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The Laws of Attraction [MultiFormat]
eBook by Kelley Nyrae

eBook Category: Romance
eBook Description: No one would ever try and change her again? Brianna Evans lives her life by her own set of rules. After a failed relationship at a young age, she learned one thing: men would always want to change her. No matter what they said, they all wanted that tame, trophy wife instead of someone with a mind of their own. Someone who liked to have fun and did it often, much to the dismay of her new house mate, Jackson Montgomery. He's everything she doesn't want--except, all of a sudden, she does? Wild women need not apply? After growing up in a house full of hippies and a mom who still changed her hair color as often as most people went to the grocery store, the last thing Jackson wanted is a wild, unpredictable woman like Brianna in his life. Unfortunately, his libido hasn't gotten the memo. She stirs a hunger inside him like nothing he'd ever felt before. When she wasn't pissing him off that is. As Brianna and Jackson get closer, they realize there might be more to the other than they knew and no matter how much they don't understand it, there are no laws of attraction.

eBook Publisher: Parker Publishing, Inc./Noire Fever, Published: 2010, 2001
Fictionwise Release Date: May 2010

13 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor


* * * *

Jackson Montgomery infiltrated every aspect of Brianna Evans life and she hated him for it. Hell, she'd hated the man from the first moment she caught him trying to jimmy a window open in the house she shared with Mama Love. Well, maybe not since the initial sight, because possible burglar or not, the man was fine with a capital F, but after 'the incident' as she liked to call it, she knew he had to be spawn of the devil.

Evil incarnate.

The bane of her existence.

Whatever, they all described how she felt about straight-laced, Mr. Stick up his rear, Jackson. And when she really wanted to piss him off, she called him Monty. Now, things would only get worse. She could handle it when she only had to deal with him being Mama Love's prodigal cop son come home to save the world, even though it was obvious he thought himself too good for both Bri and Mama Love.

It was pushing it a little bit when one of her best friends, Kaylee, invited him to her wedding, but she dealt with it. She'd been around the block a time or two, and there's no way she'd let that man see her squirm.

But this...this was pushing it. How did Mama Love expect her to live with six feet three inches of holier than thou Jackson wrapped in a delicious package of hard muscles, sexy blond hair, and killer ice blue eyes?

It wasn't fair. Out of all the men in San Francisco who could make her want to rip off her clothes and jump his bones with a single look, it had to be Jackson freaking Montgomery. Ugh! I hate that man! The guy had her feng shuy all out of whack. He was messing with her hormones, messing with who she was and that was a very scary thing.

No one controlled Brianna Evans unless she wanted to be controlled. Well, not any more at least.

If she saw something she wanted, she went for it. If a guy made her warm and fuzzy, she had her way with him. It wasn't as if she was a slut or anything, but a strong, single woman; and she damn sure planned on enjoying that for as long as she could.

Then along came a tight ass, carrying a badge, who made her girl parts tingle; but looked at her like she was the scum of the earth; and her perfectly wild world fell apart. She wanted someone she didn't want to lust after. Someone she couldn't have. Damn, evil, sinfully sexy man!

So what did she do about it? She hid in her bedroom, peaking out the window while Mr. Law Man and his buddies carried boxes into the house, and enjoyed the bare-chested view. You show him, girl! Thank God he decided to do his moving on a Friday. She needed a night out with her best friends and a couple dozen apple martinis something fierce.

Girl's night was their little Friday tradition that started off as three single women: herself, Kaylee and Tabby, blowing off steam once a week and turned into Kaylee and her husband/restaurant owner, Luciano, Tabby and her boyfriend/head chef, Nico and Bri.

Not that she cared. Took a lot more than being a third wheel to make her feel uncomfortable. Her girls were happy, and their men weren't too bad on the eyes, so all in all she felt pretty lucky. She'd gained two brothers who treated her sisters like queens, and she was lucky enough to tag along for the ride.

The whole relationship thing wasn't for her. That perfect little decorative box didn't fit her and she'd never let someone try and stuff her in it again. Sex, now that she could handle. Actually, she quite enjoyed it. The rest she wanted nothing to do with.

Woof. Woof.

Bri looked down to find her pug, Stud Muffin dancing around at her feet. Throwing one last glance at he-who-must-not-be-named, she plopped down on her purple shag carpet to pet her dog. "Come on, Stud. Can't you hold it? Don't make me take you out while he's here."

Woof. Woof.

"Ugh! Men." Bri skipped the leash this time, planning on letting Stud out back where the yard was fenced and she didn't run the chance of coming face to face with Monty and his muscled chest. She slipped her feet into her favorite pair of Alf slippers, pulled some 007 shit peaking out the door and then made a run for it. What am I doing? I don't run. Especially not from a guy. Yet she was doing just that because the last thing she needed to do is run into, "Umpf." Jackson's sexy, bare chest. Mmmm. Stop that!

"Didn't your mom ever teach you not to run in the house?" Jackson looked down on her. His frame towered over five foot, two inch self.

"I'd ask you if your mama ever taught you not to be such a rude, opinionated, stick in the mud all the time, but I know she did. You just didn't have the sense to let it seep in."

"I'm rude? You're the one running around the house half dressed, not watching where you're going when there are people trying to move here. If I would have been carrying anything, either you or I could have been hurt because you're prancing around the place with your pretty little head in the clouds."

Bri stepped closer to him. Pretty little head, huh? She'd show him. Of course she'd be hurting herself in the process, because just looking at the man already had her nipples hard, but still, she'd show him,; too and that's what was important. "Does it bother you to see me like this, Monty?" She knew the nickname would piss him off. At least hers was a lot better than the one he'd given her. Bri snaked her arm around his chest, her body tingling with heat. Jackson sucked in a heavy breath. "What's wrong, big guy? Am I showing too much skin for you?" She had on a short pair of shorts and a tank top. A couple inches of skin showed between her shirt and her shorts. "Mr. Perfect bothered by crazy, ole Bri?"

Her heart hammered in her chest as she threaded her fingers through his hair. Never in her life had she wanted to both kiss someone and slap them as much as she did right now. She stood on her tiptoes, whispering into his chest because the man was too tall for her. "Well that's too bad. You couldn't handle me." She jerked away and stalked past him, more hot and bothered than she had the right to be. Damn, how in the hell was she going to do this?

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