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Falling Fast [MultiFormat]
eBook by Cerise Deland

eBook Category: Erotica/Romance
eBook Description: When Shana Carpenter meets Kade Stapleton years after she ruined his bronc busting career, she wants to make amends to him by building his reputation as a rodeo manager. But her plans go haywire when she faces him and is stunned by her irresistible desire for him. Making love to him often every day, though, cannot erase her guilt. And when she realizes she loves him, she finds herself with a bigger problem. Can she ever forgive herself for what she did? Can he ever forgive her? And can he ever wholly love her?

eBook Publisher: Resplendence Publishing, LLC, Published: 2010, 2010
Fictionwise Release Date: March 2010

5 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Chapter One

If Shana Carpenter had forgotten Kade Stapleton was eye candy, it was definitely because she'd feared for weeks now that he'd realize who she really was when they met this morning. That he'd call her callus and unethical, throw her out of his office, and slam the door to any apology she might make for how she'd ruined him.

But here he stood. Cool and business-like, he blinked at the sight of her, seeming more stunned at her appearance than angry. Good. Great, in fact.

She'd dressed for success, and if he were eating her alive with his heavy-lidded lime-green gaze, then she rivaled him for ravenous.

What a man. Every inch a hard-muscular dream machine, Kade stood maybe ten inches taller than she. He'd bulked up since last she'd seen him four years ago in the ring. Sculpted and golden, the former rodeo star stared down at her, and damn, did he make her mouth water. He even smelled good. Spicy and musky.

She'd never gotten as close to him as this--except in her dreams. Recently, they'd begun to come with stunning frequency.

But here he was, striding toward her. Meeting her for the first time. Her heart picked up a beat at the sight of his rolling gait, his lean hips, the broad-as-a-barn shoulders he'd honed from working in the saddle ten hours every day--every day, until four years ago, when he'd quit. All because of her.

She winced, fearing he might know that Shana Carpenter was really S.J. Carpenter, the reporter who'd killed his career, but he smiled at her pleasantly. In one mad rush, all Shana's nighttime fantasies of being adored by the champion bronc buster fired up like a giant heat wave.

Better yet, her pussy gushed with warm cream at his welcome, and she beamed at him, knowing she'd been right not to wear any panties today. To feel free. Free of the past.

"How do you do, Mr. Stapleton?" She gave him her neon smile, plunked her briefcase on the floor and put out her hand.

"Hello, Miz Carpenter," he crooned in a Texas drawl that rumbled all the way down her body to tease her swollen little clit. "Nice of you to travel all this way to meet with me," he murmured as he took a long gander into her eyes, and she hoped he saw that she admired his looks. He grasped her hand, and a sizzle sparked between them that jarred them both.

"Wow! Sorry!" he exclaimed and grabbed hold of her forearm with his other big hand.

"It's okay," she told him, but she lied. The static was similar to the one that traveled between them every time he touched her. In her dreams.

"This old building," he said and shook his head ruefully. "It began life as a trailer. Never was very well grounded."

"Ah, I see," she declared, unsteady on her feet due to the jolt and wanting to tell him that maybe this current between them was more than her wish-fulfillment.

Reaching out with two hands, he steadied her with a mighty grip that made her wish she could strip off her linen suit. Better yet, he could strip it off. Like he strips me down in my bed each night as I toss and turn, making love to him and making up to him for how I ruined him.

He threw her a polite grin now that made her yearn to taste his lips. Come kiss me with that rugged mouth. Growl how you missed me and need to be inside me.

But instead, he seemed to fight not to glance down her body. Most men, she knew from years of experience, liked her figure. Lithe and long-legged, she had a toned ass and pert breasts men drooled to have, but only a few had. How I'd love to give them to you, Kade.

He nodded toward the chair opposite his desk. "Have a seat, Miz Carpenter."

Shana stepped backward, said thank you and sat down like the top-notch PR consultant she truly was. This was an interview for her firm to do a promotion for his rodeo, not an opportunity to seduce him. But I'm dying to reach out and lick your skin there at the hollow of your throat.

