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Resurrection [Ishadarian Saga Book Two] [MultiFormat]
eBook by Alexandra O'Hurley

eBook Category: Erotica/Erotic Science Fiction
eBook Description: Excited by the challenge of exploring a new world, Taroth led his group with vigor. But once there, he immediately found the one woman who could be either his future or his demise. Left behind by the one person he would never have suspected to play the role of Judas, he struggles to survive and to regain the memory he lost. Corrine feels an incredible attraction to the gorgeous man who graces her emergency room, but fights her desire. It has taken dedication and hard work to get to her position and when John Doe is around; all thoughts of work and career go out the window. Eventually she succumbs to the pleasure he fills her with, and they create a new life, building new memories together. A face to face meeting brings all of Taroth's lost memories crashing down on him, as well as, the responsibilities of his former life. Will there be room for Corrine in his old life?

eBook Publisher: New Concepts Publishing, Published: 2010
Fictionwise Release Date: February 2010

26 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Chapter One

Fall 2005

Arid desert spread out before the cruiser as it landed onto the hard packed sands. Sensors had told the crew aboard the vessel that there were lifeforms in the area, and it seemed they would find it easy to scout out the new alien race as well as hide their presence within the plains of sand. Ten members made up the scouting party, and all were anxious to explore the new land. There were a lot of theories circulating about what they might find. Knowing that the truth may be even more interesting than the guesses they had formulated had the crewmen itching to seek the inhabitants out. There were so many what ifs that they didn't even know where to begin. Could they be as intelligent as all those who made up the Empire, or would they be a fledgling race, not capable of reasonable thought, similar to the primitive and highly volatile Cassadarians on Cessa 5?

Once the ship had settled, they confirmed the air was indeed breathable as their sensors had shown. Opening the hatch in the rear of the ship, they began off-loading some of the equipment and weapons they needed to begin their expedition, as several of the soldiers in the team began scouting the close vicinity for immediate dangers.

Of the ten-man party, five were research scientists who had approached the Emperor to initiate this trip in the first place, men and women who held science as tightly to their bosom as some held their religion, each ready to scan every available parqua and speck in their path. They readied their recorders and other pieces of equipment and prepared their life packs, fingers twitching with glee.

The wi' mia was also readying to explore, almost as excited as the scientists at the potential plant life that may yield yet new medical discoveries and prospective cures. Most wi' mia held mythical medicinal abilities, but fortunately for this crew, their doctor was a Boogdasharian. A unique breed of people, best explained as half doctor and half magician, their race wielded an amazing power of energy over any living organism.

Among the group there was also a council historian, ready to pen the tale of their exploits on this new planet. Many of the people of the Empire had been zealously clamoring for all knowledge of "The Great Unknown" as this new world had been called by their society. He alone would be the one to write the known history of this planet, and his name would forever go down in the Empire's history as well.

The only three men not thrilled with arriving were the soldiers, because it was their job to make sure the scouting party remained safe and unharmed, as well as make sure the invaluable information they collected returned to the home world. Right now, the only thing they all imagined was the myriad of ways for any one of the party to be hurt or killed. Two of the three strong, silent men quickly packed assorted weapons into bagdoliers to wear on the trek into the closest populated area, and the third eyed the area through binocular-like goggles, looking for lifeforms or other potential dangers.

"Dar, do you see anything on the horizon?" Regent Taroth, the superior officer of the three asked, while continuing to pack the weapons alongside his other warrior, Ta' Hall. Taroth and Dar Jin had been best friends since the academy, and had fought side by side for years now. He trusted his friend to judge the environment, just as he trusted him with his life.

"Nothing but sand, and more sand, and a little more sand, and throw in a few cliffs and some small brush and, oh, did I say sand?" Taroth smiled at the dripping sarcasm from his friend, a side of Dar few people ever got to see. "Nothing moving. I don't think we were spotted."

"There are lifeforms bordering this entire desert, and according to our readings, there is a small grouping of lifeforms not far from here, maybe a seca or two to the north. I think we should head in that general direction and come up behind them. Once we approach, we will do an initial survey and see what we are dealing with."

"Good plan, but I think we need to leave the squealing children a little further from the border of the inhabitation. As excited as they are, their giggling may get us sighted."

