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What Are You Wearing? [MultiFormat]
eBook by Iona Blair

eBook Category: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Suspense/Thriller
eBook Description: Murder, kidnapping and depraved sexual practices revolve around a telephone sex line and a sinister mansion. Meredith is the realtor handling the sale of the old house. She's drawn into the mystery surrounding it while going through a mid-life sexual crisis. Her husband gets off on humiliating her, and forcing her to submit to the taboo. As his sexual demands become more perverted and bizarre, Meredith leaves him. In her quest for fulfillment, she embarks on a sexual odyssey with younger men. But one of these liaisons goes terribly wrong. And as Meredith's abductor drags her towards his van, in an isolated landscape, she struggles desperately to survive.

eBook Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press, Published: 2010
Fictionwise Release Date: June 2010

1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"What Are You Wearing? is the most unusual erotic romance book I've ever read. This story includes some suspense, but the majority of the story revolves around explicit sexual encounters, fetish issues, spanking, lesbian acts and violence. What Are You Wearing? starts with a woman in her forties who's unhappy in her marriage, but weaves around multiple characters, making this a very intricate tale. You'll be completely engaged in what's happening and you won't expect the ending. What Are You Wearing? is the first book I've ever read from Iona Blair and I think she's a unique author." Shelly, Dark Diva Reviews "There are a lot of sexual liaisons, some of them down right mind-boggling. Who would think that a 60-year-old English woman would be a paid sex submissive? But this is not just a sex story. There is a mystery as well and the conclusion will surprise you I think. I would gladly recommend this well written story for all who want a quick read with a lot of plot and action." Night Owl Romance

Chapter 1

"What colour are your panties?" His voice was low and taut with desire.

"I'm not wearing any," Meredith responded. The beep from her cell phone warned her the batteries were low. It was a warm afternoon in spring, and they were talking on the Loveline.

"Are you aroused?" he whispered. "Are your nipples hard? Is your pussy wet?"

"Sort of," she replied thoughtfully, then added. "But I'm going to have to work on it."

He was puzzled and asked her what she meant.

"Well..." she hesitated awkwardly. "I've never had an orgasm."

"So what are you doing about it? Are you touching yourself now?"

Meredith laughed, "I can't at the moment, I'm caught in traffic, and there are cars all around me."

"Okay, but what are you going to do afterwards? Would you like to meet?"

If she hadn't been on her way to a business appointment she might have agreed.

"I'll take a rain check on it," she promised. The traffic was moving and she was nearing her destination.

The old house, known locally as the Pringle Place, its turrets and widow's walk testaments to a bygone age, crouched secretively in the brilliant sunshine. A large "For Sale" sign dominated the front lawn.

Meredith Barnes was the listing agent, and as she guided the young couple through the gloomy mansion, its disturbing atmosphere reached out like tentacles and encircled her. The property was proving difficult to sell, and it wasn't only its rundown condition that was causing a problem, but its evil reputation as well. In the 1920s, a woman had vanished from the house under mysterious circumstances. It was rumoured to be haunted.

The grounds were spacious and dressed in the glorious gown of spring. Over by the rhododendron bush a butterfly dipped and twirled, its tiny wings fluttering like gossamer eyelashes.

No one would have guessed that underneath the business suit Meredith was wearing thong panties, and had Ben Wa Balls in her pussy. As the balls clinked together they made her hornier than hell.

She decided to ask the owner to reduce the price.

Abigail Pringle was a tall bony woman in her eighties, with cropped white hair and a stern expression. A spinster, she'd been born in the old house, and had lived there her entire life. It had only been recently, and very reluctantly, that she'd moved to an easy care condo.

"It's all stuff and nonsense," she declared. "I lived alone in that house for almost fifty years, and not once," she paused for effect, "did a single thing go bump in the night."

Meredith nodded and made the appropriate clucking noises. Persuading Miss Pringle to come down in price was proving to be difficult.

"Well, I'll leave you to think about it," she hedged, weaving her way cautiously through the heavy furniture cluttering the modern suite.

"There's nothing to think about," was the firm reply. "My mind is made up."

"Lord, give me patience," Meredith muttered to herself, driving back to the office through afternoon rush hour.

