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A Feral Christmas [MultiFormat]
eBook by Stephani Hecht

eBook Category: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Romance
eBook Description: Jaguar shifter, Brent, is on the most important mission of his life, to find his missing brothers. Separated years ago when their family home was attacked by the Ravens, Brent has never forgotten his lost siblings and will do anything to bring them back home. Then he finds out that one man holds the key to their location, a hawk shifter named, Daniel. Daniel has been on the run from the Ravens ever since they nearly eradicated all of his kind. Hiding by living as a human, the last thing he wants is to be sucked back into the shifter world. Then he wakes up to find a jaguar shifter in his bedroom, demanding his help. Even though he wants to refuse, Daniel takes one look at the desperation in Brent's eyes and knows he has to help. Even the smallest child knows that cats and birds don't mix. It still doesn't stop the two men's growing attraction to each other. Even as they fight new and old enemies, their feelings of love grow. Will they be able to overcome a lifetime's worth of hatred and prejudice to be together? Or will they have the pay the ultimate price for love?

eBook Publisher: eXtasy eBooks, Published: eXtasy Books, 2009
Fictionwise Release Date: February 2010

103 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Daniel cupped the back of Brent's neck and brought him in for a kiss.

For the Hawk to take the initiative both shocked and sent a sexual thrill through Brent. One that made him rock hard, his cock pushing painfully against his pants as it begged for attention. He opened his mouth to moan and Daniel immediately thrust his tongue inside. Brent almost came as the spicy, wild taste of the man washed over his senses. He reached out to caress his arm and pulled back when he encountered cool, bare skin.

"Shit, I forgot you don't have a coat. You must be freezing." He mentally kicked himself for not remembering sooner. Daniel didn't complain though, quite the opposite. With a growl, he grabbed Brent by the front of the shirt and pulled him back.

"I don't feel a thing. Now get back here, I want more."

Brent didn't have time to protest before Daniel claimed his lips once again. It felt so nice to have the Hawk be the aggressor that all other concerns suddenly vanished. His injury, the cold, what obstacles they may have to face in the future, none of them mattered. He pressed his body even tighter to the man, a primal urge making him want to soak Daniel in his scent. It wasn't just to hold the others at bay. No, he wanted to mark the man as his.

Mine! And God help anyone that comes between us. Brent rubbed against him again, but it still wasn't enough. He didn't just want to feel that huge cock pressed against him, he wanted to taste it. Breaking off the kiss, he gave an eager lick of his lips before he dropped to his knees in front of Daniel. The slushy snow instantly soaked through his pants, but he hardly noticed it as he reached out and started to fumble with the ties of Daniel's sleeping pants.

"Fuck, you're not going to actually do that out in the open like this?" Daniel protested weakly.

Brent paused long enough to look up at him. The man was gazing back at him, his dark eyes glazed over with passion and he breathed heavily between parted, kiss-swollen lips. His dark hair rustled a bit when a breeze kicked up and Brent marveled at how Daniel could look dangerous and sensual at the same time. "Does that mean you want me to stop?" Brent was compelled to ask even though he felt like he was going to bust if he was denied the pleasure of sucking Daniel's cock.

"Hell no, I just wanted to try to be the voice of reason." The man rolled his hips forward, the bulge from his erection huge as it strained against the fabric of his pants. "Now quit stalling and take my dick in your mouth. Or are you trying to make me beg for it?"

Brent grinned. He wouldn't make Daniel beg. Yet. But before he was done with him, the man would be pleading for release.

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