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The Raven's Folly [MultiFormat]
eBook by Linda Parsons Mills

eBook Category: Romance/Historical Fiction
eBook Description: Owen found the weak and terrified gypsy hiding in the abandoned Church, her infant son bundled in a basket at her feet. The night before he'd watched her dance, with drunken abandon, half naked around the bonfire. Now, still in the provocative costume, she stood definitely before him swearing that she was not one of the gypsies but their captive. From her manner and speech he knew she was high born but who was she really? The lies she told him then were as transparent as her clothing. Should he let her do as she insisted and wander off into the country side or should he do as he wanted, bring her to his home and learn the Truth behind this intriguing female. Rating: Sensual. Genre: Paranormal Romance.

eBook Publisher: New Concepts Publishing, Published: 2010
Fictionwise Release Date: October 2010

2 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Chapter One

* * * *

If the raven flies in the time of night,

Be sure and be aware,

Something is not right.

* * * *

To the lucky majority who did not live there, it was known as the East End, the Whitechapel district of London. For those who were born, lived and died there it was 'The City of Evil Night'.

One of the thousands who squeezed into those few city blocks was a young woman named Jilly. Like her mother and grandmother, she had no idea who her father was. He was just one of many bitter men, taking lonely comfort on the cold streets. Deserted by her mother at nine, survival came as it had for her hapless female ancestors, in prostitution.

It was a steaming hot and humid Sunday night. Jilly was preparing herself for the night of struggling for pennies in very dangerous ways.

"Look at her, tarting herself up like she was somethin' special. Next thing we will have to call her 'your Highness!'" one of the two whores Jilly shared her small room with laughed as Jilly tied up her hair in new pink ribbons.

"Now you be quiet, Mad Mary!" Rosie laughed and teased, "Jill's has got her fob on for tonight!"

"Ah...you are just jealous because you ain't got regulars!" Jilly sneered.

"Jesus, Jilly, no one would ever pay two times to screw Mad Mary. Come on, sweetie, I will walk down with you. I'll see what I can pick up at the Bells."

"Why'd you stay here, Jilly?" Rosie asked as they made their way down the narrow stairs and out onto the filthy, cobbled street. "I know you got a stash of money someplace! Why don't you take it and get out of this shitting hole?"

"How'd you know I have a stash?"

"Lord Sakes! You make more than all of us put together, you don't drink and hardly eat a potato...you must have a pile by now!"

"Well, that ain't none of your matter, Rosie!" Jilly answered with a touch of anger, and then softened her voice. "We were born here and we will die here. You know that! Anyway, what would I do any other place but whoring? I'll stay where I am planted till

the Lord takes me," Jilly kissed her friend's cheek and walked away. Rosie never saw her again.

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