"Ah, well, let's begin," he offered in a hoarse voice as if he had forgotten why she was here. "Hot in here, I know." He cleared his throat. "Sorry the air conditioner is broken. Again." He grinned, fast and tight, his generous mouth making her hungry for a nibble of his lips. "Can I offer you a drink?"

That and anything else you want to give me. Like you do at night, when you climb into bed and hover over me with your thick shaft already hard and ready to take me.

She vibrated with desire, pushing away her urge to leap up and peel away his pale denim shirt and low-slung jeans. Then she'd see if his chest was as broad as she thought, and if his cock was as long as she'd dreamed.

"Miz Carpenter?" He called her from her reverie. "Drink?"

"Ah. Yes, thank you, I will." She settled herself back into the rickety folding chair, crossed one leg over the other and smoothed her suit's skirt to her knee. Her pussy needed petting, that was for sure, but she couldn't say, "hey, pardon me while I show you how pink and demanding my little cat is," could she?

She forced herself to look around and noted the nicks in the wooden furniture and the drab paint on the walls. The main office of The Hayward Rodeo was a wreck. If the town of Hayward, Texas was going to succeed at building this rodeo into an A-number-one national attraction, they would need to spruce up their offerings then their image. This office décor came in a close third. To do that, she now knew for certain, they needed one more thing badly. Her.

But when she looked back on him, he was focused on her lips. And his tongue was taking a slow journey around his open mouth.

Can I just kiss that for you? She pressed her thighs together then shifted in her chair.

He did, too.

Rearranging your cock because of me? Shana sat straighter, and her nipples beaded beneath her lacy bra. He couldn't see them beneath her jacket, but he definitely zeroed in on her cleavage in the v of her low-cut tank top. What the heck? She'd worn it to see if she could interest the man who in her dreams took his sweet time sucking her breasts into his talented mouth, nibbling at her big nipples and running his tongue all the way around her diamond-studded belly button before he feasted on her pussy.

"Miz Carpenter? Ma'am?" Kade Stapleton raised his voice, but he definitely sounded strained, as if he were strangling.

"Hmm?" She lifted her chin and shook back her shoulder-length, platinum curls.

He swallowed, loudly. "What'll it be? Water? Soda?" He raised a hand to buzz his assistant on the intercom. "We have coffee, too, if that's your poison."

"No." You are. My obsession. My desire. Ever since I wrote that article about you in the sports section of the Dallas paper four years ago. Ever since I printed a retraction, resigned for my foolishness and began to plan how I'd make more amends. Ever since, I began to think of how I could take you into my bed and kiss the hurt away.

She squeezed her labia together and felt a trickle of perspiration wend its way between her breasts.

"Water. Cool water. Please."

"Two waters, Reata," he told his assistant as he squinted at Shana and looked for all the world like a guy who was trying to concentrate.

Shana would have laughed, but the lure of him had her wiggling forward in her chair to try to massage her pulsing cunt. Four years ago, she had been frightened by her response to his languid cowboy sexuality. She'd been young, twenty-two, in her first job at a newspaper and so naïve, both professionally and sexually. Since she'd ruined Kade, she'd corrected both lacks. Now, she thoroughly examined whatever she did before she opened her mouth or typed one word. To complement that, she also knew what she liked in men. Honest, forthright, funny. But no one held her fascination like hunky, jovial Kade Stapleton.

The man was heavenly. No man could match his bronze, god-like tan, that sun-kissed shock of yellow-gold hair hanging over grass-green eyes. Or the rock-hewn features with generous lips and a mellow bass voice that melted her into a puddle of foolish desire. No real-life lover ever compared in looks or bedroom manner. This lack in her life was her penance, she knew, for doing him wrong and declaring he was a hothead with the judges.

Once more, regret flooded her, and she yearned to use her body to heal the wounds she'd made. But how could she without looking like a horny lunatic?

Stifling a moan, she bent and dug through her briefcase for her copy of the PR proposal. All thumbs, she couldn't find the thing.


His tone was husky. Dark and suggestive. She looked up to see Kade devouring her with those wide, green eyes, his look hypnotic, his mouth parting. A vision of him using that mouth to tantalize her sensitive nipples made her yelp.

