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Volatile Chemistry [Siren Warriors Series Book 7] [MultiFormat]
eBook by Michelle Marquis & Lindsey Bayer

eBook Category: Erotica/Erotic Science Fiction/Science Fiction
eBook Description: Now that Gypsy is finally free of General Kharon, it's time to get on with her life and career. But the young cadet has overlooked one thing in her haste to resume her life: her wicked grandfather, Titan. Without his help, Gypsy would never have escaped Kharon's prison. To make matters worse, Gypsy knows Titan never does anything for free. Someone she loves must have gone to Titan for help and struck a deal. The only question is who would have done such a thing? And will she find Titan's victim before this evil bargain devours everyone she loves?

eBook Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press, Published: 2010
Fictionwise Release Date: July 2010

25 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Chapter 1

The Razorback woman moved with an amazing mixture of strength and grace. Her name was Kahlee and she was quite tall, probably about six foot five with muted jade skin and the lean muscles of a dancer. Her face was on the cuter side of pretty with a small nose and full, pouty lips that reminded Gypsy of a doll. Her long brown hair was pulled back into a severe braid that sat high up on her head lying in several tight coils. Interlaced throughout the coils were the shocking red locks that grew from her temples denoting her ability to spit venom. It was nature's way of saying "don't touch". Most surprising of all was that she wore bronze colored armor that didn't even cover all of her torso but gapped at her midriff showing a generous amount of flesh. On her hips were sheathed two short-bladed sabers that didn't look too scary from this distance.

Gypsy Theron pulled off her damp cloak, and shook it a few times spraying the seats next to her with water. Then she settled into the arena bleachers to take in the show. She watched as her father, General Gavin Theron, talked to the woman out in the middle of the black sand floor of the arena. Her father had just passed the three month mark since his back surgery and Gypsy was surprised to see him still leaning on a shiny black cane. She wondered if he really needed it or was just using it out of insecurity. AEssyrians notoriously mistrusted technology and Gypsy was sure Gavin's new titanium spine was messing with his head.

Gypsy had been sneaking into the arena late at night to watch her father practice alone. But even now he still refused to spar with anyone, even Caraculla. She was starting to worry that the emotional stress of having inorganic parts was too much for him. She wondered if he would ever get back to his former fighting skill level. Gavin's movements were slow and cautious but Gypsy didn't get the impression he was still in pain because they had a fluidity that she'd never seen before. Personally she thought his perceived weakness was all in his head. But that was an opinion she wisely kept to herself.

Fidgeting nearby was her half-brother Desmond and her Razorback ex-husband Caraculla. Both warriors were decked out in full battle armor looking tense and bored respectively. Desmond appeared especially edgy and wasn't talking and joking with Caraculla as he usually did. He kept staring off into the opposing bleachers and Gypsy wondered if Gavin had said or done something to piss him off. She squinted off across the way but as far as she could tell they were the only ones in the stands. What the hell does he keep looking at?

Down below, Gavin nodded to the Razorback woman and stalked out of the arena. He spotted Gypsy in the bleachers and made his way up the stairs toward her. Her father sat next to Gypsy and stared down at the arena floor.

Gavin gave her a suspicious glance. "I thought you had duty."

"I swapped with Makkai. Who's that?"

"Your mother's new bodyguard."

Gypsy turned in her seat to give her father an exaggerated look then smirked. "You chose a woman to protect Mom?"

Gavin rested his hands on the dragon head of his cane then pointed to the arena floor with it. "Be quiet and watch."

Caraculla and Desmond approached the Razorback woman from different angles. Kahlee drew both sabers in a flash and whirled them with startling speed. She kept her weapons moving at all times, making sure to maintain a distance from both warriors. The first one who tried to attack was Caraculla. He lunged forward, his saber coming down several times to connect with Kahlee's weapons but he just couldn't seem to get close to her. Desmond was next. Taking advantage of Caraculla as a distraction, he came alarmingly close to cutting the Razorback but she punished him for being too bold by delivering a light cut across Desmond's forearm. He swore and stepped back just as Caraculla moved in. The Razorback male snarled and stepped in a little too close. He too got a cut in the face for his trouble.

Gypsy was amazed. The woman had managed to tag two of the best swordsmen in the empire in less than five minutes. Gavin called the men off. Kahlee walked to the edge of the arena and looked up at her father. He applauded slowly as if mocking her but Gypsy knew he was impressed.

Kahlee ignored his bad manners. She gestured to the arena with one of her sabers. "What about you?"

Gavin smiled but there was nothing warm or friendly in it. "What about me?"

"Would you like to spar? I've heard a lot about you. I'd like to see for myself."

The general stiffened. "I'm recovering from back surgery."

Kahlee glanced at Gypsy then returned her gaze to Gavin. A strange tension charged the air between them. Then the Razorback woman nodded once. "Okay. Some other time then."

Gavin took out a cigar and lit it. "Do you want the job?"

Kahlee shifted her weight from one foot to the other. "Guarding your wife?"

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