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The A to Z of Practical Wisdom [MultiFormat]
eBook by Lorraine Hockley

eBook Category: Self Improvement/Spiritual/Religion
eBook Description: The A to Z of Practical Wisdom is full of wise practical ideas to improve your life. It blends life coaching and spirituality and features many examples and case studies. The book has 26 short chapters - one for each letter of the alphabet -making it ideal for 'dipping into' when you are looking for guidance or inspiration.

eBook Publisher: SynergEbooks, Published: SynergEbooks, 2010
Fictionwise Release Date: February 2010

The A-Z of Practical Wisdom was a joy to read; it deals with some life enhancing, enlightening concepts in a down to earth, yet compelling way.

Hockley peppers her descriptions with insightful anecdotes which bring her points to life and make the reader really think. Once begun The A-Z of Practical Wisdom is hard to put down, you just want to know more. The chapters are short in length, which makes it easy to dip in and out of.

As a life coach I can see myself referencing a number of the chapters within this book as useful reading for clients. Thank you to Hockley for sharing her wisdom -- I have no doubt it will make a difference to many who read this book enabling individuals to peacefully work with this wonderful journey called life! ~ Emily Young, Life Coach


Every time I close the door on reality, it comes in through the window.
(Ashleigh Brilliant)

Acceptance is about allowing life to unfold. Allow people to develop at their own rate, in their own way--that is how they learn. Meanwhile, you learn tolerance and patience. Allow experiences to happen with little interference. There is so much you don't know; trusting the Universal Plan is the greatest acceptance of all.

Have you noticed that you only question fate when it is something you don't want to happen? When your car is dented or your house burgled, the first thought is: 'Why me? It's not fair'. Yet if you win the lottery, you think: 'Fantastic! I deserve this good luck'.

Acceptance is recognizing that our growth comes from surviving the tough times and remaining humble when our boat comes in. It is a sign of emotional maturity when you can practice acceptance no matter what is happening in your life.

Every day you are given a blank canvas, a brand new day full of endless possibilities. Even if you have issues from the day before, they will not be exactly the same today. You have the choice to shape your attitude, to turn resentment or self-pity into acceptance.

* * * *
Acceptance: The Small Stuff

Many years ago, I read a story in the Reader's Digest: I have never forgotten it, although the details may have blurred with the passing of time.

A man with a large family dreamed of having a den one day; his own private space that no one would invade. At last the front door closed after the eldest child left home (who, of course, was dearly loved and would be missed). The man rubbed his hands together with glee. 'Now I will have my den.'

Within weeks, the man's elderly father became ill and needed long-term care. The man didn't hesitate: he moved his father into the vacated room he had set aside for his den. He made his father comfortable on the first night, and as he turned to leave the room, he had a flash of insight. 'This is my life, right now, not how I want it to be one day.'

The man saw that fate always had a path mapped out for him, but his fantasy den prevented him from appreciating it. His dream was for privacy and a quiet life. His reality was being a pivotal person in a large, busy, loving household. The insight brought the man acceptance and peace.

I think about that man and his long-awaited den when I am yearning for overseas travel or a new car. It helps me to focus on accepting what is right under my nose: a comfortable house, good food, a wonderful husband and healthy children. I may get to travel, buy a new car, or I may not. It doesn't matter.

* * * *
Acceptance: The Big Stuff

When she was younger, Marguerite had a stillborn baby and she nearly died. Sadly, it left her infertile. Today, Marguerite is a dynamic education expert; she has poured her energy into improving the education of children and her work is attracting international interest.

Other women may have been sad and bitter for years at being infertile. Not Marguerite. She took the hand life dealt her and used it to make a difference in the lives of thousands of young people. Turning adversity into triumph is acceptance at its highest level.

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