"Chair not comfortable?" he asked, suddenly solicitous.

"Oh. No. No, no. I'm fine. Chair's fine." Brain's dead, but my pussy's on fire.

"Here's your water," he said, sounding relieved when his assistant walked in, handed both to him, then shut the door behind her.

He sprang up to give Shana one of the bottles. "Would you like a glass? Ice?"

"No. Thanks." Shana stuck out her hand. "Water's good. Plain. Warm."

But when he reached out to give it to her, her fingers touched his, and this time, the shock was electric. Riveting.

She reeled.

He clamped her hand to his rock-hard chest and rubbed her fingers. "Christ, sorry. You okay?"

"Sure." She stared up at him, automatically reaching out to caress her own burning hand and, in the process, his ribs, too. "Are you all right?" she asked him, more than thunderstruck. That shock is exactly the voltage I feel every night when you put your mouth on mine. That shock is what I crave when you put your fingers on my pussy and spread my lips for you to lick all my juices. "Feels divine."

He put his other hand on top of hers and stroked her from fingertips to forearm as if she were a cat in heat. "Like nothing I've ever felt before."

"This has never happened to me before, either." I've never wanted a man to touch me all over like you do. Never wanted a man to eat me up. Feast on me.

His voice was a rasp when he said, "Let me make it up to you."

"Oh, yes," she crooned and stood. "I'd like that."

He stepped closer now so that their hips touched, her pussy flooded and his erection jutted up against her. His body heat washed over her like a hot river. "I'll buy you a drink when we're done," he promised. "Lunch, too, if you want."

"I want." I want badly.

"A steak?" he asked, his eyes verdant with hunger. "Or maybe that's too much for lunch."

"No, I like steak. Hearty things." Like you.

"Oh, I do, too." He was nigh unto whispering as his eyes drifted down to her jacket where her breasts chafed to be out and swaying toward his lips. "But, uh, fact is, I'd take you to JoeDan's Ice House across the street, but he's getting a whole new kitchen installed and the place is closed." Kade grinned, his handsome mouth widening as he added, "I do cook. Want to come home with me? For lunch, that is?"

"I do." She flowed forward to press her breasts briefly against his chest and wondered where her business manners had fled when she added, "But I'm hungry now." She struggled to look demure, for god sakes, when all she really wanted to do was move closer into those muscular arms.

"No breakfast?" he asked.

"No." She licked her lips and looked at his. "I ran out early and wanted to be on time for you. It's a three hour drive from San Antonio."

"Not good to starve," he murmured, sounding far from paternal as he braced her shoulders and pulled her so near they were flush against each other from her rock-hard nipples to his long, steely shaft. "Are you faint? In this heat, you've got to be good to yourself."

She nodded, barely breathing. "I am. I mean ... I do."

"Let me help you take your jacket off." His eyes sashayed from her lips to her cleavage as his big hands gathered the fabric and slid it down her arms.

She turned to let him have her coat. But when she faced him again, he didn't move away. Couldn't, it seemed, as he bit his lower lip and took in the size of her breasts then stepped backward.

"Drink your water." He spun away from her, went back to take his chair and examined the folder on his desktop. "Let's talk about this, shall we, Miz Carpenter?"


"Shana," he repeated slowly, squinting at her as if he were determined to look only into her eyes. "Your proposal is a really fine one. Strong. The budget's good, too. You've been direct and honest about what you can accomplish with us way out here in no man's land of west Texas. I like direct and honest."

Direct. Honest. That's exactly how he praised her seduction of him each night before he gathered her close, caught her to him like a second skin and began to love her, pet her and please her. She pressed her cunt to the hard chair, her labia pulsing in pleasure. "Thank you."

"I want your mouth, Shana, darlin'," he would always whisper to her just before he took her lips and branded them as his own.

"I can't get enough of you, Kade," she'd tell him truthfully. "I never needed anyone like I need you."

