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Bitter Creek's Redemption [MultiFormat]
eBook by T. A. Chase

eBook Category: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Historical Fiction
eBook Description: Bitter Creek is a town on the brink of war.

Lines are being drawn and sides taken as two powerful men gather armies of gunfighters. The townspeople are helpless and the law worthless. One man has already died in the opening salvo of this land war and an air of fearful anticipation hangs over the town.

Eagle, the half-breed who works at the livery stable, manages to survive by not taking sides, until one day a stranger rides into town. Eagle's life changes, and he realizes that he can no longer hide with his horses if he wishes to be the man he claims to be...

Genres: Gay / Historical / The Old West / Action / Adventure / Interracial / Multicultural

eBook Publisher: Amber Quill Press, Published: 2009
Fictionwise Release Date: January 2010

73 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"5 Stars!...An excellent published book...Mix...great hot sex, a murder, a range war, and an unknown enemy and you get a book that will be hard to put down..."--Lydia, Rainbow Reviews

"4 Nymphs!...A well-paced action western. The impressive storyline illustrates greedy men, who all have a hidden agenda. The characters are well defined, Eagle speaks both languages, can read and write as well as being proficient in Comanche skills. Both men have emotional backgrounds interwoven with prejudice, as well as the dangers implicated by detection of their true natures; nevertheless they can't resist each other. Also exhibited in the secondary characters is the change of their perceptions in relation to the Native American culture. T. A. Chase has delivered a wonderful saga that I very much enjoyed."--Chocolate Minx, Literary Nymphs Reviews

"4.5 Stars!...I really liked this well-plotted and -written tale of the effects of greed and the power of family, with fleshed-out characters and a good story...The writing style incorporates prose that...fit[s] the mood and setting of the story perfectly...If you are in the mood for a good story with strong characters in a 19th Century Western setting, I'd highly recommend you pick this one up."--Aunt Lynn, Reviews By Jessewave

The disappearance of Ralph Ramsey and his horses remained the topic of conversation for months afterward. Eagle went about his business. No one asked his opinion and he wouldn't have given one if anyone had. The best way to stay out of the coming fight was by keeping quiet, which was something Eagle did well.

He knew some of the cowboys thought he was a coward and weak. The opinion of others rarely mattered to Eagle. All he cared about was surviving the white man's world and if that meant turning the other cheek at times, he'd swallow his pride and do it.

Buffert and Tansford laid claim to Ramsey's land, and the fight Eagle imagined broke out. In the three months since Ralph's death, ten other men had died. No one had discovered Ralph's grave or the horses hidden in the canyon. Barking Dog and Eagle's other half-brothers kept an eye on them.

Cold-eyed gunfighters rode into town every day, taking sides and running roughshod over the townsfolk. Eagle took care of the men's horses, absorbed their abuse and rejoiced each time one died.

Guns for hire were like rabid dogs in Eagle's mind. Vicious and violent, they were interested in money and inflicting pain. He avoided them when he could. Yet each time a stranger arrived at the livery, he'd study him, trying to find a sign this was the man Ralph said would come for the horses. Each time he would be disappointed. Maybe the letter had gotten lost or whomever it was sent to had moved.

There were moments in the dark of night when Eagle thought about taking the horses and leaving the area. He could go up north or out to the coast. There was land to be had there and he could raise horses like he'd always dreamed of.

The light of morning would clear his head of those silly imaginings. Even if Ralph's family never showed, if he left, someone would believe Eagle had stolen them, he'd hang and the horses would go to someone else. So he stayed silent, kept his head down and went about his job.

Four months to the day Ralph died, another cold-eyed stranger rode up to the livery stable. Eagle went out to take hold of the horse's bridle. The steel dust grey threw its head in the air and danced away.

"Easy there."

Something in the man's voice caused a shiver to race down Eagle's spine. Honey drawl coated the words, telling of Deep South roots. Only one person in the area had sounded like that. His wait was over. Someone had come for Ralph Ramsey's horses.

Squaring his shoulders, Eagle glanced up and met the coldest ice-blue eyes he'd ever seen. The man studied him for a moment before dismissing him, turning to look over his shoulder at the town. While Eagle held the stallion still, the rider swung down.

"Be careful. He doesn't like people and he'll take a chunk out of you if you're not paying attention to him."

Eagle nodded and started to lead the horse toward the stable. The rider kept pace with him, and Eagle stumbled, nerves getting the best of him. The horse jerked up its head, startled by his clumsiness.

"Maybe I should take him." The stranger's voice held a hint of amusement.

Irv came around the corner of the barn, and Eagle shook his head. He didn't want his boss thinking he couldn't do his job. After putting the horse into the biggest stall, he looped the reins over the top of the wall and worked on getting off the hand-tooled, custom-made saddle.

"I was wondering if you could tell me where I might find Ralph Ramsey or how to get to his place."

Eagle's head shot up, but he saw that the man was asking Irv, not him. His boss's beady eyes narrowed even more and interest flared in them. Shit, Irv spied for both Buffert and Tansford, so the news someone was looking for Ralph would reach their ears within minutes of the man leaving the livery.

Eagle bumped the stallion, causing the horse to kick out and nail the wood behind him. The stranger whirled around and glared at Eagle. Moving his gaze back to the saddle in front of him, Eagle gave a small shake of his head. He hoped that would be enough to stop the man from asking any more questions for now.

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