works,? Salomon added. "Are you sure you stole the right spell?? Wynn stopped his laboring and looked at his friend with a smile. "Very sure. Senthll himself showed it to me." Their master, Senthll Moonglow, was one of the most powerful wizards in Woodbyrne, and an excellent teacher of the magical arts. Five years earlier, the seasoned mage had agreed to take in Wynn and Salomon as apprentices. Overall, he was pleased with their progress but felt Wynn was a little too eager to learn, regularly getting into trouble by casting spells he was not ready for. Usually, nothing more than a burnt hand and a wounded pride would result, but the young mage never seemed to learn from his ways. In the case of a wizard, that could prove treacherous. ?But didn't you say that this spell has never been used?? ?Never used by Senthll,? Wynn corrected. "It must work if he kept it locked up in that box all these years." The stubborn elf pointed to a corner where a pile of splinters and a mallet lay. "Enough talking. Let's just finish this pattern before its too late. If the moon passes its climax, we will have failed before we ever began.? ? and thus begins Woodbyrne: The Fallen Forest

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