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Savage Heat [MultiFormat]
eBook by Mandy Monroe

eBook Category: Erotica/Paranormal Erotica/Romance
eBook Description: They were still naked. They were still gorgeous. And, according to them, she was their soul mate. Emma suspected the pheromone she'd used to help the wolves she studied to breed had some hallucinogenic properties to it. That was the only thing that could possibly explain how three wolves that cornered her in the woods could suddenly transform into men--hunks. That or she'd been alone in the woods for far too long doing her research. But, really, did it make sense that they turned into men, three extremely handsome men that argued over who she belonged to? "You're mine." Dante, Caden, and Shane knew instantly when they had found their mate. There was just one problem, none of them wanted to share. Rating: Carnal/Erotic. Multiple heroes. Contains ménage scenes. Genre: Paranormal Romance.

eBook Publisher: New Concepts Publishing, Published: 2010
Fictionwise Release Date: September 2010

102 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Chapter One

With a whoop of glee, Emma danced on the spot for a second or two of unbridled pleasure. Not even an orgasm could feel this damned good. Eyes gleaming in triumph, she pumped her fist into the air. It was at times like these she wished that she had someone to share her almost-successes with but, with a shrug of her shoulders, she relinquished that thought and continued to dance where she stood, celebrating the taste of success her latest findings suggested.

Rechecking the read-out her printer had just spat out, she rejoiced in the fact that her pheromone was finally ready for a trial run! The last specimen she'd concocted had been so close to what she needed! It was damned great to know that this one was the most promising specimen yet. Maybe it was a bad idea to let herself get caught up in the idea that this was one would do the trick. Being a scientist, she knew she should wait for concrete facts, but she couldn't help but feel it in her gut. Number ten was the culmination of over four years of hard work and countless years of study.

It couldn't come at a better time, either. Her grant was ready for renewal and she had to have definite proof that the money the university was spending on her and her experiments was actually worth something!

A tinge of doubt tainted her happy smile. This pheromone was so important, not just for her or her profession or even her future, but for the creatures she'd come to care for over the course of her career. These studies had become her life and if this pheromone worked in the way she believed it would, it meant that she'd accomplished her goal.

Just thinking she was close to success, that all these years had actually been worthwhile, made her feel a little dizzy. Sitting down with an unceremonious plop on her lab stool, she closed her eyes and prayed that the figures and readings were right, prayed that number ten was her lucky number. Her work was so important, so vital to the wolf population in America, whose numbers were dwindling more rapidly every year. This pheromone could change all of that. If the figures were right, and the pheromone sailed through the trials, it would be ready for mass-production on not just a national level but an international scale.

Tamping her euphoria, Emma tried not to get ahead of herself. The future looked good. She wouldn't deny that, but she couldn't be too sure of herself. The test trials would tell her everything she needed to know. It was as simple and as frightening as that. Everything she'd worked so hard for now hung in the balance and the control freak in her screamed at the need to wait, to calculate, to test, to observe, to document.

She knew what her problem was. She'd lost all objectivity a long time ago, a huge danger for any scientist, but especially her. The pheromone had become her obsession. She had to find a way to increase the wolf population. It had become her lifeblood, her food, her water. Not a day had passed during the last four years where she hadn't worked on some aspect of the production of this chemical. It had taken over her life but she couldn't, wouldn't, ever regret a single moment of it. To her, wolves were . . . . As pathetic as it sounded, they'd become her friends a long time ago. A loner since birth, she'd soon softened towards the wild animals under her observation and that had blossomed with time as they had accepted her.

As weird and unlikely and impossible as it sounded, they really had, the wild beasts had allowed her to poke and prod when she knew damn well that they rarely allowed close contact. They allowed her to go near them, the new mothers had allowed her to touch their pups, to check their health. They had trusted her not to harm them and she hadn't. She'd become attached to them and now they were the main focus of her existence. This pheromone was their future, she knew that and that was why it consumed her life.

