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Chiaroscuro [MultiFormat]
eBook by Rebecca duBois-Guilbert

eBook Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Historical Fiction
eBook Description: In 1955 love between a white woman and a black man was forbidden. Having just divorced her cheating husband, Summer has returned home to the small town of Tarnton to decide what to do with the rest of her life. There she meets Griff Woods, son of her family's maid, who has come home from Europe for his mother's death. The attraction is instant, resulting in a passionate affair carried on in the moonlight at the old quarry pool, an affair that Summer wants to keep quiet at all costs. Griff wants commitment. Racists are perverting the law to further their own ends and think nothing of burning and harassment. When one of the racists who wanted Summer for himself finds her with Griff, Summer must fight for her life as well as her love.

eBook Publisher: Red Rose Publishing, Published: 2009, 2009
Fictionwise Release Date: March 2010

In the burning white moonlight nothing was hidden; Summer looked down the length of her body -- so like an alabaster altar -- and saw Griff's dark head framed by the milky vee of her parted legs. It was as if she were being worshipped by some mysterious water god risen from the depths for the sole purpose of awakening her to a new awareness.... The moment and the idea merged, creating an iridescent erotic apex in Summer's life, loosening in her a vast, uncontrollable flood of feelings that swirled and churned and redefined her world.

Sensing the coming storm, Griff redoubled his efforts, lashing her clitoris with a heavy tongue, then sucking, finally nibbling with careful teeth. His tongue sank lower, lapping at her vaginal lips and slurping down the thick, sweet juices of her passion. His tensing fingers dug into the creamy globes of Summer's hips as his lips and tongue combined to drive her the last small way into ecstasy. With an effort Summer stifled a cry and shook in the throes of explosive release, her body arcing tightly as if she could neither control nor contain the pleasure that coursed through her.

Gently Griff released his possessive grip and, hurrying now with his own need, stripped away his inadequate, straining bathing suit. In the instant he raised upright over her, proudly naked, his kingly penis aroused and impatient, Summer again had the feeling that this was a place out of time, a place of magic, and the dark god of the water had risen to claim her. Gladly she raised her arms in demanding invitation and gladly he came down to fill them.

Wrapping her tightly in his arms to protect her back from the abrasive concrete, Griff made himself go slowly, very slowly, prolonging the moment until he could wait no longer. Gently, slowly, as if she were virgin, he eased forward into her, the great hard knob of his erection spreading and stretching and filling her warm softness with his desire until at last they were one. Black and white, male and female, positive and negative, opposites in every way, they joyously entwined and combined beneath the cruel moon.

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