"I need you, too, baby," he'd say while his strong hands splayed against her back and crushed her breasts against his firm chest. "We're not talking about the past." He'd loom above her and bend to kiss his way down her throat to tongue her nipples. He'd pull them into the warm cavern of his lush mouth and make them hard as stones. "We're talking about now." And he'd take her other nipple and give it the same hot blessing. "We're talking about this." He'd flick his tongue over her jeweled belly button ring. "This rage of mine to be here." He'd groan as he sank to his elbows and, with careful fingertips, traced her seam, curled her heavy labia open and feasted on her juicy folds with tender devotion. "You are so sweet, baby." He'd lave one lip with a slow and careful tongue. "Your cream is thick as syrup." He'd lick the length of her other lip then slide one blunt finger up inside her cunt. "Your pussy tastes like August peaches. And you are all mine. Let me show you." And he'd curl two more fingers up inside her greedy, little channel. "I'm gonna fuck you now. Long and slow and easy." To prove it to her, he'd lift her hips and press up inside her in one, long glide to ecstasy. He'd set a rhythm, steady and rigid and maddening. He'd tweak her nipples. Circle his thumb over her clit. "You're such a beautiful woman, Shana darlin'. Inside and out."

She would cry out in delight, his words freeing her of how she'd hurt him. "You forgive me," she'd whisper in wonder and curl into his powerful, hot body after their climax.

His green eyes became glass now, and he frowned. "Forgive you? Why should I?"

Jolted, Shana glanced around at the dilapidated room. She wasn't in her bed with him, but here in his office. From the looks of him, he appeared shaken and wary of her while he wore an indifferent mask of a cool businessman.

"Forgive me..." She tried to repair her blunder, pushing back regret that she couldn't really live her nighttime fantasy here with him. Searching inside her briefcase, she hoisted papers. "Forgive me for bringing only one copy of the proposal."

"That's okay," he said, pursing his lips and scowling down at the open folder on his desk. "Where shall we begin, Miz Carpenter?"

Here on your desk. Me under you. You inside me.

"The name's Shana," she got out on a smile, scolding herself for her irrepressible dreaming. She powered up her professional forty-watt grin, trying to destroy the chill she got from his no-nonsense efficiency. If she was going to close this deal, she needed to warm him up. If I don't go up in flames first.

His eyes locked on hers. He was playing tough again. Was he testing her?

"Ah, yeah, right, Shana," he agreed at last. He hitched his mouth up to one side as his sultry greens darted to her breasts where her traitorous nipples blossomed at his regard. In a millisecond, he shook his head and his gaze shot back up toward hers. "Good way to begin, with first names." But he didn't say, you can call me Kade. Instead, he said, "I've read your proposal through a couple of times."

"Good." You should. "To get the Hayward Rodeo into the public consciousness, a full-scale PR campaign is what you need."

"Agreed. Starting yesterday, too." He sat forward, folding his hands on his desk and looking her straight in the eyes.

She inhaled, overjoyed. "Absolutely."


She blinked. Not understanding, not seeing.

Her gaze fell over his stern features. She'd never seen him as a negotiator before. This look was so different from the charming cowboy and the champion competitor. This man was feral, determined, and every feature from the jut of his cheekbones to the symmetry of his square jaw and the fullness of his let-me-kiss-you-all-over lips became stone barriers to her goals.

She had been ready for the congenial guy who appeared on TV interviews, not this powerhouse administrator. Years ago, the very sight of his pub shot had made her swallow hard and want bad. Now, this man in the flesh made her yearn for his strength in her bed and in her body. She wanted the ravishing man who had held her close minutes before. But that man wasn't here now. Her heart fluttered, confused by her own wants as well as his words.

"What do you mean?"

"I like what you've got here." He patted the proposal and leaned back in his chair to rock. Man in control. Power behind the desk.

"Good." She sat forward, determined to disarm him with logic. "Tell me what you don't like."

His gaze mellowed, almost apologizing. "You're too expensive."

She hated the irony. Kade Stapleton had once been known as the country's championship bronc buster three years in a row. He'd been known to spend his winning purses on horses, cars, wine and women. All the most expensive he could afford. Yet, today, he earned a meager salary, all because of how she'd ruined his bronc busting career. And she would make it up to him.

