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Gangster Moll [MultiFormat]
eBook by Karen Lewis

eBook Category: Mystery/Crime/Suspense/Thriller
eBook Description: Police Officer's Affair with Gangster Moll Jeopardizes Case. The headline blazed from the newspaper lying on Cheryl Richards' front doorstep. When she realizes this is her husband, Brian, they're talking about, she reels and spills her morning coffee. Devastated that her marriage was thrown away for a slut, a gangster moll, who's been passed around by gang members and even done donkey sex shows, Cheryl walks out. But to make matters worse, she must now be isolated in a police safe house, which turns her world upside down. While in protective custody, Nicky, the gangster moll, finds her rescuer in Brian. Their affair produces what he wants most in life, and hasn't been able to have with Cheryl, a child. Nicky sees this as a way out of her gangster life and lures him into her web of deceit. When Brian, bored with his wife and enticed by Nicky, makes a life altering decision the results are not only catastrophic but potentially deadly.

eBook Publisher: Solstice Publishing/solsticepublishing
Fictionwise Release Date: August 2010

No, it can't be true! Shivering in the early morning mist circling her doorstep, Cheryl Richards stared in horror at the newspaper headline. There had to be some mistake! She groped her way back inside and collapsed on the couch. She stared at the offending newsprint as if by sheer strength of will she could erase it...make it disappear.


Oh my God! This was Brian they were talking about----her husband! Blood pounded in her temples.

She forced herself to read on. The unidentified woman was a star witness in the upcoming murder trial of Cobra gang leader, Garrick Tyson. The affair would damage the credibility of her testimony. He might walk. To make matters worse----Cheryl tossed the newspaper across the room----she couldn't delude herself into believing it might be a mistake, because he'd admitted to it. Claimed it was due to the stress of the job. Tears sprung to her eyes.

How could he? She sat there for ages hugging herself and rocking. The stunned sense of unreality that rendered her dumb, finally relenting to the excruciating hurt of betrayal.

She'd always trusted Brian completely. She staggered towards the bathroom in a stupor. Kneeled by the toilet and retched. She just couldn't take it in. She'd known that he'd been working on that particular case, of course. But they hadn't discussed it much. He'd never been in the habit of bringing work home.

"Why that rotten, deceitful, cheating bastard!" Rage replaced the pain. She pounded on the bathroom countertop with her fist and peered in the mirror. Amazing...her world had just been torpedoed, but she didn't look dramatically different, even features, steady grey eyes----now red and swollen with weeping----and short fair hair.

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