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Date Night [MultiFormat]
eBook by Beth Wylde

eBook Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
eBook Description: Janet and Ben are enjoying a night out on the town and trying keep their raging libidos in check. But when a bit of foreplay gets too hot for them to handle, the pair make a quick pit stop so they can safely satisfy their lust. It's a hot adult encounter with a little surprise in the end.

eBook Publisher: Excessica Publishing
Fictionwise Release Date: June 2010

2 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"a very quick, ten minute read, that you can enjoy in one sitting...a surprise twist near the end of this short story ...makes the entire experience that much sweeter. For a cute, sexy sample of Beth Wylde's writing, Date Night is a great place to start." -LynnMarie, HEA Reviews

"Hot, fast and sexy. This tidbit was just enough to really get the motor running and primed. But not too much that the story/encounter lost momentum. Graphic in every detail...and let me say there was LOTS of detail. Not a bad way to spend a few minutes and it left me with a smile in the end. Ms Wylde, good job. I would read more bits like this one." -Seriously Reviewed, 16/20 SCORE

"[T]he sex scene was extremely hot. There was a small twist at the end that had me smiling?if you are looking for a micro-read that's sure to give you a tease, this would be a good story to start with." -Claudia, Manic Readers Reviews

Janet set a punishing pace, one designed to bring a man to his knees. It was a good thing I was already sitting down. She used one hand to hold me steady while her other hand and her mouth worked up and down over and over again. On every up stroke she put on an extra burst of suction, hollowing her cheeks as she tried to slurp all the cum out of my shaft. Within minutes I could feel the tell tale tingling in my balls, signalling an eruption of mass proportions. All the muscles in my body locked up and I bit my lip to stifle the scream poised deep in my chest. This was going to be an orgasm unlike any other, so powerful it already hovered on the verge of pleasure and pain combined. I thought it only fair to warn Janet. Not all women like to swallow, though Janet looked like she enjoyed every minute of what she was doing to me. She was humping the seat, rubbing her breasts against the center console as she continued to bob up and down.

I tightened my hands in her hair and pulled up gently. She paused with my cock still halfway between her lips, gazing up at me with concern plainly clear in her eyes.

My voice was breathy as I replied. "I'm about to cum."

"Please do," she mouthed around the head and then sank right back down to the base. I quickly looked around for something to hold onto besides her head, afraid I might squeeze too hard at the moment of implosion. I grabbed the handle hanging next to the driver's side door in my left hand and braced my right palm against my seat.

"Fuck, I'm almost there."

She moaned in encouragement, her back arching as she let out a primal scream with the tip of my erection dangling well past her tonsils. I didn't think a woman could orgasm from giving a blow job but apparently I was wrong. Janet definitely looked like she was cumming. The sight of her thrashing around in my passenger seat, her skirt hiked up and her ass on full display in my window, was all I needed to push me over the edge.

"God damn!" I cursed with a yell, glad we were on a deserted highway with no houses in sight. I hoped no police were on patrol because my shout could have gotten me cited for disturbing the peace.

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