"I can negotiate." Her boss had granted her that ability. "Within certain parameters."

"I doubt we can bargain. My budget constraints are very tight."

"Try me," she urged him, desperate to make this deal.

"No." He smiled sadly. "I wouldn't want to insult you with a lowball offer."

"You can't," she countered. "Five hundred a month less on the retainer. My opening offer."

He blinked. "Mighty generous. But it's still too high."

She did some quick calculations. She knew where the profit margin was on this job. "Seven-fifty less per month but for a six-month contract." She would tell Jeff she'd cut her salary for that period. Working with Kade, for Kade, made all of her sacrifice worthwhile.

He stared at her. "You want this job that much?"

"I do."

"I can't accept."

She scooted forward in her chair and caught another whiff of that sandalwood and sage. "But you knew your budget problems before I came here," she said, astonished.

Or do you really know who I am, and you brought me here to confront me, belittle me, berate me?

She braced herself, waiting for his tirade. "Then, why am I here?"

Go ahead and get this over with. Yell at me, for god sakes. Throw me out on my ear.

"Not my choice to bring you here."

He'd called her. Or rather, his assistant had. "Pardon me?"

He smiled sadly now, his mouth going from grim to grimace in one smooth glide. "I knew I wasn't going to give you this contract. But the board of directors wanted me to see you. Talk to you. Thank you. They liked your ideas. And I made them promise me we'd hire you if we ever had enough profit." Kade's eyes softened for half a second to sparkling pools of sympathy. "So I promised I'd see you. But there's no money. Well, to be honest, not the kind of money you asked for in this business plan. And so you see, Miz Carpenter, or rather Shana, I asked you here to thank you personally, because I always keep my promises. To myself and to those I work with."

So her hope that she might work with him, build up his rodeo, build up his reputation and forgive herself for how she had done him wrong went up in smoke.

"I can't believe this," she murmured, lost.

He slapped both palms on his desk and stood up to tower over her. "Well, you should."

She gazed up into those stern eyes of his and pleaded, "Let me help you."

His expression dwindled to something akin to sorrow. "You can't, ma'am."

"But I must," she declared and knew she sounded like a crazy woman. "I've seen the line-up you've got for the next season. I've seen your list of headliners. I've studied the problems, read the newspaper clips and the magazine articles. You've got to give me a chance." To prove I'm not a monster who writes lies in newspapers. "Let me."

He straightened up, his face a grim façade, his mood unforgiving. "Why?"

"I want to."

"I can see that." He folded his arms, looking like a colossus she could never move. "But why?"

"I can. I'm free of major clients for the next three months and I can do it."

Once Jeff hears what I've done, I might have no clients. But I'd be here with Kade, and that would be just the ticket to solving his problem and mine.

"But I can't afford you."

"Two grand a month for three months, plus my living expenses. You can afford that. I've seen the balance sheets you sent for our use to build the campaign."

He whistled. "That's damn low."

And you are damn stubborn.

"I need the experience." Her persistence in the face of his recalcitrance startled her, but then she had to find some peace for what she'd done to him. Helping him was her only out. Her only redemption.

"I've read your resume, Shana, so saying you need more experience," he said biting off his words, "is a damned lie."

The truth then. Okay. Watching his jaw muscles twitch in anger, she stood and raised her chin at him. Maybe he does know who I am. And he hates me. Still, she'd come here to try to wipe that mistake away.

"I want to leave my firm." That was true, even if she hadn't planned to do it for a few more years. "I want to build my own PR company, and the only way I can make it happen is to build an expertise."

"And the rodeo is your choice?" he asked as if she were nuts.

She nodded. "You are my first choice."

"How could that be?"

Suddenly, she was positive he knew who she was. Knew why she was here. Really here. If that were so, she'd better get on with her plan and her apology. Direct and honest, that was the way to start. "Because, Kade, after you quit the circuit and came here, no one thought you'd do as well as you have."

He curled out his lower lip, surly, brooding. "True. And?"

