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Curious - A Woman's Introduction to Gay Romance [MultiFormat]
eBook by Amy Lane & Sean Kennedy & S. Blaise

eBook Category: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Romance
eBook Description: Aren't you just a little curious? What is it about gay male romance that turns female readers on? The truth is that women love romance and sexy men. When it's a story about two men falling in love, there's twice the attraction. We've chosen stories that run the gamut of M/M romantic fiction: from initial curiosity to the first blush of love, from awkward first times to finding fulfillment, and from heart-warming forever devotion to hot and sweaty sex. Think of it as a romance buffet: take a little bit, try a little dab, and find the flavor of M/M romance that satisfies you.

eBook Publisher: Dreamspinner Press/Dreamspinner Press, Published: 2010, 2010
Fictionwise Release Date: June 2010

27 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

...delightful, romantic, and often whimsical in the best way. This is worth getting and finding your favorites in the group. by Kassa @ Reviews by Jessewave


They say curiosity killed the cat.

I say that it left her with a satisfied smile.

The last few years have seen an incredible increase in the number of women reading gay male romance. Why? What is it about two men falling in love that women find so alluring?

I've heard answers as simplistic as: One hero is good; two heroes are better. I believe it is even simpler than that. Women read romance novels because we all live in the real world where bad things happen to good people, and it's nice to visit, for a while, a place where love overcomes all obstacles. In our society and throughout time, two men frequently face and conquer unthinkable obstacles to be together. Reading stories of love and redemption, action and excitement, tears and laughter, small acts and large deeds, that speak to our hearts, souls, and minds gives us hope, rejuvenates our souls and allows us to believe in happily ever after.

In Curious, we've chosen stories that run the gamut of M/M romantic fiction: from initial curiosity to the first blush of love, from awkward first times to finding fulfillment, and from heart-warming forever devotion to hot and sweaty sex. Think of it as a romance buffet: take a little bit, try a little dab, and find the flavor of M/M romance that satisfies you.

Aren't you just a little curious?

Elizabeth North

* * * *


Amy Lane

Quentin looked sideways at Jace and tried to read his tells. They'd known each other for five years--ran a successful day trading business actually--but Jace had a poker face to beat them all. And he did beat them all. Frequently. But on this night, even in the crowd of their stockbroker buddies, telling raucous jokes and pounding vodka, Quentin needed a sign, a glance, a wink, a twitch... something... because what had happened between him and Jace earlier that week... well....

It could leave a guy feeling insecure; that's for damned sure.

Jace ran a finger under his collar and freed the stays from his black tie and then took a deep gulp of his vodka from the cut-glass tumbler. He looked up over the edge of the glass and caught Quentin's eyes--crystal blue sparking off dark brown--and Quentin flushed.

Okay--so Jace did remember.

"Good game, Quent."

Jace's voice echoed hollowly off the tile in the gym. They were the last two off the racquetball courts, and all but one of the employees were gone for the night. Quentin looked up at his old college buddy and flushed with pleasure. They'd been playing since their senior year, and Quentin felt like he so rarely did anything better than Jace

"You let me win," he said gamely, running a hand through his thick brown hair. It had been hanging in his eyes from the shower

"I don't let anybody win," Jace replied mildly. His scalp-trim was already dry, and his vodka-blue eyes were twinkling. It was the truth. Jace was a cutthroat competitor; everybody knew it, and Quentin had always worshipped it.

"Then I must be getting better!" Quentin said brightly, although he knew for a fact that he wasn't. He didn't expect a reply; banter had never been their strong point, so instead he started rummaging around in his locker for his toiletries. Deodorant--always a plus, right?

"Hey--can I borrow some of your Pit Stop?" Jace's voice came from right behind Quentin's ear, and Quentin almost jumped. Jace sounded... odd. Breathy. Different

"Yeah, no prob... lem?" Quent squeaked on the last part, because Jace just reached over his shoulder, the front of his lean chest pressing so tightly against Quentin's back that Quent could feel pointy, air-hardened nipples pebbling against his slick skin

"Thanks, brother," Jace murmured, and Quentin felt a moment of dizziness as his partner's voice brushed his ear. Jace had never been a "touchy" kind of guy, and Quentin had never thought his hero worship of his old roommate anything more than admiration for a gifted friend

Jace's erection prodded at Quentin's ass through their towels, and Quentin took a risk and leaned back... just... just... just enough to rub a little, see if that hard lump under the terrycloth really was what he thought it was

Jace pinned Quentin's shoulders to the locker so quickly Quentin didn't have time to breathe, and without a word, without hardly a deep breath, Jace ground up against Quentin hard enough to leave bruises--and Quentin gasped and grunted... and rubbed back. Jace's movements grew more frantic, more frenzied, and he dry-humped his friend--his business partner--desperately, and Quentin wished... wished... wished for a hand on his cock, even his own, to ease the painful, frustrated ache that had blossomed in his groin

He wished for that right up until Jace bit him, hard, at the tender joining of neck and shoulder, and then grunted and came, the semen seeping between the towels to soak into the skin of Quent's hip. The bite alone did it, sent Quentin over the edge, and he climaxed without even touching his own cock

They stood there for a moment, breathing heavily, and then Jace backed away, saying, "Ooops... my bad. I forgot I had some of my own.

And that had been it. For most of a week, they had worked in the same building, played ball at night, and that moment--that gasping, breathless moment of sex and come--had ceased to exist

Until right now. Until Jace looked over his cut-glass tumbler with vodka-blue eyes and showed his cards--low cards, a flush of hearts.

Through the electricity of their glances, Quentin barely registered that his cards beat Jace's. "I won," he rasped breathlessly among the crowd of catcalls from the other men at the table. And then, hoping this meant something: "You must have let me win."

Jace grinned recklessly, and Quentin felt his knee--just a bump really, or a promise. "I told you on Tuesday, Quent--I never let anybody win."

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