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Vampire's Embrace [MultiFormat]
eBook by Raven Starr

eBook Category: Horror/Dark Fantasy
eBook Description: Poor Kia. Suffering from memory loss and stuck in a creepy New England town overrun by bloodthirsty werewolves and vampires. Washed up the shore of a creepy New England town, over run with blood thirsty werewolves, and vampires, Kia is running for her life. Set on her path by a strangely beautiful woman, the last six months of her life is all she knows. Tracking down a nomadic vampire for information and help, Kia runs into trouble in a dark alley. Her savior, Tristan dispatches a worthy foe, but has no clue what he'll do or how far he'll go to keep her safe.

eBook Publisher: Eternal Press/Damnation Books LLC/Damnation Books, Published: 2010, 2010
Fictionwise Release Date: October 2010

Chapter One

* * * *

It was a beautiful, hot mid-summer night in New England. A warm breeze shuffled pieces of old newspapers, making them dance to the song of air fairies from across the street.

What the hell am I doing here?

Kia's eyes darted around. She pressed her chest against the enormous trunk of an oak tree, using the swaying branches to blend into the shadows. She shivered involuntarily, watching vampires mingle with the oblivious crowd in the bar across the street. Damn it, why can't I remember anything? Kia shook the urge away to steel her mind to contemplate the matters at hand.

She merged into the night, feeling protected in the wake of shadows. Being in the presence of the murderous vampires she didn't let her guard drop, not even for a minute. The evening heat enhanced her oppressed feelings, adding to the lust, passion and betrayal littering the night air. The hot breath of death singed her steps, making her jumpy and uneasy.

Everyday she awoke with the knowledge that something or someone stalked her. The feeling left her afraid and alone. Now she understood the terror prey experienced in their final moments. In these dangerous times, she needed an ally and, though she wasn't comfortable with the idea, it had to be a vampire.

With each passing moment, she expected her heart to burst from her ribs, it pounded like iron inside her chest. Her large cat eyes used the weak starlight filtering the night sky to see a bat off in the distance searching for its next meal. Each flap of its leathery wings reminded her she, too, was being hunted.

An owl hooted somewhere in the distance. Her acute hearing adjusted to listen to the waves slapping against the sand on the beach down the lane. A seemingly happy, unaware human couple laughed as they walked into the noisy bar. Her eyes narrowed.

"Oh, lookie, it's a vamp snack-pack," She whispered sarcastically. The male had his hand deep in his date's back pocket. Fools! Did they not know that all their happiness might come to an end?

Her eyes were mesmerized on the rustling leaves blowing across the large, green, grassy square of flat land. Kia shook her head. The leaves rushed away, sprouting little feet of their own and dashed from her gaze. She inhaled deeply. The sea-salt lingering in the air clung to the back of her throat, almost gagging her. The tiny grains of salt slid down her throat.

No matter how deep her personal turmoil, her plan remained unchanged: search for a vampire's assistance. Her full attention turned back to the vamp bar across the street, sizing up each vampire, trying to pick out the right one who suited her purpose best.

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