"Because, now, you need to do more to make Hayward a first class event. I can help you do that. I've got the connections in my firm to bring in country and western singers to headline Saturday nights. I know the groups to set up a western trail drive for you. I can launch children's competitions with miniature horses. And we'll start an annual chili cook-off with big prizes."

"All for the Hayward Rodeo," he said as if she did need her head examined.

Maybe she did. To hell with whether he knew she'd hurt him. She wanted this job for more than one good reason. She stepped around the rickety desk to face him. Lifting her face to his, she admired his mouth and eyes, both with stress lines she wanted to eradicate. "Yes. All for you. I'll make your new job so secure that no one will ever mess with you again. You'll become the most prosperous, most famous rodeo executive in Texas."

Stepping near her, he wrapped his huge, warm hands around her upper arms. The electrical current between them buzzed and hummed, uniting them like magnets. "Are you sure the heat wave hasn't fried your brain?"

"No, Kade. It hasn't. What's wrong with my plan? Rodeoing is a great business. Growing, too, since the sports' cable channels show the competitions."

"True. But your price is so low, I'll be taking unfair advantage of you."

Like I did of you. She stared at him, shocked at the force of her need to make her nighttime fantasy real. "Say you want me."

He threw back his head and whistled. "Miz Carpenter. Shana," he crooned in his darling bass and made her pussy pulse with wet demand, "how will your boss take it that you're doing us such a favor?"

"Jeff won't like the idea." In fact, he'll hate it, jealous as he is of anything in pants that comes near me. "But I want this." I want you. "And I do live my own life." I haven't accepted his marriage proposal yet.

Kade Stapleton looked at her. Every feature. Every contour. And she felt caressed and consumed by him.

Beneath his breath, he cursed. "I'm crazy to even consider this." He hauled her flush against his chest. And through the thin cotton of her tank top, she felt the overpowering strength of his body and the lure of his easy charm. "We need to shake on this deal."

The urge to throw her arms around his neck was the most powerful impulse she'd had in years. And when she gave into it and felt him crush her closer, she knew she'd made the right decision.

"What if I don't want to shake?" She grinned up into his gorgeous eyes, impatient to celebrate her victory.

He examined her as if he were going to have her for dinner. "What if I don't want to talk?"

"What if," her lips strayed over his, open and taking in his minty scent, "I'd agree?"

His fingers dug in to her waist and drifted lower to cup her ass. "I'd rather kiss you."

"I'd rather you hurried."

"Oh, lady," he whispered as his mouth seized hers. His claim of her was nothing like she'd ever imagined him to be. He wasn't gentle but was fierce as he swept his tongue around the inside of her mouth and ground her closer.

She could hardly breathe. She tore away, and her head fell back. "Is this lunch?"

Against her throat, he chuckled. "If you say so."

"What'll your assistant say?"

He whirled with her in his arms, her legs up around his waist now, as he took two steps to the door and twirled the lock.

"She'll say nothing, darlin'." He eyed her swollen mouth, and her disheveled hair. "What're you gonna say if I tell you I want you here, now, on my desk?"

"I'll say you better have me quickly, because I'm coming soon. I want you to come with me." She barely made a sound as she added, "Come inside me."

He growled and stepped to his desk. With one sweep of his arm, he sent things scattering across the top and dropping to the floor. Then, he laid her back as if she were made of new-spun glass. "You sure about this, Shana?"

She let each of her high heels thud to the floor then reached for the top button of his soft denim shirt. "Let me show you how sure I am."

He bent, and she worked at the other buttons while one of his big hands cupped one of her breasts. "I want to see these. Taste them." His green eyes shot to hers. "Look at me. Tell me if I go too fast and gobble you up? I don't want to scare you." He cupped her chin. "I scare myself I want you that badly."

She trembled. "I'm terrified, but not of you and this." She grasped his silver belt buckle then paused to cup his erection.

His eyes darkened with to an emerald joy. "Well, then, we better get you naked, darlin', because I'm going to enjoy loving you long and hard."

She scooted to a partially sitting position and, in a flash, reached down to strip herself of the top and undo her bra.