It was a slow time for real estate--prices had risen to the point where most people could no longer afford to buy. Meredith felt stressed by the unwieldy market, and often longed to get out of the business. But she wasn't trained to do anything else.

Caught in another traffic jam, under the dazzling eye of the sun, she moved uncomfortably, feeling sweaty and tense. Of course, it wasn't only her career that was getting her down, but her home life too.

On an impulse, she grabbed her cell phone and dialled the Loveline again.

"Hi there, gentlemen, I'm in my forties, slim, petite, with short blonde hair and blue eyes."

Meredith always said the same thing. And unlike many of the callers, gave an honest description of herself.

"Hi there, baby, what are you wearing?" It was Cory, a nineteen-year-old lifeguard, who said he was well endowed, and could fuck all night. "I won't disappoint you," he promised.

Meredith chuckled, amused by the confidence of the very young. "You already have, sweetheart," she quipped back. "You're younger than my son."

The traffic was beginning to move again, inching forward slowly like a monstrous metal beast.

Feeling a deep-rooted frustration with her life in general, Meredith had begun to call the Loveline. She found it entertaining and sometimes very erotic. Like the time she had phone sex in bed with the lights turned out, when Jack was away.

She thought about him. How would Jack feel about it if he found out? Then she decided he probably wouldn't care. They'd been married for over twenty years, and had been drifting apart long before their children grew up. Now they remained together out of habit, and for the feeling of security one gets from the familiar.

Jack Barnes was a minor bureaucrat, dissatisfied with his career, and of course--she admitted ruefully--his marriage. He spent every moment he could on the golf course. After he fucked her she felt used and resentful.

But Meredith and Jack believed in keeping up appearances even for themselves. Towards that end, they were still "intimate." Jack had a high sex drive, and "took his conjugal rights" frequently. It would never have occurred to Meredith to refuse him. To her way of thinking, a husband was entitled to unlimited access to his wife's body. Anything less wouldn't be a marriage.

Now she closed her eyes, remembering what had happened that very morning. She'd awakened shortly after dawn, lying on her side facing away from her husband. She could feel his erection rubbing against her ass. He was excited and his breath came in short quick pants, as he ran his hands up under her nightdress and began to fondle her breasts.

"Lovely little titties," he whispered, tweaking her nipples between his thumb and forefinger.

Meredith was tired--she'd had an especially long day followed by a late night. An early morning appointment loomed ahead.

Jack kissed the back of her neck, his hands exploring her genitals. "Lovely little cunt," he breathed lustfully.

He lifted her nightdress and tried to poke his hard cock inside her, but her pussy was dry and penetration was difficult. Meredith gasped and tensed up, now fully awake.

Damn. Her body ached with exhaustion.

Jack smeared her pussy with Vaseline, inserting one finger, then two inside her. She could feel his hot breath on the back of her neck, and positioned herself to accommodate him, drawing up her knees, and pushing her raised ass towards him.

He entered her easily this time, thrusting into her most private place while his hand ran over her belly and teased her clit.

Meredith kept her eyes determinedly closed, and willed it to be over quickly so she could go back to sleep. But Jack was having difficulty reaching orgasm. His breath was coming in harsh, ragged gasps and his cock pumped in and out of her unresponsive pussy like a piston.

Then he suddenly withdrew and Meredith knew only too well what that meant. She hadn't satisfied him vaginally, so he was going to use her ass to get relief. He had only introduced this activity recently, and she wondered why. Where had he gotten the idea? She was uncomfortable with it, but hadn't voiced her concerns. Meredith felt guilty enough that she'd never enjoyed his advances. Allowing him to put his cock in her ass seemed like a way to make up for this lack of enthusiasm.

Jack pressed his finger against her anus and whispered, "I'm going to fuck your tight little bum."

Meredith, as if on cue, slipped out of bed and clipped on a garter belt. Then she sat down on the bed, and rolled on a pair of black, seamed stockings. She stood up and made sure the seams were straight, before pushing her feet into a pair of high-heeled shoes. Jack, who had been avidly watching her every movement, reached over and caressed her feet. "Your little piggies look like cocktail sausages all pressed together and pushed forward," he commented. "I'd like to get my fingers in between them, but they're too tight, they're resisting me."

