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In the Shadow of the Wolf [MultiFormat]
eBook by Mandy Monroe

eBook Category: Erotica/Menage Erotica
eBook Description: It's hard to figure out how it is that a plot so meticulously planned and beautifully executed could go so far off track! She'd researched everything carefully, planned it down to the smallest detail. All she had to do on her 'skiing vacation' at the lodge was make herself available, collect 'donations' and voile! Baby! A task easier plotted than done, she discovered. First, it seemed she couldn't land even one. The next thing she knew, she had all three jockeying for position and then she discovered her 'perfect donors' had just a little flaw.... Why the hell didn't somebody tell her there really was such a thing as werewolves! That, she scolded herself, was what came of insufficient planning! Rating: Carnal/erotica--adult situations, graphic sexual encounters, ménage.

eBook Publisher: New Concepts Publishing, Published: 2010
Fictionwise Release Date: March 2010

200 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Chapter One

Sayuri could feel her throat begin to close up, a nervous lump making it hard to swallow. Although she wasn't going to be doing much of that, since her throat had become bone dry.

She had been so meticulous in planning her trip. She'd felt sure she had thought of every detail, every nuance, and accounted for everything. She had been so confident when she'd left home that she'd accounted for everything. And, she'd had a right to feel such confidence, after all she'd planned the trip for a year. She'd been beside herself, blown away by the fact that she had decided to do something so spontaneous. She was finally breaking the constrictive mold of her life. She was doing the unexpected for the first time in her life, and it felt fantastic. With this trip, she was not only proving to herself but also to everyone that knew her that she wasn't the anal retentive organized stick to the plan person that everyone thought she was. She could deviate from the beaten path.

Of course, when she'd sat down a year before, she'd known full well that she couldn't possibly calculate the outcome of everything that could or would take place while she was on vacation, especially since she was going to be so far out of her element. But she hadn't expected the unexpected before she'd even gotten to her destination.

She could feel the muscles painfully straining in her fingers as they gripped the rental car's immaculate steering wheel, her grip so tight that her nails bit into her hands. She didn't notice that though. She desperately wished she did, wished she could think about something besides the extreme drop offs mere feet from her car as she drove increasingly slower through the narrow, winding mountain passes that were necessary to get her to the ski lodge she was headed to. They certainly hadn't looked so damn narrow on the map she'd Googled. She would have to post a comment on that later, that is if she made it back. If she'd even had the slightest inkling, she would definitely have changed the venue for her vacation.

If the insidious road wasn't bad enough, she now felt a new tremor of fear course through her as she saw it was beginning to snow. She'd only seen snow once in her life, and that was when she'd been very little. In fact, that was one of the main reasons she'd decided to go to a ski lodge on her vacation. The other main deciding factor for selecting the lodge had been something more practical.

She'd called several lodges before she'd called Premier Skiiing. The owner of Premier had been the only one that had admitted to screening his employees for not only drugs but for sexually transmitted diseases, since most of them also worked search and rescue and sometimes were injured in the process. It was exactly what she'd wanted to hear, exactly what she needed if she was going to have a vacation and safely get pregnant. And the location couldn't have been more perfect, since the lodge was situated just several hours driving distance from where she lived and worked in the city. It was a cost effective drive. Everything was going according to plan. She'd checked before she'd left and she was definitely ovulating. So far, so good, everything was right on schedule, except for the extra hour of driving because of the dangerous road conditions.

She had been so excited when she had thought about seeing snow again for the first time in years, positively childish in her enthusiasm, but it failed to be awe inspiring at the moment as the road began to become life-threateningly slick. She'd read up on black ice and became increasingly worried as she recalled the details she'd read and then eyed the diminutive "safety" rails that were the only buffer from her car plummeting over the side of the mountain should she swerve in that direction.

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