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Saving Emily [MultiFormat]
eBook by Becky Wilde

eBook Category: Erotica
eBook Description: Emily is being abused by her brother, Chris Kincaid. Living and working on the McCade Ranch, she is rescued by the two gorgeous owners, Cole and Adam. Taking her into their home they refuse to let her leave. Emily has heard rumors that the brothers like to share their women. She finds out first hand when they share her in the bedroom. The two Alpha males, plan to keep Emily by their side permanently, until she is abducted by a ranch hand her brother owes money to. Will they rescue her in time? Will she choose to marry one over the other? Or will they all get what they want?

eBook Publisher: Solstice Publishing/solsticepublishing
Fictionwise Release Date: September 2010

100 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Chapter One

They were just too sexy. She could not keep her eyes off them.

Cole McCade was a twenty-seven year old, six foot one male with sky blue eyes, ebony hair and a muscular frame. He was sex on legs and his brother mmm, mmm.

Adam McCade was a twenty-five year old, six foot four male, with brown hair and green eyes. His chest was nearly as wide as Big Spring, Texas, the town they lived near. He was so handsome. She'd bet the packages those two had were just as impressive as the men, Emily thought to herself.

She didn't think they even noticed her. She had moved to the McCade ranch just before she had turned seventeen, a whole month ago. She lived with her brother Chris in one of the cabins on the McCade ranch and helped out with the horses and cooking meals for the McCade men.

Sighing, Emily turned and headed for the stables. Well at least one man on this ranch knew she existed besides her brother. Emily had seen Chad, the ranch foreman, watching her and when she looked at him he would smile that sexy little smile. Pity, Emily liked him he was nice but he wasn't the McCades.

Chad had asked Emily on a date. Neither of them had seen Cole while Chad was asking her out. He had stepped in, and said in no uncertain terms to Chad and herself, that she was too young to date the twenty-three year old foreman. If she wanted to date she was to look at someone closer to her age.

Cole had then sent her off to feed the horses in the barn, but Emily has stood hidden in the doorway, listening while Cole warned Chad away from her. Cole told Chad that she was not of age yet and to find someone else to set his sights on. Emily had been so incensed she had nearly stormed out to confront Cole, but logic reared its ugly head.

This was the only home she and Chris had now. Even though there was supposed to be money left to them from the sale of their parents house, Chris kept telling Emily that her parents had more debt than cash and they both had only just broken even. She knew Chris was lying but he controlled all the money and there was nothing she could do.

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