Meredith stood perfectly still while Jack circled her, patting, kneading, and admiring her body. Then he indicated that it was time, and she immediately knelt down with her forehead touching the bed, and her ass high in the air. Her pubic hair was shaved, so her genitals were completely exposed.

"That's a good girl," he murmured in a thick voice. The sight of his wife in this most submissive of positions always inflamed him. Jack examined her genitals closely, prodding at them with his finger. They were pink and very small, her clitoris no larger than a button. He tugged on them for a while, rubbing the folds between his fingers, and teasing her clit. Why doesn't she respond to me? Why is she so damned frigid?

He ran his hands over her shoes and legs, and up over her bare ass. "Lovely little bum just waiting to be fucked," he whispered. "And look at the little titties just dangling there begging to be played with." He toyed with her breasts for a while, before grasping her genitals and running his fingers up into her pussy. Meredith moved slightly to ease the ache in her knees.

Jack plopped some Vaseline on her anus and massaged it in. "Oh lovely little bumhole, open and enjoy," he gasped. He inserted his pinkie and her sphincter muscle resisted the intrusion. Meredith willed herself to relax.

After her anus accommodated a fucking with two well-greased fingers, Jack spread her ass cheeks and penetrated her with his cock. "Lovely little tight bumhole," he moaned. Meredith felt a strong urge to bear down, to empty her bowels.

Jack grunted and groaned as if he were in pain. "Ah...ah...oh god..." he called out. The very idea of taking his wife in her ass like this was so terrifically exciting and taboo, that he climaxed almost immediately.

Meredith felt his cum spurt over her bowels. She was afraid she'd shame herself by messing the bed, and tried to pull away. But Jack held her body close against his, one hand cupping her breasts and the other over her genitals, until all his spasms had subsided.

After intercourse, Jack always wiped her pussy or ass with a handkerchief. Almost as if in apology for the mess he'd caused. But this time her urgency was too great. As soon as he'd withdrawn his cock she made a teetering rush for the toilet in her uncomfortable shoes.

As Meredith emptied her bowels, she silently cursed Jack and his invading cock. She felt angry and used. Before she returned to bed, she bathed her pussy and anus, and gently patted them dry. Jack's exploring hands, like the Ben Wa Balls, had aroused a sexual longing in her body that she found uncomfortable yet exciting. She wasn't sure how to deal with it.

Dorset Realty was hosting their annual spring luncheon at the Teahouse in Lost Lagoon Park. It was a casual affair and Meredith looked forward to the day's outing. She was wearing a pair of sleek purple pants, topped off with a long white mohair cardigan.

Jack had left early that morning to play golf, and she hadn't expected him to return before she left. However, just as she was leaving, she was startled by the sound of his key in the lock. Of course, there was no question of him attending the luncheon with her--he didn't like real estate people.

Jack was tall and thin with dark hair thinning on the top, and a wiry moustache that gave him a rakish look.

"I didn't think you'd be leaving so early," he told her, and she knew right away by his expression that he wanted to fuck.

"I only have a few minutes," he explained. "I have to be back on the course by two."

Translated, this meant that he didn't want to go to bed. Meredith knew what was expected of her.

She was somewhat vexed by this unexpected intrusion into her plans; the delay would surely make her late. But in her usual obliging way, she quickly removed her slacks, folding them neatly over a chair. Next came her white cotton panties. Then, clutching a cushion for comfort she bent over the card table. Her long white cardigan trailed over her ass, and Jack moved it out of the way. Then he greased her exposed pussy with Vaseline, and caressed her genitals before easing his cock inside her.

But all the while he was looking longingly at her anus. Oh, lovely little snug bumhole! It was so much tighter than her cunt, and forbidden. Perhaps that was what made it so exciting. On impulse, he ran his finger around it, and he could feel Meredith tense up.

"It's alright, sweetheart," he whispered, keeping his finger lying tantalizingly over this delightfully illicit orifice. "I won't fuck your little pink bumhole today." Then he eased his finger inside it, and added, "Or any other day, unless your stubborn little cunt doesn't do her job."