Taroth snickered at his friend's remark. Not accustomed to being around a group of young, frenzied scientists for this long, all three of the warriors had nearly pulled their hair out on the long trip to this galaxy. They were glad to be out of the confines of the ship after being cramped with the group for nearly a binear waiting to arrive.

"You had better not let them hear you call them squealing children. My ears are ringing from their overactive and overloud mouths as it is. I don't need one of them to start getting belligerent and start really berating you, or me. My poor ears can't handle the pitch any longer."

All three men chuckled and turned to eye the rest of the group, hoping they had not been overheard. As he looked in their direction, Taroth eyed T' Neel, the science team leader, the worst one of the group in his opinion. He hated to admit the scenery wasn't half bad, and she had hinted to him the use of her body was within his reach repeatedly over the course of the trip. But she had also made it a point that everyone on the ship knew she was hunting him like prey. So instead of falling into her hands, as she expected, and he thought, as most men probably did, he had not pursued her in return, even at his body's behest during the lonely, late hours in space. Any woman who had acted a fool like she had, had no self-respect, and Taroth couldn't respect her in return. And he couldn't bring himself to bed her, knowing only more trouble could come of it.

She smiled as she noted Taroth gazing her way and began walking towards him. Taroth cringed inwardly, knowing what he was now in for, scolding himself for even lingering over her form for more than a moment. He did not need more of her overtures, as he was a taken man anyway. Dar's younger sister was his promised lifemate and he would be Joined with her as soon as they returned from this mission. Neither his upcoming Joining ceremony, nor her incredibly vulgar display she showed in her bid to bed him were the only reasons he had for avoiding the woman.

The main reason he avoided her was the thought of screwing this woman with his soon to be brother in law, and best friend, sleeping in the quarters right next door just did not set well with him. Something about Dar's sister, D' Na Jin, did not set well with him either, but he was a man of honor and he could not break the laws of Daya N'goul and refuse to Join with her. He also respected his friend too much to dishonor his family in such a way.

Daya N'goul was the way every man on his planet met and married his soulmate, and no man in several hundred thousand years had refused a mate. There was no alternative, even though something just didn't feel right to Taroth. The first time a man smelled the scent of his soulmate, he felt physically unwell, and yet extremely aroused at the same time, and a deep love and attraction to the woman begins, to the point of obsession, and no other woman arouses his senses from that point forward.

An unruly erection also occurs, and the man maintains that erection at all times when in the presence of the woman until they are Joined. The first time he had met Dar Jin's much younger sister a little over a quatrad ago, he had the effects of Daya N'goul, but he had yet to feel love for D' Na Jin, and could care less if he ever set eyes on her again. Which was odd. Every man he had ever known had gone brainless in love and lust when they met their Daya N'goul. All Taroth could think about was escape. Was there something wrong with her? With him?

Shaking his head, he brushed his thoughts away, as he had dwelled on them much too long during the binear trying to reach this planet. He again focused on the erotic shape of T' Neel as she approached and thought how the feel of his cock entering her welcoming wet sex, and his ultimate release, would take away the stresses he had felt for many nears. Knowing that the moment he accepted the offer of her body it would be the beginning of the end for him, yet he still could not tell his body not to react to her. It sickened him. He used the excuse that he was unused to waiting so long between lovers. But why was he feeling this physical attraction with a Daya N'goul awaiting him back on Hara D'Noll?

The fiery redhead stopped in front of the men, wearing an overly tight jumpsuit, that was obviously too small for her body and left nothing to the imagination, as it outlined each and every curve of her body. Taroth felt his body stir, even when he willed his mind to ignore her overtures. He kept his eyes focused down into the packs he and Ta' Hall were finishing. After a few moments when Taroth had not made a motion to speak to her, her lush voice was heard. "We should be ready to go in the next ten minutes. Is there a plan?"

Taroth glowered up from his kneeling position beside his weapons pack into her inviting golden eyes, seeing her passion waving back at him and ignoring it as best he could. It amazed him that he could hold this woman in contempt, yet at the same time he could barely think of anything but availing himself to the desires she offered him. "We are going to head ni'or to the habitation we scanned just before we landed. It is small, only about 300 lifeforms, and within walking distance of the ship. We will keep you and your group several hundred feet away, allow us to scout for any possible dangers and then come back for your group to follow us if no immediate dangers are found."

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