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The Fiend of White Buck Hall [MultiFormat]
eBook by Penelope Marzec

eBook Category: Romance/Fantasy
eBook Description: They say Thomas Hillyer, a wizard, is in league with the Devil and that the white buck roaming his estate hypnotizes people and steals their souls. Molly is a fugitive, wanted for a crime she did not commit. Seeing a want ad for a secretary in a sleepy town, she sets off for White Buck Hall but ignores the warning about the albino stag who lurks in the woods. When she meets him on the forest path, her life is forever changed. Rating: Sensual/Spicy. Contains sexual content, adult language. Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy/Historical Romance.

eBook Publisher: New Concepts Publishing, Published: 2010
Fictionwise Release Date: April 2010

9 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Chapter One

* * * *

March 1897, Stony Mill, New Jersey

Molly Coan turned away from the window. One other table was occupied in the dining room of the Stony Mill Inn, but the man had his back to her and that was fine. She could not take any chances. What if the man had seen a drawing of her on a poster? Twisting a handkerchief in her hands, she wiped away the dampness on her palms.

The innkeeper, a wiry man with several missing teeth, brought her the tea she had ordered. She had been starving herself for more than three weeks, but once she reached her destination, there should be something more substantial for her to eat.

"Can you point out the way to White Buck Hall?" she asked the innkeeper.

The man stared at her with shock on his face. "Nobody goes there."

"But ... I'm to be Mr. Hillyer's secretary."

His eyes narrowed as he stared at her. "If I were you, I'd go back where you came from." Drawing closer, he whispered. "Thomas Hillyer is an albino--and you know what they say about them. They're witches and mind readers."

She felt the blood drain from her face, but she stiffened her spine and retorted. "Mr. Hillyer is a scientist."

The innkeeper gave a dry laugh. "Ha! He is a madman or worse. He calls himself a wizard and them that works for him--why they're all peculiar. There's a dwarf, a deaf mute, and a bearded lady. Freaks, the lot of them."

Apprehension slid along her shoulders, but she primly informed the innkeeper he was merely spouting off gossip. "You should have more compassion toward those afflicted with unfortunate physical defects."

The innkeeper shrugged. "Be that as it may, mark my words about the man. There are strange happenings at White Buck Hall. There are them that say Thomas Hillyer bargains with the Devil."

She chilled at his words. A cold knot formed in her stomach and her hunger vanished as fearful images swirled through her mind, but she forced away her doubts.

"That is preposterous."

"You won't be able to reach White Buck Hall before nightfall, even if you take the shortcut through the woods," the innkeeper explained. "And it is madness to go into the woods at night for the white buck is sure to come upon you. He can hypnotize them what stares into his eyes--and then he steals their soul."

She pressed her lips together as her temper rose. "That sounds like nothing more than a horrid fairy tale."

He reassured her he had a vacancy for the night. "I've seen the creature myself. It is a fearsome beast--the very spawn of Satan."

She clutched her bag tightly so he would not see her hands shake. "You are trying to frighten me."

"There'll be no help for you once you cross into the white buck's territory."

Molly's stomach growled. She refused to listen to his warning. After wrangling directions from him, she set off for the dense woods at the edge of town.

She found the path. Quite worn and easy to follow, it paralleled a wide river. The chill of late March seeped through her thin jacket and her teeth chattered. Spring remained thoroughly hidden in the woods. The only green she saw was the thick, velvet moss carpeting the gnarled tree roots.

When the sun sank below the hill, her heart quailed within her. Though a rosy tint touched the distant horizon, above her the sky clouded to a somber violet. She pushed herself to hurry along but with starvation clawing at her stomach her limbs felt like leaden weights.

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