Wolves were wonderful creatures, individually and as a pack, their behavior and interaction were delightfully simple to analyze, there was no way for them to lie or cheat. Their mentality was to survive and all that entailed. A part of her wished humans interacted in the same simple manner. As a loner, she had sat on the fringe of friendships and played witness to the true lows of human behavior and preferred not to be around them. Their complex natures lent themselves easily to deception, and, in truth, she preferred not to be a part of it. Now her respect for the wolves was such that it was imperative she give aid to the creatures who had become her friends a long time ago.

Stretching slightly, she got to her feet, more steady now, and headed towards the small fridge that housed the tenth version of the pheromone. Her mouth quirked into a small grin as she mentally crossed her fingers, toes, and unmentionables, while she transferred the precious chemical from its glass container into a plastic bottle via a pipette. Releasing the liquid with a gush, she screwed the spray nozzle on to the cap then carefully stuck it in her pocket.

Spinning on her toes, Emma walked through her small, sterile laboratory and into her favorite room in the cabin, the family room. Not that she had a family to share it with, but apart from her lab, it was where she spent the majority of her time and had decorated it thusly. It was an immensely comfortable room, yet practical and elegant at the same time. Not that she ever had guests which was nice because she'd been able to make the room just the way she wanted to without having to worry about what anyone else would think.

The carpet was a lush deep green color and reminded her of a lawn. She had known upon purchasing it that it would give the room an entirely natural ambiance. It was a perfect square-shaped room. Two of the walls had large picture windows that allowed her to look out at the woods that surrounded her house. The huge panes of glass opened up the room to the wild elements and enabled her to just sit and watch the swaying trees on quiet evenings. On some nights she could play silent witness to the ravages of a storm, watch the rain lash against the wood like a leather whip, see the wind sweep the loam angrily away. It was more entertaining than any TV show.

Directly in the center of the third wall was a small fireplace that she lit in winter to ward off the chill. To the left of the fireplace sat a TV stand. Constructed entirely out of driftwood, it looked so unsteady as to be absurd. She often looked at it and wondered how the TV actually stayed on it, but it did and the little used machine sat there, more often than not, silently. Just to the right of the fireplace and a little in front of it sat her pride and joy, a huge armchair that was basically a huge square upon which she could sit dead center with miles of space around her. She could lay flat on it comfortably it was so large. She'd spent many a night asleep on that chair, the fire flickering gently in front of her, her papers resting on her knee during her slumber. Beside the armchair stood a standard lamp also constructed from driftwood, long strips of the stuff were clustered together and upon them rested a large cream oval lampshade, which when illuminated gave off a soft, golden glow.

She'd designed the space to be as natural and simple as possible, and even now, just passing through it, the room acted as a calming, soothing salve to her jittery excited nerves. All the rooms were basic. She wasn't one for intense bright colors nor did she feel a need for things cluttered around her. She enjoyed simplicity. It enabled her to concentrate and relax. Her bedroom was similarly designed for comfort, a large king size bed sat in the center of the room beside which stood two more standard lamps and that was it. She liked minimalism.

With a smile, she headed into her kitchen, leaned over the sink, which also had a window that allowed her to look out at the woods, and picked up the small remote that lay on the windowsill behind her work top and stuck that in her other pocket.

At one time, the house had belonged to a grounds keeper, the land owned by a multi-national conglomerate with a green conscience. They had eventually donated the land to the government for preservation and the house had been left vacant, left on a Realtors books for rent, but as it was so deeply hidden, it had remained empty. It may have been on the edge of the woods and not exactly in them, but it was still damned hard to find--another reason she loved it! This year was her fourth year and she would continue to live here even if this trial proved successful. The solitude might have been horrific for a lot of people, but she reveled in it, had in fact never been so productive. She had managed to accomplish so much here and knew it was because of the solitude. Never being disturbed meant that she could concentrate, and, when she focused, it was surprising how much she could get done. She knew for certain that had she been elsewhere, her work on the pheromone would have necessitated eight years rather than the four it had.

For many reasons, her home appealed to her, she loved the land it rested upon, adored that the forest was her only neighbor. Her search for a suitable research area four years ago had led her here, for there was a considerable wolf population within the grounds, and then on looking around, the beauty had worked its magic on her, as well. It had charmed her so utterly, so completely, that it had been imperative she live here, no matter the cost. That it was perfect as her home and for work, was just the cherry on top of an already gorgeous cake!

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