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Possession of the Dead: A Zombie Novel [Undead World Trilogy Book Two] [MultiFormat]
eBook by A.P. Fuchs

eBook Category: Horror/Suspense/Thriller
eBook Description: Angels.


Giant Zombies.

Things have changed.

Ever since returning through the Storm of Skulls to the present day, Joe, Billie and August have discovered the world they now inhabit, is not the world they left behind. The zombie threat has evolved to gargantuan proportions. Now aided by giant undead--massive monsters with phenomenal strength and power, with deadly appetites just as vast--the zombie population moves to devour any and all life.

Separated from his friends, Joe learns that not all hope is lost for humanity when he meets, Tracy, a woman who exudes a strength to rival his own. Tracy brings him to the Hub, an underground sanctuary where life continues in a dead world, but his thoughts linger on his missing friends.

August and Billie have problems of their own, and soon learn the same plight that affected a past friend of theirs now affects many: zombies with shapeshifting capability. Now, anyone is suspect. Yet even with this newfound knowledge, more is heaped upon them when the agenda of the undead is revealed and humanity is the one caught in the crossfire.

A war is raging, one between angels and demons, monsters and man.

And it's only escalating.

eBook Publisher: Coscom Entertainment, Published: 2010, 2010
Fictionwise Release Date: October 2010

1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor


Big Zombies

The crack of the X-09 sent a shockwave through Joe's system as if he'd just heard the gun go off for the first time.

Des jerked to the side, his skull still intact.

I missed hi--But before Joe could finish the thought, Des grabbed him by the wrist, and forced the gun skyward.

Des opened his mouth, revealing cracked, yellow teeth, which moved in fast toward Joe's neck. Joe shot out his palm, shoving it into Des's chest, trying to keep him from taking a chunk out of his throat. It was no use. Des pushed forward, folding Joe's arm in at the elbow. Leverage gone, Joe allowed Des to take him to the ground.

Billie shrieked from somewhere to the side. August shouted something too, but it was hard to make out above Des's growling.

Des's decayed thumb and forefinger dug into Joe's wrist, contracting the tendons, forcing the X-09 to go off again. Billie yelped, and Joe hoped he hadn't shot her. Des's dead weight on top of him kept him from moving. The guy seemed to weigh more than his skinny frame let on.

Those teeth came in again, Des's cracked lips brushing up against the side of Joe's throat. Giving it everything he had, he dragged his left arm up between their two bodies and was able to get his palm underneath Des's chin, just enough to push his dead friend's face away. With a flick of his right wrist, he threw the X-09 across the rooftop.

"Grab the gun!" Joe shouted, hoping Billie heard him.

Footfalls. Good.

He craned his neck back, his cheek scraping across the roof's rough finish. Billie bent over and picked up the gun. August stood off to the side, his lips silently moving. Praying, perhaps.

Joe bucked his hips a few times and got his lower body out from underneath Des. He drove his left knee repeatedly into the dead man's side, hoping the blows would be enough to force the creature to move off him. Nothing. Each slam into Des's kidneys was just as effective as kneeing a pillow.

Des's white eyes lit up with rage as he shoved his face toward Joe's neck again, his teeth ready to take a bite out of him.

"Shoot him!" Joe screamed. "Billie, shoot him!"

She just stood there, both hands around the gun, eye line down the barrel . . . but not squeezing the trigger.


"Pull the trigger!" August yelled, slowly making his way toward her.

Breathing in deep, Joe pressed his right hand against Des's, pushing against his hold. His movement was slow, as if trying to do a one-armed push-up against it.

Des's teeth settled on Joe's neck; he felt them begin to press into his skin.

Adrenaline pumping through his system, Joe used his left hand and pushed Des's face away. He jerked his right hand free and came in with a hook to the side of his head. Des's face snapped to the side with the blow. Joe hit him again. And again. And hit him a third time. Finally, Des rolled off him.

Joe scrambled on top of him.

To the side, August ripped the X-09 from Billie's hands. The old man eyed the piece, as if quickly trying to figure out how the thing worked; Joe brought his fist repeatedly into Des's decaying face, putting it from his mind that the young man used to be human, alive and one of them, a survivor trying to stay alive in a world of the undead.

Des thrashed and growled, each cry silenced by a punch to the face.

The next thing Joe knew, the tip of the X-09 barrel was pressed up against Des's forehead, August leaning over opposite him.

"Kill him," Joe said, glancing up at the old man.

There was hesitation in August's eyes.

"What's the matter with you? Kill him!"

"No!" Billie screamed off to the side.

Des reached his arms up and clasped his hands around the back of Joe's neck and tugged his face toward him.

Joe arched himself back and broke free. "Fine. I'll do it." He grabbed the gun from August.

The old man took a few slow steps back, a look of worry on his face. What was he so concerned about?

Des swatted at the gun, knocking it from Joe's fingers, sending it across the rooftop.

Shouting, Joe punched Des in the face once more then got off him and raced for the gun. No sooner did he take a few steps did a pair of strong hands wrap around his ankles, tripping him. He fell forward, landing face first on the roof. He crawled toward the gun.

"Joe!" Billie screamed.

"What?" He couldn't believe he answered her at a time like this.

Suddenly, everything grew still and the low drumbeats of the enormous walking dead filled the air once more.

He had almost forgotten about the giant dead men roaming the city streets below, each around fifteen stories tall.

A loud boom echoed on the air.

The building shook.

Des jumped on Joe's back, sending his face back into the roof. Jerking around like a wild man, Joe tried to get out from under him. He gained about half a foot before a tremendous weight nailed him between the shoulder blades, sending him back down.

Seeing nothing but darkness, Joe braced himself for an onslaught of pain.

The familiar thunder crack of the X-09 shook the air and Des's weight settled on top of him.

Joe glanced up. August stood beside him, the X-09 at his side, smoke trickling out of its barrel.

The old man's eyes bore into him.

"Thanks," Joe said.

August dropped the gun then moved to join Billie, who was standing near the side of the building, peering over the edge.

Joe wriggled himself out from under Des's body. Getting to his feet, he took one final look at the face-down corpse. A hole the size of a quarter sat prominently in the back of Des's head, black blood oozing from the wound.

Joe moved to join the others.

Another loud boom thundered on the air.

The building shook again and all three of them lost their footing and fell to their backsides.

A few moments later, Joe got up and made his way to the side of the building and looked over the edge.

A giant zombie stood at the building's base, bringing its arms back, about to pummel the side of the building with car-sized fists.

Another wasn't too far behind.

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