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Good With His Hands [MultiFormat]
eBook by J. M. Jeffries & Barbara Keaton & T. T. Henderson

eBook Category: Romance
eBook Description: Four stories from four talented authors about some very talented men with some special moves and the women they fall in love with. Hot Spot by T.T. Henderson A Handy Man by J.M. Jeffries Mr. Telephone Man by Barbara Keaton Built To Last by Edwina Martin-Arnold

eBook Publisher: Parker Publishing, Inc., Published: 2009, 2009
Fictionwise Release Date: March 2010

4 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Byggie Quinn could think of dozens of better ways to spend her Sunday. Going to church with her older sister and her bad-ass kids wasn't one of them. Her Blackberry rang as they entered the building.

"Uh-uh. Don't even think about pulling that I-gotta-work-emergency bit, Byg," Her sister, Selena scolded as she nearly shoved her ten and twelve-year-old sons through the door.

"If Aunt Byggie has to leave, can I go with her?" Quinton, the oldest asked his mother.

"Hello?" Byggie answered her phone while watching Selena glare at her son the way their mother used to do. Byggie would never tell her, but she was still intimidated by that look. It had the required affect. Quinton's face went from hopeful to hang-dog in two seconds flat.

"Byggie it's Steve Carter. Did I catch you at a bad time?"

"No. Now is good," she said, turning her back as her sister's glare turned in her direction.

"Good. Good. I need you to fly to Phoenix next week. We're opening an office there next quarter and I need you handle finding us a facility."

"Phoenix, huh? What're we putting there? New call center?"

"No. Operations. We need to set up IT and some other back office functions for Business Resumption planning. You know the drill."

"Understood. When do you need me out there?"

"You know how the board is when they make a decision--it needs to happen yesterday. Can you be there Tuesday for meetings with our realtor and some of the city planners?"

"Yeah. No problem, Steve. I'll make it happen."

"Great. That's one thing done."

"Hey, Steve?" Byggie said.


"You do know it's Sunday, right?"

"Yeah. So?" It was just like him not to care or be aware that most people took the day off.

"Just a friendly reminder, even God took a day off every seventh day."

"That's 'cause he didn't have to worry about keepin' a job, Quinn. We're all livin' in Donald Trump's world nowadays. One day you're sipping champagne in a million-dollar Penthouse suite and the next, you're plunging toward earth clinging to your tattered golden parachute. You know that."

Most folks would've taken that to be a joke, but Byggie knew her boss didn't have a sense of humor about such things. Steve was Chief Operating Officer of OMG Financial and with the market being as volatile as it had been, he was constantly worried about staying in the good graces of the CEO and Board of Directors.

"If you're so all about keepin' to the Sabbath, why're you answering your Blackberry?" Steve challenged.

"You know me, boss. I'm scared I'll miss somethin'. Besides I am at church right now."

The man laughed on the other end of the phone. "Make sure you get out before lightening strikes."

"Forget you," she said in mock anger. "I'll get my itinerary together and e-mail it to you tomorrow."

"Thanks, Byggie. I can always count on you."

She ended the call and spun on a high heel to face Selena. The boys had gone off to their respective Sunday school classes and her sister's glare had nowhere else to go but here.

"What?" Byggie shrugged. "I'm done with the phone. It's going in my purse. See?" she dropped it deliberately into her bold red leather Dolce. "Give me a stinkin' break, alright?"

Selena shook her head, sighed and headed toward the sanctuary. She snatched the bulletin out of the greeter's hand with impatience. Byggie offered her an apologetic smile and offered a gracious "Thank you" as she took her own. She'd been irritating Selena since they were kids, but mostly because Selena irritated her first...and secondly, because Byggie derived some small pleasure at making her older sister lose her flippin' mind.

Byggie followed Selena to the section they always sat in, the upper level on the right. They found seats just as the choir and band began playing. She always enjoyed the music, even though it lasted far too long. She examined the three-inch designer pumps she was wearing. They were designed to be stylish, not endure a marathon praise and worship session. She leaned over to place her handbag on fold out chair, taking time to ensure her Blackberry was on "vibrate". She rose and tugged on the skirt of her dress that had ridden up just a bit.

A gorgeous man was entering the aisle. He quickly averted his eyes, but not before Byggie caught him staring at her assets. She smiled at him, feeling a spread of desire warm inside her.

He set his Bible down on his chair and began to sing and worship. Byggie continued to stare at him with interest. He was tall, medium brown, with one of those well-manicured beards that framed his handsome face. His hair was also closely cropped. She was a sucker for a well-groomed, handsome man.

Byggie continued to stare at him even after her sister hissed a warning in her ear.

"You don't pick up men in church, Byggie," she whispered hotly.

"Why not?" Byggie countered. "You said this was the best place to find a good man and that one looks plenty good to me."

"Honestly, Byggie. I don't know why you're not struck down right here, right now," Selena folded her arms, unable to enjoy the music.

"Me neither, sis," Byggie teased. "Maybe I haven't done anything quite scandalous enough."

"Hmpf," her sister replied, as if that wasn't even a remote possibility.

Just then, the man turned and stared directly into Byggie's eyes for a long moment then jerked his gaze away.

Smiling, Byggie picked up her handbag. He was as good as hers. "Be right back," she tossed the words at her sister and made her way down the aisle.

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