Meredith winced as Jack's finger explored her ass. Her rectum excited him, and his invading finger continued to climb higher and higher.

Meredith felt her face burn with shame. How much longer is he going to humiliate me in this way? Leave my bum alone, she wanted to yell, and push him away. But he was her husband and he was entitled to enjoy her body as he saw fit.

Jack wasn't altogether comfortable about the way Meredith's anus turned him on. Respectable people would find it offensive and kinky. He was always concerned lest she tell someone about it, and they spread it around. Like that horrible fat Toni Dennison, for instance. Meredith was seeing way too much of her lately. Sensing his wife's discomfiture, he withdrew his fingers from her anus, and penetrated her cunt with his cock. Then he clasped her waist and watched as it moved in and out of her body.

"Oh lovely little pink cunt," he groaned, as the tempo increased and he thrust so vigorously that Meredith had to grasp the sides of the table for support. She spaced her feet further apart to steady herself.

He began to fuck her furiously and so deeply that his balls were banging against her body. Meredith winced as his cock struck her cervix, but she forced herself to remain still. She knew that if he didn't reach a climax in her pussy, he would use her rectum instead. And while it was true that he'd never hurt her bum, at least to any lasting degree, she didn't want it to become standard practice either. It was designed as an exit, not an entrance.

"Ah, ah, ah" Jack grunted. "Oh God, oh God." And his movements were so convulsive that she knew he was nearing climax. Has he seen someone at the clubhouse who's aroused him?

After three major thrusts that rocked Meredith and rattled the table, she felt his hot cum explode against her cervix. She relaxed her posture, but remained in the same position until he'd wiped her pussy. The soft cloth felt comforting as he dabbed it against her genitals. Then he patted her ass, the signal that he was finished.

When Meredith stood up, Jack's cum gurgled inside her and began to run down her legs. He wiped it off and held the cloth over her vulva as he led her into the bathroom. Then he filled her douche bag with warm water, and fitted the nozzle into her pussy as she crouched over the toilet. He slipped one hand under her ass to steady her, and squeezed the douche with the other.

Meredith gasped and closed her eyes as the warm water exploded inside her and flooded her cervix.

"Now all my love juices are gone," he joked, then added seductively. "Until the next time."

Lost Lagoon Park was a leafy sanctuary on the edge of the city. Ducks, geese, swans and loons thrived in its protected waters.

Meredith threw pieces of bread to a family of swans. She was joined by her friend Toni Dennison, a voluptuous woman with bold eyes and long dark hair. It was Toni who had introduced Meredith to the Loveline.

"I think I've eaten too much," Toni confessed with a burp. "Have you had any luck with the Pringle Place?"

Meredith shook her head. "No, and I doubt I ever will unless Abigail agrees to reduce the price."

"And how's your love life?" Toni asked. It had become something of a joke between them.

Meredith laughed. "It's the same as always--blah!"

Toni was the first woman Meredith had been able to talk to about sex. It was still a subject that she wasn't comfortable with. Nice girls don't, and all that, a throwback to her conventional, almost puritanical childhood.

"It's just terrible that a woman of your age has never had an orgasm," Toni declared. They'd discussed this "oddity" many times before. Usually Toni left it at that but today she probed further. "Don't you ever get aroused?"

Meredith hesitated, squinting her eyes against the sun. "Yes, sometimes after Jack's made love to me, I feel a sort of breathless longing inside."

"Jack doesn't make love," Toni snorted derisively. "He relieves himself sexually."

"Well, whatever you want to call it," Meredith replied a little testily. "When his cock moves inside me it rubs against the nerve endings, and stirs up sexual feelings."

"He's a selfish boor," Toni insisted, tossing a handful of breadcrumbs to an interested goose. "I had one just like him, so I should know."

"So what would you suggest I do?"

"You already know the answer to that one," Toni responded. "You have only two options: either leave him or have an affair."

Meredith grimaced and shook her head.

"Look, honey," Toni looked directly at her, "you're not getting any younger. If you don't make a move soon you never will. Then you're going to kick yourself later, for wasting your entire life."

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