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The Bodyguard [MultiFormat]
eBook by Raven Willow-Wood

eBook Category: Erotica/Erotic Science Fiction/Romance
eBook Description: Her father might have bought him to protect Brooke, but as far as the cyborg, Zeno, was concerned, Brooke was his! When the raiding cyborgs took her, leaving him for dead, he struck off the moment he recovered to get her back ? determined to kill the cyborg leader, Deltra, if that was what it took! Rating: Carnal. Genre: Futuristic Romance.

eBook Publisher: New Concepts Publishing, Published: 2010
Fictionwise Release Date: October 2010

51 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Chapter One


"Goddammit, Zeno, I'm not a child! Stop treating me like one!" Brooke Aldrea yelled furiously.

Perhaps it was true that the more she grieved, the more volatile and unable to control her emotions she became. Perhaps she was giving up. Brooke couldn't be sure, but no matter how hard she tried, she sank deeper and deeper into the perilous listlessness that assailed her. Either way, though, she was a grown woman, for God's sake!

If she wanted to be listless, then it was her own damned prerogative!

Only Zeno managed to break her moods, usually in this way, by prodding and pushing at her until she screamed at him in exasperation. He was what pushed her to act like this. Couldn't he see that?

"If you behave like a child, then I can't treat you in any other way, can I?"

The Cyborg's voice was perfectly calm, logical, and more infuriating because of that.

When there was such a sharp contrast between their moods it always annoyed her. Zeno was always so fucking calm, she thought furiously. There were times when she longed to kick him and shower him with punches and hard blows. But, what was the point? She'd have broken fingers, hands, wrists, and toes for her trouble.

She wouldn't get all of that from Zeno retaliating, no, never that, but from his body's frame work which was crafted from ultranium. That damned metal was nearly impossible for a human to damage. Hitting it with all her might, she'd only be hurting herself. It was something she'd learned quickly over the years she'd spent in his company. It didn't make the temptation to try and beat him senseless any less, though.

She longed to strike out at him like a child in the throes of a temper tantrum, but at the same time, she longed for him to take her into his arms and kiss her senseless, longed for him to drag her from this dispassionate funk that had overtaken her, the way only he could.

How he managed to inspire such contradicting emotions in her, she would never know, but she'd long since stopped analyzing them and was merely thankful for him, even if he did piss her off most of the time!

"If I wanted to eat something, then I would eat something. I'm not hungry," she spat impatiently, angrily pushing away the plate he'd set before her.

"You're diminishing before my eyes, Brooke. Food is sparse. You know how hard it is to find! You have to eat what you can when you can! There is no choice. You have to eat. You can't afford to lose any more weight!"

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