But his hands covered hers. "For me to do."

Reverent in his care, he pushed her hands away from the cups of her bra, where her breasts overflowed the edge of the lace.

"Let me see these," he whispered and reached inside the frilly fabric to lift out her breasts. Lurid, they spilled out. "Beautiful little apples," he growled and brushed one nipple so that they both heard the zing of electricity caused by his touch. "I have to have a bite," he pleaded and bent to nip his teeth over her tip.

"Ah, god, Kade!" She flung back her head, seared by his heat, his talent and his attention to the nipple. "You're going to burn me up with that tongue."

He caught her head in his hands and pressed his mouth to hers. "You haven't seen anything yet." Then he arched her up so that he could suck her other nipple into his mouth with such force, he had most of her breast in his warm cavern. As he pulled away, he blew cool air on her areola and gave her little licks on her navel. His hand fondled her diamond tummy ring. He drew back.

"All this." His gaze swept her body. "The platinum hair. The puma eyes. The sharp cheekbones. Your lips. Your breasts. And this..." He cupped her at the apex of her thighs to make her squirm. "You are one stunning woman, darlin'." He kissed her then, his tongue invading her while his hand, palming her cunt, squeezed her hard.

She squirmed to get closer into his hand and cried out for more of him.

"You bet. Let's take this off, baby," he gripped her skirt and pulled it down the length of her legs.

But when he came back up and stared at her, she watched him register shock as he saw her naked pussy.

"You don't wear panties?" he asked, his gaze running over her pale curls.

"Not today," she admitted.

He couldn't take his eyes from her short blonde hair as he sank his palm against her. "Christ, you are on fire."

"Oh, yes," she undulated against his caress then slid open her legs to let him feel more of her.

His fingers traced her slit, and he sank one finger inside her with such ease, he moaned. "Shana, baby, did you get that wet just talking to me?"

"Oh, I did," she admitted and widened her legs more. "I wanted you. Needed to have you."

"But you don't know me," he said, sounding foggy. "How could you know you wanted to get naked with me?"

She leaned up and held his jaw. "I've read about you. Famous rodeo star. Spokesman and fundraiser for disabled competitors. Now manager of the Hayward Rodeo. I know you. Who doesn't?" She kissed him, cuddling close, her breasts abraded by his pecs and making her liquid with want. She squeezed his fingers between her labia. "Don't you want me, Kade?"

He pushed her back to the desktop, ran his hands over her nipples and the hollow of her belly button then over her hipbones to her pussy.

"I want this." He spread her lips, and she wiggled as the air hit her hungry cunt. "I want to taste this." He licked the inside of one lip then the other. "I want to tease this." He stabbed his tongue against her clit. "I want to suck this." He put his lips to her small bundle of nerves to pull her into the torrid cavern of his mouth, and she cried out.

Humming in delight, she pulled her labia wider for his ease. "Do you have any condoms?"

She could feel him smile against her pussy as he said, "What's your hurry, darlin'? I'm having a wonderful time sucking you."

"I know. I know! But I'm coming soon!" she blurted.

He chuckled against her wet flesh.

"No, really, don't you have any?"

He was busy, sending his scalding tongue deeper and deeper inside her.

She clamped a hand over her pussy to stop him.

"Ah, baby, don't do that." He kissed her fingertips. "I can't drink your cream, if you hide this pretty kitty from me."

"Condoms!" she insisted. "Here? In the office?"

He went on blithely nipping her and licking her. When she wiggled like a fish, he held her hips to the desk. "Yeah, okay, honey. Open the top drawer. On your left, baby. Christ, you're giving off more juice. No, baby. To your left. That's right. Good girl."

"Hurry," she demanded, almost whimpering, her hands opening her labia to tap her clit while he tore at the packet.

"No, baby." He stayed her hands. "I'm doing this naughty cat. Not you. Never you while I'm around. Hear me?" He snapped on the condom and leaned over her. His eyes were green pools of fire. "Want to feel my cock?"

"I do." She licked her lips and reached out her hands.

He led her to his shaft.

