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Going All In [MultiFormat]
eBook by Jess Dee

eBook Category: Erotica/Menage Erotica
eBook Description: The higher the stakes, the harder they fall--in love. Julia Savage's weekly poker games are tearing her apart. She's in love with two of her fellow card players, and much as she'd like to pick and confess her true feelings to one man, she won't. Not if it means risking the love of the other. Hunter Miles has wanted Julia for four months, and he's about to deal a hand she couldn't see coming. He's determined to give her a New Year's Eve celebration she never expected. He's going to seduce her--in front of his friend and rival for her affections, Jay Baxter. But Jay's not willing to lay down his cards. He's going after Julia too, and he's not above bluffing to get what he wants. Either way, one of them is going to win her over. Unless they change the rules of the game. If they double up, there's a chance they can split the pot? Warning: This book contains two hunky heroes, a heroine worth betting on, sizzling hot three-way action (m/f/m and m/m/f), a whole lot of unexpected fireworks and a New Year's Eve to remember.

eBook Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd., Published: 2009, 2009
Fictionwise Release Date: January 2010

94 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"Take off the glasses, Jules." This time there was not a hint of a smile playing on the corner of his mouth.

Julia looked at him, startled. Her heart began to beat in an irregular pattern.

He ran a thumb over the back of her hand, sending streaks of delight whizzing up her arm. "Take them off," he said again, his voice a mere whisper.


He took the money and placed it on the table. Then he leaned over until his mouth was close to hers. "You said it, sweetheart. Men don't make passes at girls who wear glasses." His brown eyes narrowed to tiny slits.

She gaped at him. Quick comebacks had always been her strong point. So why, in the face of Hunter's physical proximity, did she struggle to put together the simplest of sentences? Never mind coherent speech, why did she struggle to breathe?

His gaze was on her lips now. "Okay," he conceded huskily, "maybe they do." With that, he closed the space between her mouth and his.

Julia would have gasped out loud, but her lips--and her voice--were possessed by Hunter. His lips weaved their magic across hers, nibbling, stroking, caressing.

Her breath hitched in her throat. Oh, Lord. She'd spent months lusting after him, months fantasizing about him, and now Hunter was finally kissing her.

With a soft groan, he touched the tip of his tongue to her lips. Her mouth drew open as if by will of its own. Her acceptance of his silent appeal was all he needed. Hunter took control of the kiss with an expertise that wiped thought from her mind. All she could focus on were the exquisite sensations he evoked within. The warmth that suffused her body, the tingles that raced over her skin and the shivers that crept up her spine.

Sweet heaven, the man could kiss. Not that she'd expected anything less, but melting on a chair in Jay's dining room was a most startling turn of events. One she'd craved for four months. One she'd only dreamed would transpire.

Hunter pulled away, inhaled and licked his lips. "Mmm. You taste as decadent as the wine you've been drinking." He licked his lips again.

With his tongue engendering all sorts of wicked thoughts, Julia didn't stop to think about her answer. She'd wanted him to kiss her since that first poker game. Since she'd looked at him and stars had exploded. "You taste like sex."

With a groan he crushed his mouth to hers, kissing her with an ardor that made her pussy clench. Her dreams had never been this good--in her fantasies his lips had never been as thorough. Lord, he only need say the word and she'd strip naked for him.

But then, Jay need only say the word, and she'd strip naked for him too.

The thought of the brown-haired hunk in the kitchen brought a whimper to her throat. Hunter's kiss was exquisite. Out-of-this-world amazing. But how could she kiss him back knowing she loved Jay too?

How could she not?

A rush of heat pooled between her legs. Her nipples tightened into hard beads. Damn! The man could kiss.

Without releasing her mouth, Hunter pulled her up and backed her across the room. Blinded by passion, she tagged along, her trust in him absolute. Besides, she wasn't about to end the kiss just so she could see where he led her.

When her back touched the wall, he sighed and crowded into her, pressing his body against hers. Every inch of him was hard, from his muscular thighs to his powerful arms. From the solid wall of his chest down to the thick erection in his jeans.

"Miles," a voice sounded behind Hunter. A low male voice that made her shiver.

God. Jay was here. Watching her with Hunter.

"Go 'way, Baxter," Hunter mumbled against her lips.

"Not on your life," Jay said. "I want me a taste of that."

He did?

Hunter resumed the kiss, his mouth filling hers with delicious promises.

"Shift over, Blondie," Jay said with quiet determination.

What the...? That hadn't sounded like the chilled-out, laid-back Jay at all.

Hunter sighed and began to pull away. His lips clung to hers as his tongue gave a final sweep of her mouth. He pressed his rigid cock against her groin before taking a deep breath and stepping aside.

She didn't have time to protest. Jay took Hunter's place before she registered the loss of contact with him. He gave her a dazzling smile and claimed her mouth in another bone-melting kiss.

Jay. The guy who tempted her on a weekly basis with his shameless flirting but never quite carried through on his half promises, was now brushing her lips with his, teasing her with his tongue and igniting all sorts of fires in her belly.

Kissing him was nothing like kissing Hunter. While his lips and tongue tantalized, his body caressed, moving first this way then that, ensuring every part of her was stroked by every part of him. He was just as solid as Hunter--everywhere--but his height and her position threw Julia off balance. His hands spanned the width of her back and waist, and she stood on tiptoes, wrapped her arms around his neck and held on for dear life, never wanting to let go.

The kiss they shared wasn't just temperature-raising, toe-curling unbelievable, it was a culmination of a year's worth of teasing.

As horny as it made her--and man, was she ever horny--Julia wasn't sure she was ready for this. How could she kiss Jay and Hunter? She'd spent months agonizing over her love for both of them. Months trying to choose one over the other--and now they were both kissing her.

On the other hand she wasn't sure she was ready to pull away. Because no one had ever kissed her quite like Hunter or Jay. No one had ever evoked such a physical response from her in quite so short a time. In fact, no man had ever kissed her two seconds after another man had pulled away.

Jay lifted his head, catching his breath. God, she was kissing Hunter and Jay. Both of them!

Too much. It was happening too fast. She couldn't let it go any further.

Could she?

Lordy, if she felt this good being kissed by two men, imagine how she'd feel making love to them both.

What the fuck? Was she out of her mind even considering the idea?

Her answer was a resounding yes. She had to be out of her mind. Good girls did not do that sort of thing, and she'd been raised to be a good girl.

Even as her mouth opened to welcome back Jay's tongue, she used her hands to push him away. He let her go--but didn't release her lips.

Hunter took her hand and twirled her out of Jay's embrace, back into his own arms. Jay swore. The world spun out of control. Her chest hummed, her pussy clenched and she accepted Hunter's greedy kiss again. For a second. A minute. An hour.

Then there was pressure at her back, another person melding his body to hers. His hips cradled the top of her butt, and his cock pressed firm against her lower spine. Her hair was pushed to the side, and feather-light kisses were pressed to her neck. Tiny nips attacked her ears, so light the sting was less like pain and more like darts of pleasure rushing through her.

Here she was, cocooned between the two finest-looking men she'd ever had the pleasure of meeting, being treated to a sensory seduction of lips and tongues, and damned if she wasn't steaming past boiling point.

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