"Oh, god." She craned her neck to see him. Huge. Jutting from his groin like a long, pink rod. "Just like I always thought."

He snorted. "What do you mean?"

"I saw you in the saddle. You always seemed so big. Too big for an ordinary woman to handle." She ran her hand over his length. "I want you in my saddle."

"Happy to oblige." His fingers spread her juicy channel wider. "Let me make really certain you're fired up enough to have me, baby."

She pounded her fists on his desk. "Kade. I'm going to be cinders and ashes if I get any hotter."

He laughed against her clit, and the vibrations had her groaning. "Not to worry, darlin'." He flicked the crest of her nub with the talented tip of his tongue. "I'm going up in flames with you."

"Like now?" she keened.

And he plunged into her with one long hard drive. "Like right now."

She opened her mouth in a silent scream of fulfillment.

"Oh, I hear you, baby," he growled as he gripped her hips with powerful hands, flung his head back and set a jolting rhythm for them both. "Christ, where've you been all these years?"

At his question, a warning bell rang in her head, but she couldn't care, didn't dare move as he penetrated her over and over with speed. Wanting more, she moaned and pleaded for him, "Come closer, farther."

He rammed inside her, and she thrilled to his strength as he rocked her in a faster pulse that made her yell for more.

And he gave it. With fast sure stabs, he claimed her. She spread her legs, lifted to meet him and reveled in his ferocity. Pulses of pleasure built inside her like a hurricane, taking her up and making her keen as she came in stunning waves of release.

With a shout, he followed her up into the storm, broke and fell over her.

When he lifted his head, he examined her features. His body was tense, his expression raw with worry. He caressed her cheeks and lips with careful fingers. "That was rough. You're good?"

"Very good," she breathed.

He grinned, passion hooding his gaze as he took his time, caressing her nipples, sucking them into points over and over, massaging her belly and giving her minute orgasms with his touch. "You come for me so easily, darlin'."

"I know..." She let out a giggle. "Who knew I could do that?"

"Why? Haven't had many men?"

"No. No, not like this. Not like you."

"Well, then, let me take my time and apply all my talents to loving you often."

She looked Kade in the eye. "Good, because now that I've found you--had this with you--I'd hate to let you go." Then she squeezed his shaft with her vaginal muscles.

He groaned. "Who says you have to go anywhere?"

"You're going to let me stay?"

He stroked her channel with a long swath of his heavy cock. "Oh, you're staying."

"I'm hired?" She could barely believe her good fortune.

His eyes laughed as they delved into hers. "Seems like the best way to keep you."

"Well," she demurred, teasing him, "I can't just stay in town and say I'm here to make love to the famous Kade Stapleton."

His brows furrowed. "No, certainly can't do that." He caressed her stomach, lost in thought. "But if you do stay, you are making love to Kade Stapleton."

"I wouldn't stay if I couldn't."

He examined her then. Long and hard, he looked her over, from her swollen mouth to her pebbled nipples to her wet bush, his cock still buried deep inside her. He combed her pussy hair with two gentle fingers. "I want you often. In a bed. Down in the river. On the bank on a blanket. Everywhere. Every day."

"At night, too," she insisted and let him know she was adamant about it with another pulse of her powerful walls.

He hooted. "You bet. But this is a small town and folks have proprieties here, so you've got to have a room. We'll set you up at Troy Mallard's B&B."

"You'll visit?" she asked, eager as a teenager with a new boyfriend.

"Ha! I'm gonna be around you so much, you're gonna get tired of me."

She grinned, bold as brass that he could care that much. "I want to be tired because of you, Kade Stapleton."

"Oh, trust me." He pushed inside her once more, his eyes drifting closed in the move. "You're gonna have to find ways to get your work done fast, Shana. Cuz, I've got a taste for you now, and it's only gonna grow."

She tossed him an impish grin. "Kade, just give me time, and I'll be making you and the Hayward Rodeo grow a lot."

On a shout, he pulled out of her and yanked her up into his arms. Running his palm up into her hair, he cupped her head and planted a big, hot, juicy kiss on her happy mouth. "A promise, I'm gonna see to it you keep."

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